Xiaomi Mi3

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is set to announce the Mi3S, a successor to the gorgeous looking Mi3 Android smartphone. According to myDrives, the new device will have an enhanced metallic design, as well as some shiny new specifications to boast about. The first is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, which will be joined by 3GB RAM, LTE and a 13MP rear shooter.

Finally, the display is said to be similar to the Mi3 -- a 1080p 5-inch panel, and Xiaomi will look to price the Android device at 1,999 CNY ($320). We'll have to see how accurate these reports are. While the Mi3S is likely to be pushed hard in the Asia region, we'd like to see this handset released elsewhere. How about yourselves? Let us know your thoughts on the Mi3S in the comments.

Source: myDrives, via: Phone Arena


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Xiaomi Mi3 successor reported to sport more metal and a Snapdragon 801 chip


Exciting device. How is the software support though? Will it be updated regularly? I really like MIUI...

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If you know MIUI, then you will know that they update their software regularly. Unfortunately, they're not very good in updating the Android version used in their devices. It's almost like MIUI is an entirely different beast than other so-called OEM skins.

I miss the excitement of installing Miui. I need to do it again.

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I would definitely get one if Verizon would support it. Those specs and design for $350? Gotta be crazy not to get it.

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They're nice looking devices. I'd put CM on it quick though. Gotta have the good old stock.

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Very sexy.There's no doubt that this is a sweet looking device. I would still like to hold one and see how the OS flows on it though because looks aren't everything.

Looks great, and at a great price point. If it had 32GB eMMC on board and was available in the US I think it would sell like hotcakes.

I am going to be going to China in September for grad school, this new phone (announced tomorrow, according to mi.com) is going to be what I use for the two years I'm there!