The folks at XBMC have released the second beta for version 12 (Frodo) and we finally see official Android support. XBMC for Android has been "unofficially" available on and off, as the open-source project code is easily compiled and redistributed. Official support means the right people are working on it, with organized version control and bug tracking. 

In case you're not sure what XBMC is, think of it as the ultimate cross-platform digital media hub. Support for most fie types on most operating systems, compatibility with a multitude of remotes, and easy network streaming make XBMC a pretty big deal. Getting official support for Android is a pretty big milestone for the platform as a whole.

Remember, it's still in beta, and you're forewarned that the first load is ultra-slow. Also, right now XBMC doesn't work with Android 4.2, but we're told beta 3 corrects this and is "right around the corner". For more information and the download, hit the links below.

Source: XBMC; via XBMC for Android forums


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XBMC 12 beta 2 now available with official Android support


I would just like to point out that these guys are completely unaffiliated with Team XBMC and are just a third party fan site
If you want support then I suggest you go to http://forum.xbmc.org/ and then to the android section

Hi, I want to install the fusion hub. But when i follow the guide you posted i can't find any plugins. I entered the right url in the "xbmc file manager" but when i navigate to "system - addons - install from zip - fusion" the folder is empty. Did someone manage to enable fusion on Android?

Edit: Sorry for the spam guys.. after the 10th look i saw my error... nevermind^^