Words with Friends for Android

Admittedly, it's been a few weeks since I last let my wife beat me had my butt kicked at Words with Friends. And in that time, it's disappeared from the Android Market for Honeycomb devices, and reappeared, more stable (hopefully) and better looking than ever.

One thing the update won't do: Keep your younger brother from cheating, or your spouse from beating you the old fashioned way. Regardless, download links are after the break.


Reader comments

Words with Friends back on Honeycomb, looking better than ever


Is this game any better at telling you when it REALLY IS YOUR TURN? I dumped the version from HTC EVO because it kept telling me it was my turn when it wasn't and not telling when to play after my friends had played their turn. VERY ANNOYING. Someone said it was because the app had been ported from the iPhone version and wasn't a fresh build for Android. I don't know if there is any truth to that but the performance was mighty annoying.

I get so tired of having to check the app to see if my opponent went & then seeing that they did HOURS ago! Wordfeud has notifications figured out, why doesn't Zynga?

Yeah I love playing scrabble, especially against my friends on iPhones, but that app is the buggiest app I've ever used. Period. Besides the notification when it is the other person's turn, it also force closes all the time, signs me out of my account , cancels games, loses or restarts games, and loses track of turns.

I really think that the popularity of Words is overloading their servers. For such as relatively simple game it shouldn't have so many hangs and and force closes.

I applaud the fact that they've given us a tablet version -- it looks great and is exactly what a game like this should look like on a tablet. But the phantom notifications have got to go. Also would like the option for it to have a notification sound like WordFeud. Otherwise, I find it pretty stable, even though it still needs to smooth out these rough edges dealing with notifications (too many or lack of).

Do they even make you shake to shuffle the tiles? The first app that did "Shake to ...." should have had their dev license removed and sent a message to people that requiring users to shake their phone when you could have hit a button instead deserves to get you kicked out of the app store.