Winnipeg Jets

Official apps from NHL teams are being released on a staggered schedule. Last month, four more teams received apps, however, many fans were still left in the cold. The Winnipeg Jets have recently released their official app, which has to make fans up north incredibly happy. The franchise that was gone in Atlanta for so long has now returned, and the passionate fans up there can follow their team on-the-go with the The Winnipeg Jets App.

The features of the app include:

  • Jets interactive schedule and results
  • Up to date scores, stats and standings
  • News and Videos
  • Player cards, bios and stats
  • Game photos

The playoff races are heating up in the NHL, so the timing is good for the fans up in Winnipeg. Please find links to the free app after the break.

There are 12 comments

lightyear420 says:

Screw winnipeg, they suck!!! NY Rangers are going all the way this year!!

demonjrules says:

Rangers suck. They are going to lose the division to the Penguins any day now.

lightyear420 says: gotta be kidding me!!! The only reason they won the last game is because Callahan and Del Zotto were red-shirted, and Lundqvist was still getting over the flu. Any team down two starting players and the head goalie would be on the losing end, no matter who the played. Rangers have been bouncing between #1-2 in the NHL all one can touch them this season!!

phattysalz says:

Really??? excuses, excuses! So you're saying Rangers have no depth. I agree. Penguins were plagued with injuries to key guys all season (Crosby, Staal, Kennedy, Letang). They won without them and they even won without them AND when the backup goalie was in. Point is, Rangers don't have the depth to win the cup! It is the Penguins' year!

And to be relevant to the article, Jets are in an awesome competition for the last playoff spot....but I hope Buffalo gets in!!

demonjrules says:

^^^^Could not have said it better myself. Lets go Pens!

Yeah Lets go Buffalo

eloist2 says:

Predators. Unstoppable. Watch out for Radulov.

Liberati0n says:

Jets fans are too stupid to use Android.

They probably chant iPhones better.

kramdens says:

You're a moron.

lightyear420 says:

Rangers clenched a playoff slot....w00t!!

kramdens says:

It's a nice app.

I hate to be that "well actually" guy. Today, I gotta be.

The original Jets moved to Phoenix; where they still play. The Thrashers were an expansion team, which moved to Winnipeg to be come the current Jets.

PS... Let's Go Caps!