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If you've ever switched Android phones, or like to tinker and are always changing things up a bit, you know how nice it is to have a backup program that works.  That's where MyBackup Pro comes in -- it's powerful and full of options for the advanced user, but simple enough for the average user to get all their data safely backed up with little fuss.  It's one of those apps that you'll hear recommended quite a bit, and for good reason.  You can back up things like your SMS messages, browser bookmarks, contacts, applications and more -- either locally or on Rerware secure online servers.  And if you're rooted, you can even back up your application data so you never lose your Angry Birds levels again.

There's a lot to love, especially with the latest update, and we're going to take a deeper look at it.  But in the meantime, the folks at Rerware have hooked us up with 10 licenses for MyBackup Pro to share with you guys.  You won't wanna miss out on this one, there's a reason it has over 7,500 five-star ratings in the Android Market.  Hit the contest forums for contest details and a chance to win, and we've got a link to download the 30 day trial version after the break.

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There are 28 comments

aspruil says:

This would be cool to win!

I'm in!

rsa says:

Yes,a copy of that would be nice!

dlakin2007 says:

Yes please

This is truly a great app. It saved me yesterday when I did a full factory reset. Restored everything.

Ga101698 says:

I'm in......

Oh I'm doing this :)

atest123 says:

Oh your the one that I want oh, the one that I need oh,..... I dont remember the rest.

rantitude says:

This one definitely looks like a good alternative to Titanium, with a few key features on its side. A full license would be put to good use, with my constant changing of ROMs

All I want is one... just one.... really... just one. thank you. :)

igorb81 says:

It seems to be a neat app! I could definitely use this. :)

Yell0w says:

Sign me up.

Auro says:

I really need this. I've been waiting for something like this. I am rooted but have not done much customizing. I have been waiting because I don't want to lose anything.
Pick me please... :-D

batrad says:

i test a lot of phones, this would be a very useful app

abtxpress says:

I love freebies, just wish I could win one, lol.

asloly says:

This will go great with my Thunderbolt. Thanks in advance:)

regression says:

Just note, if you are not rooted, this will NOT backup your market links for your apps. So if you use it to restore, your apps will not show up in My Apps in the Market.

jimbo says:

Exactly, which basically eliminates its usefulness for the majority of smartphone users

I had to go through the process of uninstalling each app, one at a time, and installing each app from the marketplace sequentially so I wouldn't skip and loose track of the app I just uninstalled so I can get notification of update availability for my downloaded apps.

carlosg2002 says:

would love one! pick me please

Steelpr1 says:

Count me in!

michaelrager says:

Count me in it!!

Reetesh says:

I just love this Amazing Software ,Backs up almost everything !
Please keep a copy for me ! Want to win this.

winner winner chicken dinner i dont think so winner winner sheen dinner..

Scott500 says:

Me please :-)

suavehouse says:

Maybe my luck changes this time......

prewalt says:

Just rooted my phone a couple days ago. This would be a nice tool to add to my collection!!!!

mexicanjohn says:

I would like one.

Reetesh says:

When is the Announcement coming up? Eagerly waiting for Winning this!