Android Central Stocking StuffersNow some of you may think that we forgot about today's $10 Google Play Gift Card giveaway. And that's not entirely true. We remembered it. About 6 hours ago. And then we forgot about it. But then we remembered it again, and all is right in the world.

So, in the end, we're giving away another $10 Google Play Gift Card today as we march toward 31 of 'em -- yes, one for each day in December.

What can you do with a Google Play Gift Card, you ask? You can buy apps, for one. Music for another. Magazines, movies and TV shows for three for and five. Or just flash one around in public and let people know what's up. 'Cause you're a baller.

To enter, just leave a comment in this post. A comment that rhymes will stand out the most. If Line 2 sounds like Line 1, you'll know that you're done, and increase the chances that you will have won. Or something. Just leave a rhyming post. Good luck!

There are 874 comments

JediJesus95 says:

I need money for an app.
AC will tell me if it's crap.

jase33 says:

O' when I'm with my Android Phone
I am just like a dog and bone
I'm with my phone both night and day
I call and text and read and PLAY
I know this all must sound so minstrel
As I beg for 10 bucks from Android Central!

jgrizz says:

Feel free to hack your android,
But make sure to make a nandroid.


bearmacerick says:

I'd love a gift card to Google Play
Why don't I go eat some hay.
I can make things out of clay,
or lay by the bay,
I just may.
Whaddya say?

sumner929 says:

There once was an android named Tot,
One day he sat on the pot.
Today he fell in and was never seen again,
Oh, that poor android Tot.

shinjielric says:

The rock and pool Is nice and cool, So juicy-sweet! Our only wish, To catch a fish, So juicy-sweet!

mldiroff says:

Pork fat makes me drool,
Android makes me rule.

Daleek200 says:

My oh my it would be nice to win a gift card.
After all it should not be that hard.

Phazor says:

I'll give it to my girlfriend
Because she is my best friend!

Bad rhyme? Sorry. She's the creative one :(

givver says:

I never give in,
I always try to win.

genoist says:

There once was an editor named Phil Nickinson
Who a winner he would attempt to pickinson.

After eating some Christmas venison he
would pick a winner that will be me!

tman525 says:

Winning a Google play gift card would be as sweet as honey. That way I wouldn't have to spend my own money.

hopefulfarm says:

Pick me pretty Please?
My dog just cut the cheese.


buying christmas toys that use power sockets,
has left me broke with big empty pockets.

so please grant me this card today;
i'll take it right to Google Play.

and redeem that 10 bucks in a snap,
to finally download that paid app!

givver says:

In every contest there is a spin,
this time around i think i should win.

omarz83 says:

A Google gift card for free
Please let it be me!

chakraj says:

Though my device be crippled with 16 gigs of non expandable memory, a ten dollar app store gift card still sounds mighty good to me. :)

obidos says:

Every Android Contest I enter, I never win.
Winning a Google Play card would make me grin.

I have the galaxy note 2,
But im so broke I dont know what to do!
All these apps, google maps, angry birds, and the words with my friends I wish I could play too!
But I need card,
One sweet as honey!
So let your heart not be hard
And send me that money!

In the heat of the night, I try to read with all my might, but it would be to new heights and less of a bore with a new book from the Play Store!

skaorsk8 says:

I'd love to get the $10 card, that'd be regal
I finally get all the apps I want, for legal

jbrossard says:

A $10 gift card would be wonderful!

Daedalus1985 says:

I wish I wish I could win,
I wish I wish I had a fin!

lunatick314 says:

Google Play money will buy the kids some games
If I don't win, these other comments are to blame

Griever182 says:

This gift card would be great for my galaxy s3
For apps, books, and games just for me.

A Galaxy S3 was under my tree
So happy my true love gave it to me

A win would be fine
Please let it be mine

Vanillalite says:

Dec. 27th can't all be BAD because Android Central is giving out really cool SWAG!

Oh boy here we go with another contest gimmick, at least this times the rules don't call for a stupid limerick.

jg274105 says:

For this $10 giveaway,
I will use on Google Play.

atlking3000 says:

I hope I win!
Let me say it again,
I hope I win!!

colecoyates says:

A $10 dollar gift card for my galaxy s3
Would be a splendid gift given to me
And with this $10 oh I would spend
On games and music that will never end
Such as the hip hop album by Kendrick Lamar
Which is the best hip hop album this year by far
And I would also buy plenty of games
So these little kids who grab my phone to play with it won't think I am so lame
So this $10 gift card oh you would see
Will help this 28 year old big kid like me!

If I win, I'll drink some wine
If I don't, I guess I'll whine

lunatick314 says:

Google Play money will buy the kids some games
If I don't win, these other comments are to blame

tcharette24 says:

Don't be FRUGAL!
Hook a fool up with some GOOGLE!(Play Cards that is)

kobe24b says:

I sure hope I win this card
For it would make winning the Nexus less hard!

chakraj says:

Twas the day after the day after Christmas
and all through the house,
everyone was stirring playing games and apps from their spouse.
And me on my note 2,
with no games to play,
perhaps I will win ten dollars from android central today.

My comment was set and ready to post,
but the rimes did not sound as good as most.
So to work I went with a pencil and pen
in order to win the gift card of ten.

molstrbe says:

Rockin a Galaxy GS3.
A Google play card will surely complete me.

Wicket says:

$10 for use on Google Play will surely make me say I love you Android Central and this fun giveaway!

The presents this holiday season revealed an Android business man figurine toy,
of which will now sit in the office for all to enjoy.

ktklein says:

I would love to win this card from Android Central and Google Play store
Lots of Android apps I have but always do I need more

lunatick314 says:

Google Play money will buy the kids some games
If I don't win, these other comments are to blame

dandinnj says:

It wasn't remembered
on 27th of December
A google play gift card for us

bassmanxu says:

Just stay out of my way... or you'll pay! LISTEN to what I say!

Hey, why don't I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What'd ya say?

whomhead says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sending me a $10 Play card
Would be a great thing to do!

jimj21 says:

I would like a gift card to Google play
It would really make my day

bduran727 says:

Nexus 4, Nexus 7
Those devices would send me to heaven!

A Play card a day, keeps the doctor away!

way2broke says:

Off to the big shop I went today,
looking for google cards to share some play,

Bumped and stopped return lines are long,
to many people here this is all wrong.

Went home sad and opened up A.C.,
read this post and now I'm HAPPY!!!

Happy New Year To All!!!

bahumbug :)

thacounty says:

I hope this card is ready yo
for me to download jet set radio!

khanh1289 says:

Happy Holidays Android Central!
Google Play card for this troll?!

30014 says:

That gift card will go a long way for me. I've already got 6 apps lined up to buy. Christmas devastated my wallet, it would be nice to spend the money of someone else for a change.

adairpro says:

I'd like to say that google play is the way.
If I win the play card I will jump and sway hard.

l00natic71 says:

Though times,
call for tight rhymes.

tonyr822 says:

I need ten bucks to buy an app
I need it now to buy iTap
The best RDP app I've ever seen
But sad to say it costs fifteen
So with ten bucks it will save me cash
Not a quarter or half, but a two-thirds slash
So please pick me, because my post rhymes
And save me ten dollars or one hundred dimes

p47riot says:

Got a Play card in my pocket and a 'droid in my pagoda
Gonna buy some Beastie Boys and some Abe VIGODA!

etnpnys says:

Oh so close to Heaven
Is lotsa apps on my Nexus 7.

ttriplett1 says:

Oh to win a Goggle Play card,
The task just seems so hard,
But yet you continue to tempt us,
with the latest Goggle Nexus!

Since this year has come to an end, and no longer have a Christmas tree, a sweet gift card you should send, me all for free !!! And oh how I would love thee...guess Im done with my plea, now I just have to wait and see!!! Hee-Hee!!

grydlok says:

Me like me like

hamblindave says:

Stop this rhyming, and I mean it!
(Anybody want a peanut?)

I want the Play card
So I can play hard

xandr115 says:

Getting ten dollars for google play will surely make me say,
"Visiting Android Central keeps the days from getting dismal!"

mikeyonline says:

Please pick me
I so sick of drinking tea

HoldFastHope says:



Flamenova says:

I might be chosen, so says the lore,
I dream of winning the great Nexus 4

umbrae says:

Hope the new year doesn't wreck us. So we can get a nexus!

priestsyrinx says:

A gift card, you say? Well sign me up, I can think of a prize no greater.
Though the odds may be long, statistics be damned, I have to win sooner our later.

NxTech3 says:

i want a Google Play card, winning these contests is very hard, pretty please pick me, so i can shout out with glee!!!

mmtowns says:

Waiting for a Nexus 4 as my new phone.
A new Play Store gift card would be make Android Central forums and stories a bit more well known.

veinedstorm says:

Hope I win today
For tomorrow I'm partying on Google Play!

anstosa says:

I want it please.
I'm on my knees!

jdennysgirl says:

I hope I win, I hope I win,
Give me the 10 and I'll say it again!

hurricanedt says:, the new shortener of the URL,
I think it is rather swell.

Criss cross.... Apple sauce....... :-)

Saucz says:

Give me my Google Play Gift Card
Before I kick you in your nuts... ard

see it rhymes

My cell phone could really use some more RAM,
So I can run the apps ima get with that gift card FAM...

Hehe (O_o)

A post for a card is mighty fair to see. Google, after all, is the only one for me. My phone is my main extension, my wallet is my biggest retention, and winning this contest would be amazing!

Gambit61 says:

I hope this time I win,
so I can give more apps a spin

Tdogg129 says:

All I must do,
leave a comment a day,
to score me some dollars,
from Google play.

My girl gave me a nexus 7 for Christmas, I jumped for joy because I got a new toy to enjoy. in the first 10min of getting it I downloaded 10apps in 10min now if I had $10 gift card I can do it again

ejtsang says:

Count me in! Hope I win!

senshidan says:

If you don't want me to go mental,
Give me a gift card Andoid Central!
Or ill get all sentimental :'(

Ableblock says:

Gift Cards (a haiku)

I like free gift cards
Freedom to buy without paying
soul satisfying

reidanthony says:

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the internet is so delightful...
And since we've not place to go,
Let us scroll, let us scroll, let us scroll!

alazose says:

I rejoiced when I bought my Nexus
The tablet that has more than Texus
But Apple fanboys in Cupertino
Scoffed and said, "What does HE know?"
So they proceeded to curse and to hexus.

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

count me in,
I want to win!

jbtrkcui1 says:

Buying Google content is not hard
Especially if I win a free gift card!

Zanzaras says:

Oh so happy i will be,
if you will only pick me!

moosc says:

Hell yeah love me some gift cards

firemort says:

Since the arrival of my newly born boy/girl twins, I feel I deserve to win!

still1 says:

Nexus 4 and Nexus 10
will love a gift of 10

WindRunner says:

One line, that card is fine.
Two line, that card is mine.

mmaestro says:

I want to win.
I want to win.

(Technically this is rhyming, even though it's boring.)

Spelacnar says:

There once was a man before New Year
Who won a Play Card from from you here

josegb2011 says:

How sweet would it be to win a gift for my nexus,
as sweet when i bought my keys to a lexus.

staticint says:

Roses are red, androids are green,
I can't wait to upgrade to jelly bean.

rballen85 says:

Another gift card giveaway from Android Central
If I don't win this I'm gonna go mental.

Derek_B says:

I'm really afraid that I do not have time
to sit here and make up a super rhyme.

Silent1 says:

A gift card from Phil,
An awesome deal.

bubbl07 says:

Early to bed, early to rise. I surely have my sights set on this prize!

digital312 says:

make my day...let me take home this gift card today!

Derek_B says:

I'm really afraid that I do not have time
to sit here and make up a funny rhyme.

fdesa12 says:

Feeling low? So alone!
Like the world's mocking you all around from the head to toe
Not liking what the mirrors show
You sink your wine thinking how to flow

Don't know where to go!
Missed the comments and fumbled, lose the card and it's like "oh no!"
Face to the palm but just let it go by
Look to the sky cuz
You Can Fly!

mhaider says:

A $10 gift to the Google Store!
I'm loving it more and more. :)

Tursiops47 says:

It would nice for change
To widen my range
With an A card in hand
I could really expand.

macco58 says:

I would love to be the winner
I know it won't buy me dinner.
but send it my way, and I'll be happy and gay
cuz I'll spend 10 dollars at Google Play.

jyoungjr says:

pick me for once!

An android giftcard i truly desire.
But a nexus 4, i will just retire
as i have inappropriate attire :D

goelz83 says:

I want to win, because my wallet is now too thin.

booger says:

I wish I could win the google gift card,
But Android Central is making it hard

ho_ceh says:

A $10 credit to google play?
That would really make my day.

mljh says:

Twenty-Seventh December,
A day I'm trying to win from Android Central.

if I get to win this card,
I'll get the apps that are starred!!!.

tbro4033 says:

Pay for an app, I think I shall not. But give me free money and I'll buy a lot. Depends on the app, but 10 at the most. If I don't win, I'll disappear like a ghost.

gksmithlcw says:

Times, they are hard so please gimme a card so that I can "Play" the Google way. :-)

rozelle25 says:

maybe some day Apple;
will be as irrelevant as Snapple

jomster561 says:

A nexus a day,
Keeps the apple trolls away!

chiroho says:

I'm excited it's now that time of day,
When Android Central mentions Google Play!
I'd really like the chance to say,
That I've won the gift card - hooray!

jmorse says:

Can I have a google play card please?
I'm always down for that google cheese!

bar1203 says:

I need more apps! If I win, I promise not to talk smack!

fanrat10 says:

December 25th was Christmas day
My birthday next did follow

On neither of which did I Hooray
Sad and giftless I did wallow

On the 27th I heard Phil say
You should not feel so Hollow

Take this card to Google Play
and end your giftless sorrow.

OK, guys - that's gotta be a winner, right?

jrock151#CB says:

Would love to win something off Android Central.

Remember, remember,
Twenty seven December.
Google Play card. Ten bucks.
Here's the reason,
'Tis the season,
And time to change my luck.

HaVoK_C89 says:

Oh how I love Google Play,
It makes me stay inside away from the fray...

VTRD says:

I must confess that my rhyme may not be better than the rest, but I would love the gift card to make my Nexus loaded with the best!!!

Rob Jearls says:

My desire is to acquire a gift that shall inspire.

AllGood says:

If i got a card from Android Central
Your forums would be where i'd never troll

desertdog says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Wish i had something new

Suntan says:

No more rhyming, I mean it!
...Would anybody like a peanut?


GC736 says:

A Google Play gift card would be grand,
as I spend the Holidays in the warm Florida sand.

jcole01272 says:

A Google play card would be great
I'd be filled with love and not with hate
My appetite for apps it would sate
And to my job I would be late
from playing games to celebrate
Great games I would give 5-star rates
I'd use my apps across the state
from New York to the Golden Gate
and happily accept my fate
which I choose now to go relate
to all my friends both gay and straight
and nothing now but to await
my winning now to go create!

(Wow, I'm a poet and I don't even know it)

hollywould says:

Would like buy Dr. Suess's Horton Hatches the Egg, my favorite book as a child.

LordSudsy says:

As Yoda would say, "A Google Play gift card, I should win today!"

MJBlanks says:

I received no Google or Android this year,
so please send a Play card and bring me some cheer

xQuencher says:

With a Google Play gift card and my Nexus 7
I just might be in heaven.

wevog says:

Winning $10 bucks from Google Play
will make my android experience much more exciting today!

Fillyo says:

I just an everyday normal guy
I could use $10 bucks mutha ......

rmkilc says:

I like ham.
What about you Sam?

sumyunguy says:

I thought and thought really hard,
But can't come up with a rhyme to win this card.
I probably won't win again,
My sad heart will be scarred.

dragon19104 says:

$10 for Google Play? Better spend it in a jiff!
In just a few days, the whole country's going over the cliff.

xtremedyme says:

pick me please

DamnSkippy says:

My Line 2 sounds like Line 1, now I know that I am done, I hope increase my chance that I have won.

cessnao3 says:

Google Play makes my day...
By offering gift cards to fill Santa's sleigh!

mukul.modi says:

Rhyming is so fun
like Minecraft, where bricks don't weigh a ton

mcm180 says:

"It's only a $10 Google Play Gift Card," some would dare to scoff,
But who doesn't get great pleasure buying something at 100% off?

Good luck to us all, this rhyming thing was quite clever,
Thank you AndroidCentral, I love you forever.

wish me luck

octacolover says:

This is neat, if I win I'm gonna be saying, "Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!"

MysticMi says:

I hope today that i will see,
A Google Play card given to me. :-)

one80oneday says:


Holidays are over, back to work, a google play card is just what i need!

TheDave says:

Im not the best at trying to rap
youll never find me on a map
what am i, you might ask?
I dont think you're up to that task

eancox says:

The 10 dollars are not for me
so apps are paid and not for free

radaan says:

Good prize. I'm in!

raino says:

I want to win this card
Therefore I will pray hard
So I hope my rhyme is a winner
I have cooked a chicken dinner

htproto says:

I would like to win it.
Even though I hate this rhyming shit.

Chadlessness says:

I sure would like a gift card, I would like it really hard:) I know that's terrible.

RiverDog says:

My wife and my kids take most of my cheese,
At a Google Play card I'd certainly not sneeze.

Phoenix Rev says:

Please let me win this giveaway.
It really would make this a special day.

biga187 says:

I'm sitting here eating a taco, and on the tele is a great show starring Rocko

gt7143c says:

This is a lot of work...
Either I'm too lazy
or my head is too hazy.

$10 play store gift card
just leave a comment its not that hard

If you had ten dimes you will make a dollar.
If you had ten dollars you will pop your collar.

gozirra3000 says:

pick me!!!!

Why do you love me Why do you need me Always and forever We met in a chat room Now our love can fully bloom Sure, the World Wide Web is great But you, you make me 'salvivate' Yes, I love technology But not as much as you, you see But I still love technology Always and forever Our love is like a flock of doves Flying up to heaven above Always and forever Always and forever Yes, our love is truly great Always and forever Why do you need me Why do you love me...


I love technology!!

smuncky says:

This guy, likes pie

Stardroid says:

The best articles are here at Android Central, while other websites are plain general.

cdonehew says:

A winner to be, I see for me...

BgDaddy_5150 says:

My name ain't Winchell,
But I love Android Central!

garynky says:

Still stuck with my iPhone,
The best to offer from Apple,
Come upgrade time I'll snatch up the Nexus,
Compared to which, the iPhone is crapple.

Don't hate.


My Droid needs something more
$10 gift card would be a score

klogue75 says:

Google Play is the way
to have fun all day
By installing Apps and Downloading Movies and Books.
Android is much better than those Apple Crooks
Where all their devices cost an arm and a leg
So I hope I can get this Google Play Card...I beg :)

gozirra3000 says:

I'd spend all my money on Google Play
I'd download some apps and thank you all day!

daspost says:

Thanks for the card,
There, that wasn't so hard.

It would be a sin if I didn't win.

MadCow1 says:

Apple sucks
Now give me the bucks!

greenie25 says:

Thinking about a good rhyme is way too hard.
So just get over it and give me the gift card!

joshua.worth says:

Golly gee pick me

fooflam says:

Someone will win, most likely not me.
Not the first contest, nor second, maybe try number three?

t-b says:

A Google nexus wouldn't nex us!
Now after Christmas it would rather kick a**!

Gspot82 says:

Only a day away from Boxing day
This would be a wonderful treat from Google play

fwhminnm says:

I'm up for some rhyme ,
Just so I can win a dime
Though I never ever do,
I still try til it is true.

awr118 says:

Give me a holler when I win the that ten dollars!

Sophos says:

I wish I might, I wish I may,
Win this card for Google Play!


gameaddict8 says:

I'm in to win

broncop3t3 says:

For me, for fun- it's not that hard.
Just let me win the Google Play card!


Ziptied says:

Magazines cannot be bought with play cards, my son broke a light bulb and I'm cleaning up the shards.

sconrad308 says:

I would love a play card
So that my device can work hard.

tmbarta says:

I would love to win!
Let's give this a spin :-)

readhpr says:

A Google Play
gift card a day
keeps the doctor away
That makes no sense, I know
but I'm no Edgar Allen Poe
I'll just sit here and watch it snow

ktal90 says:

If I win,
I will gift my card to my non-existent twin.

stcloud99 says:

This rhyming thing is hard
But worth it for a Google play gift card!

Gator352 says:

I really need this card for 10 bucks...
Cause my paycheck really sucks....
I need more apps
Not more chaps
To show my wife I still have lucks....

NGEFreek says:

My favorite color is orange.
I'm screwed trying to rhyme with orange.

Karrott9 says:

My Nexus looks great with my pretend Lexus.

Please award me the card,
For I'm only a mediocre bard.

hornbroo says:

Show me the Money!
Show me the Money!

yankele says:

Android Central I just want to win,
To get some apps with no sin!

Dixie says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'd love a gift card
And so would you :)

WOP_Drive says:

Android Central is the place to be,
fillin' my brain with Android gadgetry.
Phil and Jerry will set you straight,
givin' you the latest without the wait.

braxtoq says:

Typed this from my HTC, maybe a card will come to me!

bbaddict30 says:

I hope I win, if I don't that's a sin.

MrWhoB says:

When the frost is on the pumpkin
thens the time for dickey dunkin

pupcakepup says:

I'm not sure how I ended up in this place,
but it's evidently a poetry race.
I've been meaning to buy a little show,
And if I manage to win, I won't feel so low.
If I can finally watch some good Doctor Who
After that, I'll thank you.

hope I've got a chance, maybe I'll have to do a dance?

Mr. West says:

Woe is me, woe is me
A Google play gift card, I seek of thee

jmartinbsu says:

No more rhymes now, I mean it!
Anybody want a peanut?!

technomom says:

Dammit, you stole my rhyme!

bbycrts says:

I hope my post will be seen
'cause winning a gift card would be keen.

DataHawg says:

Jingle all the way
I need stuff from Google Play

BioDave says:

Please let me win Google Play cash,
So I can add to my Android game stash!

Erik Cave says:

Winning would be the best
I would take the prize from the rest

iamblob says:

2012 is almost done
It would be amahzing to cheer "I won I won!"

wvpv says:

Fezzik! Are there rocks ahead?
If there are, we'd all be dead!

dancing-bass says:

Epic. Movie.

lmr47 says:

A new nexus 4,would never be a bore.

polonica3 says:

I like this 10$ card
I deserve this reward

amosque57 says:

Another chance oh boy
Feel like a kid on Christmas hoping for that awesome toy

sremick says:

A gift for free, a freebie for me!

Tdogg129 says:

All I must do,
leave a comment a day,
to score me some dollars,
from Google play.

ramblerd says:

I could have sworn I just heard the Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Though when I ran to the window, I tripped down the staircase.

AcFreeman says:

Oh Android Central,
you make me go mental
As I strive for this card,
in a way oh so hard.

Please let me win,
or I'll rip off my skin!
Note this with care,
so my flesh won't be bare...

fcjr77 says:

I would love to win this time,
The gift card would be just sublime.

mattb5#AC says:

There once was a Google Play Card
Winning one wasn't very hard
Just comment and post, you guys are the most
I'll watch for the mailman in my yard

unglued94ta says:

I would love a $10 card
Cause i will no longer be card a 'tard

dancing-bass says:

I wish I had a card from "Google Play"
I would find some apps to help pass the day
I'd buy something useful
And maybe a game
Or maybe gift an app to my friend Ray.

(do I get points for the extra cheese?)

boofont says:

I'll jump up and yell Yay!!!
If I win a gift card from Google Play

I wish I knew how to ryhme
I guess I do I just don't have time,
to do the things I like
walking through the stars at night
we forget the stars are even there in the light,
the other day I found a dime
and remember I didn't have the time.

eliasso says:

a card a day to enjoy google play

yoda16 says:

This contest is way to hard
I hope i win a gift card.

Scorchx says:

Inigo Montoya: That Vizzini, he can *fuss*.
Fezzik: Fuss, fuss... I think he like to scream at *us*.
Inigo Montoya: Probably he means no *harm*.
Fezzik: He's really very short on *charm*.
Inigo Montoya: You have a great gift for rhyme.
Fezzik: Yes, yes, some of the time.
Vizzini: Enough of that.
Inigo Montoya: Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?
Fezzik: If there are, we all be dead.
Vizzini: No more rhymes now, I mean it.
Fezzik: Anybody want a peanut?

scaots says:

May Phil remain strong
With Alex along
And Jerry will always be merry

Orkchop says:

This contest I do adore,
I hope I win the Nexus 4!

toymechanic says:

I'm not without sin
but I'd still like to win

giveaway, giveaway, giveaway, giveaway now!
giveaway, giveaway, giveaway, giveaway now!
giveaway, giveaway, giveaway, giveaway now!
I simply rhyme it with the Red Hot Chilly Peppers song!

thetony2313 says:

If I'm not mistaken,
I believe I like bacon!

Redshift says:

A comment :-)

A card for Google Play, is a card that will make my day!

mikecref says:

Now I think it's about time for me to say...
I want that $10 gift card for Google Play...

Glerp says:

Another contest on AC? That's my queue!
I'll win a google play $10 gift card?! Don't mind if I do!

scottb211 says:

So, it's the 27th of December, and you'd better remember to put in my submission to win, because I can't even begin to tell you what I wouldn't do for ten Google bucks. Shucks, y'all :)

javi9600 says:

Oh I want a gift card,
why should it be so hard.
Maybe I should ask Lloyd,
to get goodies for my Android.

btgrave says:

Hey Hey Ho Ho Yeah Yeah,
This comment is like Necrophilia.

Snoww3d says:

what could one like more
than money to the play store

Doog Lingo says:

I'll only do what you say
As long as it makes my day

jwbekens says:

As we go over the fiscal cliff,
a 10 dollar Play card might make a diff.

CoolBeit says:

Gimme those 10 from the play store.
'Cuz I didn't win that Nexus 7 before.

Just received my first smart phone…
Which one you ask as you scratch your dome?
Why the Galaxy Nexus!
Because it’s the best-est!

You can mail me the card,
It really isn't hard.
The post office needs the work,
Plus your mailman is not a jerk.
When it shows up at my door,
I'll be grateful evermore.

md88 says:

A Ten dollar Google Play gift card you say?
I'll take it, since it's to late for me to give it away

Troothdotcom says:

I really really want to win the $10 google play card
If I don't ill be just as grumpy as the cat the internet calls Tard
So please go on and make my day
There's a ton of new apps I want from google play.

desilva says:

Ten dollar, ten dollar
If I win a google play gift card
for sure I'll holla
Cause wasn't much folla
In my Christmas falla, lala, la
Could use some more dolla,La,La,La

What i want most is a nexus ten,
A play store gift card will hold me over until then

aznturtle says:

Winning a gift card
Is just so hard!
Ba tum tss :P

donebrasko says:

I would really like this card.
Giving it to me shouldn't be very hard.
Just please pick my name
For my 15 minutes of fame
5 10 15 20
One dollar would be plenty
No not really that was just a rhyme
The ten dollar card will do just fine.
Donebrasko is the name to say
All I have to do is just wait....

kerjani says:

Rhymes come to me hard,
But I hope for gift card.

This isn't that hard.
Give me the card.
Don't be a tard.

atlas9171 says:

I always enter knowing I don't have a shot,
Anyone know if I could us the card to buy pot?

RS_X says:

I'm in.
I hope I win.

NoAck says:

To Google Play, I'll bitch and moan,
Until I can buy a Nexus phone.

chram893 says:

Winning this $10 Play card sounds easy,
So what the heck, here's my entry!

Chart8006 says:

Well it seems I was rhyming a few days ago, you might win a Nexus 7 if you're lucky you know. Lady luck wasn't there, and the day seemed quite hard, But I'll rhyme again for a nice Google Play card.

Thanks Again,

ryanwong87 says:

everyday is the same
except when i win this google play gift card game

frozndevl says:

I would like some play,
It would make my day,
So deliver it to my inbox, m'kay?

Premium1 says:

With all of the apps in google play,
You never have to worry about a boring day

HardMack says:

A 10 dollar gift card is such a treat,
Just what I need to make this Holiday Complete =)

staticK78 says:

Oh how Perfect A Google Play Gif Card Would Make My Pathetically Procrastinating Pointless Day

gtratter says:

one more crappy comment

There once was a contest for a gift card,
With an entry that didn't seem too hard.
I wrote out a rhyme,
Taking a bit of my time,
I like Scissorhands, Edward.

badasses54 says:

Christmas is over and it's almost a new year...
but it's not too late to spread some cheer!
If I win the gift card it would be so great...
please send it soon before it's too late!

With a gift card I can buy Vice City,
Too bad it's $5 and not tree-fitty.

I'd like a gift card, or two, three or four,
But I'd really like the girl in the hat to deliver it to my door.

I once knew a man from Nantucket, He said Apple can go suck it!

Lexord says:

A ten bucks card
A ten lucky apps!
My best try D:

Cichlid78 says:

In Phil Nickinson I trust
A $10 Play Card or bust!

reeper55 says:

I'm a father of 4, bet your a$$ I could use the $10 for the play store!

Floyd Scott says:

I would love a google play card,
But this rhyming stuff is to darn hard

wmeilen says:

I can haz card for play?
I promise to use it my way!

DrunkFux says:

Winning some contest should be such a thrill,
Common and pick me, wont you Phil...??

tmaze says:

You would be a honey
If you sent me some Play money.

JawjaBill says:

A $10 gift card in this economy,
Brings household glee and harmony.

crxssi says:

I wanna win a prize!
One that has some significant size!

savo916 says:

Im a winner
While eating dinner

physphil says:

A comment that rhymes?
I don't have the time,
I'd rather just whine.

psipher says:

Write a rhyme?
I don't have the time.

I'm all in :D

buck101 says:

Madam I'm Adam!

chough says:

Make my day, with google play

Dugrhill says:

I want a card.
Please don't make it hard.

Cap_172R says:

Winning $10 on Google play
Will surely make my day!

Thanks AC

orlanka says:

I can't think of a rhyme at this time because I am not a poet and I know it.

fradster says:


KCC123 says:

At most,
This post.

TheBaobab says:

We all know that Android's best,
Does anyone like iOS?

locutus1701 says:

Something from Google play, would definitely make my day!

ballroomdru says:

I would like to win one, so that I can have some fun.
More games would be very nice, but they tend to be my vice.

byrds8 says:

A $10 gift card
I do yearn
So I can buy apps
Without the money I earn

Because all that cash
Goes to my kids you see
Then there is none
For little ole me.

COMBOnator says:


nvt says:

just dropping in to say hello!
now enjoy a nice bowl of jello!

viruletdew says:

The cure for a crappy winter day, is free bucks for Google Play.