WikipadU.S. launch details confirmed, first retailers will be, and TigerDirect.

The delayed gaming-centric Wikipad tablet will finally arrive in the U.S. this month, as the manufacturer has announced a launch date of June 11. The tablet, which includes attachable physical gamepad controls, will cost $249 in the U.S. The first retail partners will be, and TigerDirect, with international launch plans due to be announced after next week's E3 Expo.

On the inside, the Wikipad features a 1280x800-resolution 7-inch screen, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, 16GB of storage, expandable via microSD card and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It also has PlayStation Mobile support, allowing you to download PS-certified games from Sony's library of titles. Being a Tegra tablet, you'll also get access to NVIDIA TegraZone.

The Wikipad is a direct response to one of the main bugbears of mobile gaming -- specifically, the hit-and-miss nature of touchscreen controls. The attachable gamepad and low price point certainly work in the device's favor, so will you be picking one up next week? Let us know down in the comments.


Reader comments

Wikipad 7-inch gaming tablet launches June 11 for $249


Looks nice will likely pick one up. Why 16 gb though. Gaming device needs more internal memory with games not being able to be stored on sd card. I don't get that

You can store games on SD card. At least, I can with my Transformer Prime (TF201).

And my best guess would be to expect a 32 GB for an additional $50.

At $250 I'm sold on it. I'll just wait a month or two after launch and get one off eBay for less. Can't beat a good deal, I'll let someone's buyers remorse be my gain. Haha :D

I will probably get a Nvidia Shield when the sales aren't high and they put it on sale for $200 or less.

If a new nexus 7 comes out with something better than a tegra 3 then I will just get that. I'm not sure if I want a tegra 3 device right before tegra 4 devices hit the market...

Probably won't pick it up at launch but love the concept. Think they should have shot for a $199 price point though.

it looks very interesting the price sounds good to but that name who's the dumb a** that name it? I like what it's got, the Sony play option is fantastic so not only do you get android games but you get ALMOST THE WHOLE LIBRARY of PS 1 games so it's like having two systems in one if you think about it. don't know much about NVIDIA Tegra Zone but if there are more games on that too well then you get more like three systems in 1 how the hell can you go wrong with that. as long as it works and plays well and the battery last then i have no problem picking on up but will wait till the reviews come in before i get one.

Agreed to the awfulness of the game! Does it have Wikipedia pre-installed? Or does it depend of other users weighing in on which games I play or how I play them? Can anyone edit the pad; therefore making it a WikiPad? Will it WikiLeak all over my carpet? Was ChaChaPad taken?

I don't do a lot of gaming with my tablets now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting one of these. So far the reviews are good and I love the controller sleeve concept.

you can buy a games console for that, this is the problem with most tablet gaming, the only good thing it has is access to ps mobile gaming. but i bet you will have to pay more for controller addon