The Wiggles

Attention all parents: The Wiggles are coming to Android. Repeat: The Wiggles are coming to Android. Ruckus Media Group today announced that it's been granted worldwide rights to come up with an iOS and Android storybook apps for smartphones and tablets. The first titles will arrive in iTunes in April, and on Android later in the year.

For those of you without kids, the Wiggles are an Australian children's music group and have sold more than 24 million DVDs, 8 million CDs and 8 million books worldwide. 

The Wiggles Android app will fill yet another niche in Android children's apps. We've seen a plethora of kids apps released over the past year or so, including "A Charlie Brown Christmas," a number of books by popular children's author Sandra Boynton, and "Winnie the Pooh, What's a Bear to Do."

Source: Press release; Also: See more Android kids apps


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The Wiggles are coming to Android


No, that's SAM as the Yellow Wiggle.
My son LOVED the Wiggles when he was 3 to 5 years old. I can basically recite "Space Dancing" in my sleep.
I took my son to see the Wiggles Live show, and Murray did play Stairway to Heaven just to let the parents know he wasn't a complete noob. I wouldn't buy this app though.

I am the proud father of 9 (yes nine) beautiful children. I have been forced to suffer through my fair share of the wiggles. My question is this, who in their right mind would 1. Put this on their device and 2. Who gives a $500 - $1000 device to preschoolers and kindergarteners to use. We live in a world nowadays where kids are bombarded with t.v. shows to the point they don't know what playing outside is. Don't get me wrong, I'm as guilty as anyone, maybe even worse. If it will keep the little ones busy, quiet and not systematically dismantling the house, I'm all for putting on the kids shows. Why do we need this? I guess I don't understand giving a child an extremely expensive device to play with.

Although I won't be putting this on my phone because, luckily, my 3 year old son doesn't care for the Wiggles, I do routinely let him play with all of my electronic devices (Droid X, Nook Color, laptop, etc.).

He does a very good job of being careful with it & if something did happen, so what, the benefit of him getting ahead in what is no doubt going to be a HUGE part of his life (technology) outweighs the risk of buying a new device if something were to happen to it.

1) Some kids don't watch endless amounts of TV.

2) Some kids only get to play with expensive electronics when doing it with a parent/sitting in a parent's lap.


My first son loved the Wiggles. We just introduced my second son, who is 5 months old, to one of their videos and he cried, big time, lol.