Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Dale Sohn dropped the news we'd been hoping to hear ever since the Galaxy Tab Android tablet was announced a couple of weeks ago at IFA in Berlin -- a Wifi-only version is in the works. Don't know when, or for how much, but it's coming, folks. For more, check out our liveblog.

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NeoteriX says:

Wouldn't an Android device without a 3G antenna violate the Google Android device spec and make them ineligible to run Google Market and run apps?

I thought that was the reason that K-Mart Augen Tablet wasn't allowed to run Google Market. No 3G wireless.

SolWgn says:

It wouldnt be much fun without the Market!

icebike says:

What makes you think a wifi only version would be without the market?

That is strictly an arbitrary decision of Google.
Google listens when you throw money at them.
There can be alternative markets.

Phil Nickinson: Galaxy Tab DOES have access to the Android Market. It remains to be seen if the wifi only one will, but my bet is it will. Google has no reason to prevent this.

Do want.

Agreed though: releasing a major device that can't get to Android Market would be a big waste, and possibly invite lots of pirating of APKs for the device.

stoneworrior says:

Yep, straight from Jerry at the beginning of last month. How's that rain check coming Jerry :)

LOL. I keep checking, but it never rained :P I ended up picking one up from a Podcast listener, just haven't had time to hack it into something useful yet.


a wi-fi only galaxy tab makes sense because there are some of us who do not want to locked down into another contract with a wireless company. I would be interested in a wi-fi only tablet. I won't bring it around with me like a laptop, it would be used at home or when I work on my car. As for google restricting non 3g devices, I think that would be a very poor decision on their part, especially with in the tablet market; google is smarter than that.

jatreats says:

Almost picked up an Epic I think I will hold off to supersize

Haha that's awesome...

Maybe they should have named it the Galaxy Supersize!

crxssi says:

But will it have the same proprietary connector? Probably

jayhammy says:

I'm psyched about the wifi version. I'll get one the day it's released! I'll tether it to my rooted Droid Incredible and get 3G access that way. Android rocks.

LostAlone says:

Tethering is just not a viable alternative to me. Too battery intensive on the phone, too inefficient with data allowance and straight up too slow. If you forget to turn the AP off you'll have a dead phone pretty quick.

I'm happy to see a wifi version to get those complaining about (still unannounced) price, which are clearly too high *sigh*. Anyways, I'm still going to get a 3g one, probably off contract, but maybe on, depends on subsidy, and then I can trade my SIM card into my tab and use it as a daily driver. Happy times.

Archerdude says:

Yea i was hoping for this.

Evo2DroidX says:

This its exactly what I've been waiting for

KALIAN805 says:

Will the Wifi only version have standalone GPS capability? I.E. a Google Maps alternative?

If the WiFi only tab has all of the capabilities of the rest of the Galaxy line up...minus the cell engine tying it to a carrier of course...I will purchase.

eric.atx says:

This is what I have been waiting to hear also. As long as it's the same tablet as the one's carried by the carriers just without the cell capabilities I will consider it.

rahlquist says:

Since the American Carriers are crippling the Tablet and taking out the phone call ability I wont be getting a subsidized model.

tallbruva says:

I'm with you. I got the Epic 4G but was really annoyed that all the US carriers took out the FM radio. Some folks have no need for it but I would definitely use it.

U.S. carriers are out of control.

tms78 says:

are you sure that was Sprint's decision? They definitely left the FM radio in the Evo.

toddjy says:

Considering that the 3g tablet won't be arriving for up to two months, depending on which carrier you want to go with, I'm thinking soon is some time next year, after Google releases Gingerbread.

Beards says:

Am I missing something here.....
I can understand those that purchase through a carrier contract can't get the Tab unless they also have a SIM contract but those that purchase the Tab SIM Free, wouldn't running the Tab without a SIM Card be the same as running the Tab Wifi only?