Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi

As the Samsung Galaxy Tab nears launch here in the U.S., one question still looms: will there be a WiFi-only version? We have heard rumors on both sides, but the affirmative side just got a big boost as it appears a WiFi-only version passed through the FCC.

The device has been known as the GT-P1010 and quietly received approval. This is great news for consumers who want the Galaxy Tab but don't want to be tied to a specific carrier. No release date or pricing details yet, but we'll update you when we find out. [FCC via IntoMobile]


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WiFi-only Galaxy Tab passes through FCC


Well my question has been answered, I'd prefer a WiFi only tablet as most of the time I would be using it at home or at places with WiFi

Thank goodness, bcuz I sure don't want to be locked into another contract. Idk why carriers, like Sprint, don't/won't loop it into ur phone plan(unlimited).

I think I will wait for the ARCHOS 101.

10 inch capacitive touch screen
8MB internal
micro SD slot
HDMI out
Android 2.2

AND it looks to actually work rather well from the video reviews.

NOT TO MENTION that the price of around $300 is WAY better for the larger screen.

I was thinking that same thing, except the Archos will NOT have access to the market, which is the only thing I see wrong with it.

I thought the Archos won't have the Market because it's WiFi only. Will the WiFi only Galaxy Tab have the same problem?