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Cars, backpacks, trolleys, snowmobiles and trikes are slowly mapping the world from a first person point of view.

We know Google has been hard at work mapping the entire world with a combination of different satellite footage, but how much of that area is also covered by first person Street View imagery? On its "About Street View" page, Google has published a map that pretty granularly shows off where it has collected Street View imagery, and the number of places currently mapped may be surprising.

The interactive map (which can be zoomed, but in only partially) shows blue shaded areas where someone has personally driven, rode or walked with Google's Street View equipment to provide high-res 360-degree pictures of the area. Most of the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan are mapped, naturally, but so are more obscure ares like small island chains far into the ocean.

When looking at the complete map, however, you may be wondering how long it will be before Google fills in some massive gaps in Street View. Huge areas like China, Russia, India, Africa and most of South America have no Street View data at this time. Through its various new methods such as Street View Trekker, Google is working to expand the amount of data it has around the world, but as you would expect its a massive undertaking in terms of human effort.

If you're interested in taking a better look at the map of Street View data, head to the source link and scroll down to the "Where is Street View" heading. While you're there, you can find even more information about how Google collects its data.

Source: About Street View


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Where is Google Maps Street View available? A whole lot of places, with more to come


Although there are clearly big chunks of land left uncovered, it would be interesting to know what % of the world population has already been mapped a bit like cellular coverage.

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as a good part of Asia (inclusing China and India) is not covered by Google Street View, easily more than half of the world's population is still uncovered :-)

You know what ... Instead of fluff pieces like this I find it fascinating that no one in the tech press (especially Android specific sites) has addressed the god awful Android Maps update that Google pushed out a few weeks ago. The reviews are 20 to 1 negative, but yet outside of the forums no one in the media has criticized Google like the way they did with Apple's mapping solution. The same goes for the Google Play website update as well. Makes you wonder ...

While I don't disagree completely with your comments about how the recent update(s) haven't been that great I don't think you can compare to the negative feedback that came of the Apple mapping solution. The Apple maps/navigation were flat our inaccurate from what I recall. Even Apple came out and told their users to use Google Maps until they could make their maps better.

To me the recent changes to maps has been more cosmetic than anything. I don't like all of the changes but the maps are still accurate for me and when when using navigation I don't have problems.

I agree with your comments about how Apple's mapping solution was far more problematic than this recent update. However, having said that, since the most recent update Navigation hasn't worked consistently for me at all. The app will force close at random times and other various errors occur as well. If it was just cosmetic changes then I wouldn't have a problem with it, but my issue is that they removed a ton of functionality; updated the UI; but yet the only thing the tech "press" covered were the superficial changes and not what changed under the hood. In fact on many sites I didn't know whether I was reading a review or the official Google press release.

At first I thought I was just being unreasonable, but again a quick look at the Google Play reviews and the forums tell me that I'm far from alone in my frustration. If this was some run-of-the-mill app then I could care less, but I use this app extensively and I'm disappointed this "update" was able to be pushed out.

Other than the loss of Latitude I like most of the changes to maps and haven't had the navigation issues you have. If I had navigation issues or FC issues I would feel less satisfied.

I haven't had any issues with Maps either. Granted, there are features that I wished were still there, but the reality is that it does work and for a lot of people (me included), it works well.

Here's the other thing; while you are claiming a 20:1 negative/positive review ratio in the reviews, it still has a 4.3 rating with over 1.7 million positive reviews. Granted, these are accumulated over time, but I think many of the negative reviews stemmed from the jarring change that occurred. People don't like change. That's the biggest complaint that I have read across the reviews. Most of the negative reviews deal with the new look and feel. There aren't nearly as many dealing with lost functionality.

People are starting to accept the new Maps and change the way they interact with the app.

No I don't want you to lie. If you like it then you like it; but since Maps is arguably the most significant Android app I just figured that the avalanche of negative reviews, in addition to mine of course :), with the most recent update warrants a sentence or two ... that's all.

I agree, I can't trust navigation anymore. It used to be I could have my phone navigate while playing voice commands via bluetooth, but lately it's been saying "turn right", when it really means turn left, and at times navigation just quits completely. I have to keep checking it and look at it every time it tells me to do something to make sure it's correct.

Also, why did they remove the terrain view? I loved looking at that while hiking!

I completely agree that the new app is horrible how they stripped so many features, but the thing is that it still gives you good directions unlike apple maps. I'm really surprised that there wasn't much media attention about it too. I thought google would update the app.

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If you had bothered to click the link you would have seen that the map is not bs. It clearly shows that large parts of Germany and Austria are unmapped.

Funny me and my wife were browsing Street Views yesterday...powerful tool. High resolution images from Russian village where I spent lots of time when I was a kid. My home in Russia (not that village) :)

Yep, thats it. Used to climb on top of pedestal when I was like 8-10 years old (1980-1990s), was scary back then, dark place, homeless people lived inside :)

Going back there in a week, first time in 7-8 years

New maps is a disaster went back to the 6.14.4 version before the new update. Had to many screen tears after I would pull down the notification screen using CM 10.1 on HTC G2 plus to many features gone from new maps. Google you missed up big time fix it or at least give the option for people to install the old one for phone's that can't do restore of old apps like my rooted phone can.

My biggest problem with the new Google Maps is you can no longer access your My Maps. I use this almost daily. I go the update the morning I was leaving on a long trip and could not load the maps I had set up for the trip! Thank goodness some Googling told me I could roll back the update and go back to the stock Maps app. The other changes may very well be nice, but I've not really explored the new Maps app since I had to get rid of it.

I'm hugely disappointed with Google for releasing an update that removes functionality. I do wish AC would address the horrible mistake by Google.

My neighborhood was just added a few weeks ago. The Google maps car drove past my house about a year ago. First up the hill, then they took a few pics on the way back down. I've been waiting for my pic to get posted this whole time, and I almost gave up looking. I checked about 2 weeks ago, and there I am standing outside my house in two frames, Nexus in-hand, posting on G+ about the Google maps car driving by!! Ironic, huh?

Thanks Google :D

I tried to street view the Alamo the other day; no luck. In another area, I couldn't go down an alley that was shown. So, even where they're not missing, they're still missing.

And AC is constantly refreshing the pages today. Have you been hacked again?