LG G3 Liveblog

Join us as we get our first look at LG's latest and greatest from the main event in London

Today's a big day for LG with the launch of what we heavily expect to be the brand new G3. In total, 6 different events around the world are being thrown to usher in LG's latest and greatest, and we're live on location in London at the main shindig. Satellite events are being thrown in New York and San Francisco, with further events in Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul to follow tomorrow.

The G3 has been leaked, leaked and leaked again, not to mention the official information LG has spoonfed us in recent weeks. But nothing beats actually seeing these things in the flesh and getting our hot little hands on one. And that's exactly what we're going to do and we're bringing you along with us for the ride! And you never know...LG could always have a surprise or two up its sleeve for us.

Everything kicks off at 6 p.m. in London, which translates to 7 p.m. for mainland Europe, 1 p.m on the East Coast and 10 a.m Pacific. You'll find our liveblog below as well as LG's official livestream of the event. So settle back, strap in and enjoy the ride!


Reader comments

We're live in London with LG, 6 p.m. BST, 1 p.m. EDT


There really is not much left to discuss. Pretty much the entire thing had been leaked. All that is left is to make the complaints official.

The G3 will be a good phone. The chipset will be able to hold its own against the competition.

It will be ripped apart by everyone with unrealistic expectations.

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No doubt. Leaks had a lot to do with all the unreal expectations. As someone who has real expectations, I am pumped to see what LG is bringing to the table. Will it be perfect, no. But I think it will be a worthy successor to the G2 and hold it's own with the current flagships. But.... no one will buy it. :P

I am anxious to get my hands on it and see for myself how it is going to run. I have a feeling that it will surprise some people with how fluid it will be, even without the 805 chipset.

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Word, amen, true, preach and other singular words signifying agreement.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

I have a feeling that LG knows what it's doing. They're very quick to address consumers and have the potential to progress much faster than other smartphone manufacturing competitors.

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We know a good deal about the G3 by now, but hopefully they've kept enough secret to surprise us today. It's certainly a decent evolution of the G# line of phones.

Alright! just a little under 4 1/2 hours before everyone jumps on here and yells about everything they hate about this phone before they actually hold it in their hand!

Can't wait to see it flop n stutter. Lg should have stayed on aug/Sep release. But no instead they have to join the Jones and rush a incomplete device.

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The 801 has enough ass to push those pixels around.
Also, it's the 3rd rev of the SoC, so Qualcomm will have tightened things up a bit, so the 3AH battery will be plenty.

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by incomplete device.

But, hey, it's possible to create an app (usually a game) that can bring ANY device to it's knees. Feel free to throw out a name just to make an edge case point.

Heard the g3 same height as the HTC m8, I will be disappointed if it is, hope it's same size as g2

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Been wondering what time it would be. If there is no 32GB option, and no 700mhz band 12 support, then I'm passing.

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I think the only remaining question is the release date. I'm guessing soon...very soon

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

We know it's soon because it has passed through the FCC, and there are demo units out there.

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I have a toddler that is alsways on the move. I am dying for a phone with a fast autofocus AND fast shutter. That's why im so curious about the laser focusing speed. Interestingly, for all the flaws of the M8 Camera it has incredibly fast focusing and shutter speed. It's the only smartphone camera I have used where a majority of the pictures of my toddler aren't blurred from his movement. It may not have the best resolution but the pictures are free of blur

Yeah, they definitely should be spending time/effort/money on camera speed. I'm not so interested in QHD. Camera speed would be great. That being said, there's not many consumer level cameras that can capture a runaway toddler.

Really excited for this! Will it be enough to take me away from my N5?.. Only time will tell. Dang I love new tech!!

I'm very curious what they announce and when it will be available... I need to get a new phone in the next 5-10 days so it will be this or the xperia z2 unless a miracle happens and microsoft announces the Lumia 1030 !? :)

yep and I can get a nice deal with "free" sony fitness band if I get the Z2, and if the G3 has only 2GB ram....

G3 looks like to be simply Great but I guess it will be the Z2 for me can't wait 1 month or more for it to come to Germany....

The more I think about it the more this phone seems to fit my needs. I'll wait and see how the camera actually performs before making the jump to LG but so far I like what I'm seeing. I play a lot of games on my phone though so hopefully that adreno 330 is up to the task. Impress me LG, I want to give you my money.

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Cant believe they just recently revealed that it has 2g of ram instead of 3.. My g2 has only 500mb with no apps used and comes close to running out especially with any high end game. Higher resolutions actually takes up more ram to run. Everyone is concerned with 801 instead of 805 processor. Ram is more important to me. And also my g2 has usb 3.0 and g3 has usb 2.0 what? Honestly oppo find 7 is better minus the camera which has no ois but is no slouch.
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You have the only G2 that I can find with USB 3.0..I also think that you do not have a full understanding how memory is managed.

500MB free is 500MB wasted.

I have a G2. and with NO apps running it uses LESS than 1 GIG. OP MUST have some apps running. With my normal startup apps, it is using _just_ over 1 Gig.

There are only 2 things that will stop me from buying this phone, if the extra .5" makes it a pain to hold (my GS4 is the perfect size footprint for me) and 2. That damn Verizon logo on the front of the screen. I'm serious, I'm not buying this phone if Verizon screws it in the butt with that logo on the screen.

At the moment, the ultimate phone's video camera should have 4k, HDR and OIS, lets see if G3 is the first to have it all at the same time for video ;)

Maybe cause it has waaaaay less bezel than any other 5.5 inch device out there ?
Still doesn't change the fact that it's a 5.5 inch screen, why would you want a 5.5 inch device that is longer and wider than the LG G3 when in the end it offers the same 5.5 inch screen ?