Another photo contest is in the can, and we get a handful of really cool artwork to show off from it. Last week's contest is proof that Android fans can draw just as well (maybe even better) than they can photograph, and that the Markers app kicks as much butt as I always thought it did. Ask anyone who entered, and I bet they'll tell you it's an addictive little application.

We picked five winners this go around, and each will be getting a stylus from ShopAndroid so they can make even more and even better drawings on their phones and tablets. If you see your drawing below, be sure to check the e-mail you used to register with AC for instructions on how to claim your prize. Click through the break to see the winners, and keep an eye out for the next contest from AC!

Winners, in no particular order:


Cheetah23, drawn on his new Galaxy S III



Chocu1a, drawn on the Acer Iconia A100



Dame95, drawn on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus



Droid Brick, drawn on the ASUS Transformer Prime



goander, drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Reader comments

Weekly photo contest winners: Markers


Yep saw those and I knew I was toast :-)
I will say it is addictive, and can't wait till my N7 comes in tomorrow and play with it.

Congratulations to the winners! That was a really fun contest to enter. Thanks AC for getting me to download and make the app one of new all time favorites.

Stiff competition... the ones I thought would win actually did (I thought I was toast) Thanks for the kudos, and for turning me on to the app - it is super additing. I like it better than SBM (Sketchbook Mobile). Just wish it supported layers and more than 1 undo..
Anyways - Thanks again everyone!!!

WOW! Can't believe I'm one of the winners. Awesome sauce! Congrats to everyone who entered. There was a lot of good artwork in there. As for the Markers app, at this time, I still prefer Sketchbook Mobile. If/when Markers gets around to adding layers and more than one undo, it may become my fav.

PS. If anyone wants to see some more of my artwork created on Android, head over to www.drawnonandroid.com.