MWC 2013

While some notable big names in Android were mostly missing, Mobile World Congress 2013 still had a lot of Android to show off -- not counting what was in Phil's shoulder bag. We saw this years upcoming gear from Huawei, ZTE, ASUS, and more. Some of it looks absolutely fabulous, some not so much. But that's just our opinion, and we want to hear yours.

We've set up a poll so you can sound off and tell us what you liked best. Will it be the Fonepad from ASUS? How about the ZTE Grand Memo? Hit the break, or look for the poll in the sidebar to the right and let us know, then discuss it all in the comments.


Reader comments

This week's sidebar poll: Who brought the best devices to show us at MWC 2013?


From the title of the poll it seems to me that it is intended for devices **at** the show, not devices *released at* the show ...

In which case certainly the most exciting device AT the show was the HTC One-X. In addition to a stunning piece of design, the build quality was streets ahead of the rest of the field, and HTC are at least still innovating rather than just trotting out the same old formula again ... Can't wait to see the quality of those UltraPixel photographs from production software rather than the ones currently being circulated and compared, which were taken using pre-release software.

Surprisingly, nothing interested me but the YotaPhone - which wasn't even unveiled here; rather it was announced at CES.

If I were voting with my wallet — and I will — my vote is going to the HP Slate. It's not the best at anything, but to be sold with a microSD slot and stock Android for $169, it makes my delay in buying a Nexus 7 worth the wait.

Fancy being a guinea pig for a completely new OEM with a tablet that has a worse screen, an Intel CPU (causing app incompatibilities), and an unknown future of updates? Better you than me, I guess.

Proudly sent from my Google Nexus 7

There's one in every group. It just so happens I'm the one this time. The best device at MWC that runs android apps was the Z10! :)

I'm really liking that YotaPhone. The HTC One may be a better mainstream device, but I'm more likely to buy the YodaPhone. Kudos to Yota Devices for doing something different.

Oh, and did I mention vanilla Android 4.2 on a quad-core Qualcomm CPU* (fingers crossed for the Snapdragon 600 or 800) and 2 GB of RAM? Or the 4.3-inch, HD LCD display?

*It was the dual-core S4 last December, but I thought I heard quad-core in a hands-on MWC YouTube video today. Since it's still a while before release, they presumably have time to change something like that, and they've said that they're working pretty closely with Qualcomm.

To be honest I thought the new basic Nokia phones were pretty awesome. I realize they're not Android based but it seems like they went back to their roots to make durable and affordable phone.

As far as Android devices are concerned I couldnt pick a clear winner but it looks like Huawei and ZTE are trying to slap HTC around by beating their specs for HTC One. I really wish HTC would step up their game instead of trying to be like Apple with internal battery and no SD support.