SGS4   HTC One

You knew this was coming. We know all the details of both the HTC One and after tonight's event we know what there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now we need to know which one you'll be picking up.

Will it be HTC's newly designed One with Sense 5, or Samsung's familiar looking, yet all new Galaxy S4? Or neither?

There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and it's also embedded after the break. Vote, and let everyone know why you feel the way you do in the comments. Try to be kind to each other, OK?


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This week's sidebar poll: Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?


I'm interested in hearing how you like the Nexus 4 in comparison to the S3, is the lack of LTE an issue for you?

My wife is constantly complaining about the fact that the iPhone4s doesn't have LTE, but then, it's an iPhone, so there'll be complaining regardless, amiright?

I'm not sure what carrier you have, but T-Mobile's Hspa+ on my Galaxy Nexus works great. I came from a GS3 on Verizon, and the difference is negligible. That's been my experience, anyway.

I've heard that H+ on T-Mobile is excellent. I'm on AT&T and the H+ runs around 3 to 4 mb for me and LTE is up around 20, often higher.

I say wait for the next Nexus phone: it may have LTE, and you would possibly be able to test LTE and Hspa+ using the same handset.

HTC wins in the design department but unfortunately for me, design doesn't reign supreme over functionality. Again, strictly personal, but the things the Samsung does to their software bring a huge amount to the table for me. So s4 it is.

Also launching with 4.2.x makes me very happy.

Ya, I see a lot more casual android users going for SGS4 just because it is aimed towards them. More tech focused people will go HTC One, All that they have to do is flash a custom ROM.

Except for the fact that flashing a ROM on a Samsung phone is a lot easier than flashing a ROM on an HTC phone. It's like last year. People were dismissing the S3 and saying they'd jump for the One X, but when people saw it in person...

I just hope that HTC lets us unlock the bootloader. I know they're releasing a "developer edition" that's both SIM and bootloader-unlocked, but I still have hope that HTCDev will work.

Yes, it also delete some apps and once you unlock the phone it will never be able to be updated with HTC software ever again, even if you re-lock it.. Look it up. HTC you are such idiots.

You again with more lies? HTCDEV doesn't delete any apps, nor will you have a problem relocking your phone. I have done it already with my HTC Evo 4g LTE.

To be fair, HTCDEV does do a factory reset on your phone when you run it (or at least it did when I ran it last year on my EVO 4GLTE), so you will lose any apps that you have loaded.

That doesn't take away from the fact that the dude is a complete idiot regarding the whole update thing. If you're unlocking, you're doing it to root. If you're rooting, you know not to take OTA's anyway. I spend a lot of time over at XDA, and have never seen any posts regarding someone not being able to update after re-locking (just run an RUU and update from there).

If you unlock your phone, your most likely going to flash it so it won't be an issue to flash your phone to update it in the first place.

If you unlock your phone, your most likely going to flash it so it won't be an issue to flash your phone to update it in the first place.

Except that, Samsung doesn't even lock the bootloader. 1 minute and you're rooted. HTC only has 1 trump card against S4 and that is the superbly made Aluminum unibody, but in terms of form factor, the removable battery and microSD, S4 is just pure win. I hate the design and built quality of S4, but hey, I put my phones in case so I don't really care about it. But I have to wonder what kind of engineering feat Samsung made with S4, at only 7.9mm and yet it have removable battery and microSD slot, now that's something

I would call the One's speakers another trump. It's the first significant advance in smartphone speaker quality in a long, long time. As someone who listens to music, podcasts, and in the car, GPS navigation, all the time on my phone, I will benefit from the much louder and better sounding speakers greatly.

Also, HTC's hardware isn't the only thing that's prettier. The thing I dislike most about the GS4 is the hideousness of TouchWiz. The design of their software literally kills the GS4 for me.

The camera is another one to add of things, a new unique camera. I get upset when they say it's only 4.3mp but it's actually 4.3 x 3 = 12.9mp... there double wagered microphones gives a sound clarity that no phone has had yet, no static or bacterium's noise barely heard at all, there beats sound has been advanced & so has there image chip. HTC &any phone with a snapdragon 600 can do what the Samsung phone can with its camera & websites, just look at the LG PRO G.LG actually released a camera/sensor based gesture software before Samsung announced it for the sg4, but here's something that the snapdragon 600 phones can't copy, it's all the effusive hardware that HTC one has built into there phone, including that beautiful body, an actual working GPS without broken promises that the next software update would fix the GPS problem for the last 3 generations of the galaxy flagship series. Add all the real hardware that actually needs to be built & add them up, them do the same with the sg4 & the only thing they have is the screen *which many reviews say the slcd3 is in a class of its own & in there opinion better than super amoled* oh & besides the screen the software that only has to be copy n pasted... Not to mention the fact that most third party dev's will release there own version of sg4's software just like the video in window for gs3. but they can't imitate hardware one again, HTC has shown me that they have innovation that is was onlymatched by apple & that was because they would sue every chance they'd get but not anymore, they can now use animation techniques that apple restricted then from using so there u.i. will be using c++ & app that plus project butter. HTC came it % fighting buy I think they new better PR to advertise what there HTC one phone can really do & that's anything the gs4 can & more while looking sexy.

That is not true, Samsung is the most developer friendly phone made. Anyone who wants to flash a custom rom is jumping all over the SGS3 and the S4 will be the same. HTC has locked down bootloaders and the devs won't waste their time screwing around with them. Just go to the XDA-Forums. Anyone who flashes roms will tell you how easy it is on a Sasmung device. I use to root and flash custom roms on every phone I owned, since I owned the SGS3 I don't even bother, the phone has it all. The 1st device I felt had it all, I have owned just about every device out there. To Me the SGS3 was the best and the new SGS4 is even better.

I don't know where you've been, but Nexus devices have always been far more developer-oriented and have more developmental support.

No, I think he's right. Maybe not in the whole CM scene, but a LOT more people own a SGS3 than a G Nexus or N4. Statistically speaking, that would mean a lot more developers in that community.

LOL seriously..the develepment support of Nexi is simply in it's own league. Many, many times more option. If you want "CM10" on your XYZ device. Great. It will not run nearly as well as it does on a AOSP/Nexi device. If I still have my LTE gnex and SGS3 I could show you in a side by side comparison how much faster the Nexus was despite a hardware disadvantage. Plus, the SGS3 had other bugs not present on the "same" build on the Nexus. It's a great option on a non Nexi device, and it's easy on Sammy's, but it's NOT the same. Buy them both, compare to a friend etc, and just see for yourself ; )

Good luck with all the Exynos proprietary code. Developers hate the Exynos. There isn't a fully functional, bug-free ROM for the GS2 yet. Let alone GS3 or the GS4.. Outside of carrier-screwed variants, HTC devices can be easily unlocked on HTCDev and flashing a ROM on a HTC device is no more complex than doing so on a Samsung device. There's only one additional step of flashing the boot image prior to the ROM on HTC devices.

You my friend must be either delusional or in denial. No ROM is "bug-free" or stock OS for that matter. I and many like myself have come to understand this, it's time you join us.

You have no clue what you are talking about. The devs will be plenty for the One. I hate when people spread lies. Don't think so. Go check xda to be proven wrong. There have already been confirmations from the best devs that they are getting the One. Actually development will be even greater since the phone will be on all carriers so that means even more devs in the pipeline. BTW flashing Roms on my evo 4g lte is just as easy as flashing on a gs3 or nexus device. Stop lying.

LOL, OMG, its really bad when you lose the Calculator, Flashlight, Ringtone Trimmer and Sound Recorder application. All of which can be re-installed pretty easily. The hate is strong in you. This is irrelevent.

You missed the whole section on not being able to get OTA updates anymore, even if you re-lock the device. That's the real tragedy. That being said, I'm sure the folks at XDA will still be able get the updates incorporated into their ROMs.

That's not accurate at all. I've owned both HTC and Sammy devices and quality development has always been about the same on both. However, Samsung devices have always had an locked boot loader, so development always starts immediately......not 30 days later after someone cracks the bootloader like HTC devices. ;)

then a couple of hours later your battery is dead. either htc puts in motorola size batteries or make them removable.

You can allways update sowftware for free, but you can never update plastic (hardware) without costing you

I agree that HTC wins in the design department but after trying the DNA for a couple of weeks, the function just wasn't there. Too many problems with little simple things like getting notifications while listening to music. The proximity sensor didn't work properly so the phone itself was hard to use. Took the DNA back and went back to my GS3 and never looked back. The screen was pretty amazing on the DNA, but the GS4 screen should be right up there with it. My vote is a GS4!

And what do you call functionality? a bunch of gimmick apps? The only real good thing that samsung created was the S-pen and the note app in Android. That's about it. The functionality IS Android and what Samsung add's is just little extras that are NOT that useful.

I imagine a person going through the street and waving the hell out of his hands trying to go to the next webpage and look super hi-tech.. ffs

How does HTC win in the design department. They just use more expensive and harder to mass produce materials. The HTC logo that's not a button on the bottom is a huge fail. Their speakers might be better, but the S4 looks more aesthetically pleasing and better use of large screen on a small phone package.

Last year I recall everyone saying that the One X was a better phone and yet look how those sales #'s worked out. This year the One will be on all the major carriers but I'm betting the sales #'s will still go in the favor of Samsung.

I work for AT&T and will tell you that htc's ui is good and pretty but no where near as functional as touchwiz... my work device is the one x+ and my personal is the note 2. The extra features that samsung have just make the user experience that much better. If I forget to snyc my bluetooth in my car it is 10 times faster and easier with a GS3 or note 2. I've already played with the htc one and it's beautiful but it did not address really any of the software issues I have with the one x+. Hey htc do yourself a favor and put control toggles in the notification bar.

You don't have to be a developer to add settings toggles on your screen or notification menu (thanks to HTC's well known widgets). I used to have Samsung GSII which had really vibrant display but had crappy radios. Here you're comparing Nissan GTR of phones (SGS) to the ferrari of phones (HTC). GTR has built like an ordinary car but beefed up software and gimmicky tweaks that make it go as fast as the ferrari but only ferrari's build quality and impressions are what wow people even though it has less tweaks/features. I bet it costs sammy half the $ and time to build a SGS4 than what it takes HTC to build a ONE.
I really like the usability of Galaxy Note 2 tho but the size is a little too big for me. I was seriously hoping samsung had put S-pen functionality to GS4 (THAT my friend would be perfect, since I heard Note 3 is going to be bigger than 2)

That is because Samsung is f'ing rich and they can spend a lot of money on advertising. If HTC had such resources the result would be opposite. But that is not an option for HTC, they will have to be creative

Chevy sells more cars than Ferrari. Does that make the Chevy a better car? This is the dumbest argument ever and it's silly that people use it.

Sales dollars and phone quality are mutually exclusive. What sells more makes no difference in the "which is better" argument.

HTC ALWAYS has better hardware than Samsung. Samsung always slaps together some shiny plastic pieces and calls it a phone and sells millions and millions because of good marketing and uneducated consumers. I could NEVER own a shiny plastic phone. This is one of the main reasons people like iPhones. The hardware quality is stellar.

Again, it doesn't mean squat when you compare one phone to another. Stop using this argument.

Plastics is a modern material, cheap, lightweight, easily made, and durable. Glass & metal are luxury materials, they (Apple & HTC) only try to push them on to people to make them sound upscale and rare like the faux wood & leather trimmings in luxury cars.

"I could NEVER own a shiny plastic phone."

Before iphone's glass implementation, There was only plastic. All android phones up until the HTC ONE were.....plastic. And some had a rubber coating...over plastic. Makes me wonder if you have ever owned a smart phone before.

but google said motorola has nothing this year that's really "wow" so who knows. i'm really loving my razr maxx. i've never been so content with a phone before. guess my main problem before was battery battery battery.

This is crazy. I dont think I've seen the android crowd at each others' throats like this before. Just because you like one doesn't mean someone can't like the other.

I avoided the comment section on the past 6 or so articles. It's all just fanboy rage. Can't we all just agree that Android is great?

Either you weren't around, or forgot about the Epic 4G and Evo 4G scrum of 2010 on Sprint. That fight quickly ended though when HTC pushed Froyo like 7 months before Samsung. Heck, I think the Evo was getting Gingerbread when the Epic finally got Froyo. Odd, but that is the reason I'm still leary of Samsung even though these last two phones are excellent devices

I personally don't think the average consumer cares about updates. What they do care about is whether they have a feature their friends phone has. Which could essentially correlate to the actual update that carries the feature, but if the custom launcher, whether it be touchwiz or sense, already has the feature it doesn't matter much.

Personally you would have to pry my note 2 out of my cold dead hands, but IF I needed a new phone, it would be the GS4.

I have an S3 and absolutely move the form factor. I just fits so good in your hand and in your pocket without sharp/square corners. The S4 looks like a refined S3, bigger screen in a slightly smaller frame. I love the thin bezel... The HTC One looks nice but I definitely all for options over an alum case. Personally I think HTC keeps failing (compared to Samsumg - and numbers show it) by not including a MicroSD and removable battery. I don't like the thought of spending and extra $100 just so I know my storage size if future proof. I'll just add a MicroSD later for a fraction of the cost. Also, I generally will pick up a couple spare cheap batteries from ebay and a stand alone charger. I'll admit I rarely use them but there are times I know it will be handy and I can bring an extra battery. I also really hate how HTC tries to hide the thick bezel with the glass and black back ground. Nothing against HTC but for me the S3/S4 simply are better options. I have a feeling numbers this year will back me up too...


After having the original Motorola Droid, I switched to an iPhone 4S. I think the thing I missed the most from a hardware perspective was the micro-SD card slot. Constantly having to be judicious with my space is a real annoyance. I know there are options to get higher capacity phones, but the expense is not worth it IMO. I much prefer using a micro-SD card and my next phone must have it.

I will say I have sense 5 on my DNA right now and I love it. Unlike any other version of sense very clean and simple.

Not only is Sense 5 light and fast as hell, check out the benchmarks between the One and the S4. There is a reason the One crushes the S4 in benchmarks and thats because of the new sense 5 vs the bloatware filled touchwiz.

I'm on Att and I had the skyrocket. And I have to say now having the One x the battery life is way better and with the micro sd on the skyrocket I lost everything because the phone corrupted the card! No issues on the one x (other than software updates) So who knows? Leaning in the way of the htc one???

No it's not, people keep saying that when the hell do you remove a battery anymore? And by the time that storage size becomes an issue, if your like me you will probably have a new phone, people keep coming up with these dumb excuses and as far as the "new software" enhancements on the S4 they are all and I mean (almost every single one) in the new HTC. I have a GS3 but let's really cut the crap.

HTC One wins......Held the S3 and messed with it for a few minutes and not a fan. Plastic feel, clunky interface, only reason they are number one is because of the anti Apple campaigns. No reason to have a removable battery, would be nice if the battery goes bad, but not a show stopper. I know people with iPhone 3G without battery issues. If you have to pull the battery to reset the phone then its a sucky OS or hardware.

So sick of hearing about annoying SD cards. The One has 32 and 64GB variants. 99% of users don't need more than that! Plus it's annoying having files in 2 different places.

As far as an extra battery goes, it's called a charger at work or a car charger if needed. I'd rather have a cable in my car or at my desk than carry an extra battery in my pocket at all times "just in case."

AMEN.! The only advantage I see in a removable battery is to quickly reboot (battery pull), but I don't mind pressing the power button for a few more seconds to simulate the same action.

You know you can have a cable at work, a car charger *and* carry an extra battery if needed. Having a removable battery doesn't mean that you can't have the other charging methods too. It's not either/or.

Clearly it's not "either or" but people talk about it like it's the end of the world if the phone doesn't have a removable battery.

Well it is when the battery starts to fail. Thats why the S3 has more resale value than the One X , for example.

Uhhhh....but the iPhone has a better resale than the S3....An iPhone without a removable battery. I really think resale has nothing to do with battery and everything to do with demand.

with the cloud, I dont need the extra space. I have an EVO LTE, and i bought a 64 GB card for it. I hardly use any of the storage space on it. 32 GB should be plenty for me. I also bought an external battery pack to keep in my bag in case of emergency. Ive hardly ever used it.

Yes you do. What if you have no coverage, go abroad and have no service or data. What if you want to copy things from device to device or use the SD in another device, My car has an SD slot, i can swap music across.

Sealed units are a fail for all those situations.

You act like 32GB is no storage at all. LOL 99% of people don't care. If they did, the iPhone wouldn't be popular. Move along...

HTC ONE wins, especially in the US. THe GS4 in the US will be running the snapdragon S4 pro(same processor as the nexus 4) at 1.9 Ghz), the HTC One has the snapdragon 600, which is the next gen, and all benchmarks say it obliterates any other processor before it. between that, and the build quality, its not really a choice at all. samsung can throw all the bells and whistles they want into their phone, but at the end of the day, it boils down to 2 things:
1)Is my phone fast and responsive?
2)Does it feel good in my hand?

thats it.

everything else is window dressing, and HTC beats Samsung on both points.

thats funny cause to my knowlendge they have not annouced what processor it will be running. Just a quad core 1.9. also sounds like you need to actually USE your phone cause i care about what it DOES, not what it feels like. I mean, design is important and i am REALLY disappointed in the s4 design, but you buy a phone for its features, to use, well maybe thats just me??

It's gotta be using the Snapdragon 600. No way Samsung would go with an S4 Pro when that's a last gen processor now. Also, max factory clock for 600 is listed at 1.9GHz. S4 Pro's max clock is listed at 1.7. I think that kills the people who keep saying it's an S4 Pro's argument right there. Samsung wouldn't put a chip in their flagship and clock it 200Mhz above the max clock.

Edit just saw Quadrant benches. It's thousands of points higher than the Optimus G and Nexus 4 and a bit less than the HTC One. It's the 600.

Interesting. Still. I don't think it can get over 11,000 if it's the S4 Pro. I'm not gonna scream and cry foul but it could also be dependent on the device they used that might not have a lot of RAM available due to other apps being open from previous users at the show. Just a thought.

You're right on the build quality HTC one wins hands down, but one has to chose between aesthetics and functionality. Functionally we have no idea how well the ONE will hold against Samsung's S4, which Samsung's line of recent phones have been proven to be very simple to use. I have the Verizon nexus and Note 2, as for which processor model the US S4 will carry; only Samsung has that informaion. It is only speculative that we will be getting either the Snapdragon 600 or 800 processors. FYI, there is no way Samsung will put an S4 pro in its new flagship phones. Therefore your assessment is grossly unfounded and mostly wrong. I personally will most likely go with Moto's rumored X phone or LG's G pro. I have never owned either HTC or LG phones as for HTC phones, I probably will never buy one.

i am SO dissapointed in the design of the s4... HOWEVER, samsung has SO MANY things going for it more than HTC (who cant even launch a flagship with the latest android version let alone update older ones (my one s still doesnt have jelley bean)...

S4, hands down.

HTC has nothing to do with how fast you get your software updates. It depends on the carrier.
Judging by you having the One S, I'd say blame T-Mobile & not HTC.

I don't get how people are saying that HTC are failing by not having a micro SD slot and/or a removable battery. LOOK AT HOW THE DAMN IPHONES SOLD.! Just goes to show that it doesn't really matter, y'all just being picky.

Clearly YES HTC WINS in design. Clearly SAMSUNG WINS in software development and implementation of features as well as overall functionality. The Galaxy S4 will sell beyond the HTC handset hands down. I am happy for Htc's offering.

Ill keep my Nexus 4 but if I had to choose SGS4 would be my choice. Samsung put 4.2.2 HTC proved they can't update properly

Except the One is coming with 4.1.2. If they get the next iteration in a timely manner this will not matter in the long run.

To me it is a no brainer. The SGS4 has all around much better specs. The Camera, removable huge battery, sd card support with 32 or 64gb or int memory, software innovations are just over the top, Samsung has done so much in the last few years in this area, the features are so useful and every day there is something new to discover and let's not forget that the SGS4 is being launched with 4.2.2, that is a major plus, who knows how long HTC will keep us waiting for an update. The only thing the HTC One has that some will call a better feature is the overall design and aluminum body. To me I use a case, I put a case on all my phones so I am not concerned there. That aluminum body could get in the way with radio signals. The Samsung devices have the best developer support of all manufacturers. To me the SGS4 is the best device of 2013+.
Thank You Samsung.

Sound has definitely been said to be great, but screen and camera are very subjective and screen especially will be apples to apples with LCD vs AMOLED though a lot of people said last year they preferred HTC's LCD on the One X to Samsung's AMOLED on the GSIII. This year will be different though.

Sorry this year will further the better performance of the HTC One screen with highest resolution, true-to-life color and anti glare glass.

Maybe, but the consumers and carriers will say whether the phone is a success. The carriers seem way more abuzz about the GS4 than the One.

Personally I really like the design of the HTC One. It's got the lines/form factor that I really like at the moment. The Samsung is a beautiful phone (indeed I am currently using a S2 Skyrocket - also a beautiful phone) but I've really enjoyed the styling of the iPhone 5 (wouldn't own it, but I do enjoy the way it looks)and the new Blackberry Z10, so this keeps that that style that I enjoy.

The front speakers have been tried before, but I am interested in testing them out - and I'm a little iffy on the Camera, but again, I'd like to try it.

In the end I'd probably spend a month with each and see, but I'd start with the HTC. Software's not that big of a concern - I'm more apt to root and install a more vanilla mod and build off that (cyanogenmod 10.0 is actually really awesome on the s2), but again, that's personal preference. There's things about TouchWiz and Sense that I like and don't like.

Either way, I think this is a great generation of phones, regardless of platform - Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android and even IOS - all fantastic devices. I'm interested in Motorola as well, and will probably wait to see what happens in the next few months (say, September) before making a purchase.

I can tell you don't count out design. It wasn't but a few years ago that HTC was the leader of the Android market and Samsung buried them with the Galaxy line, but in this market there's always fluidity. I've had a Windows Phone 7 since launch, and I can tell you, the HTC 8x is so very nice and feels so good in your hand that I honestly have a hard time recommending the Nokia handsets, even though they are the obvious choice. So design can be very important.

But then... the Galaxy devices are pretty much awesome spot on. Dang! Decisions, decisions. Congrats to anyone who gets either!

I love HTC phones, but need a phone ASAP ... If Verizon isn't getting the HTC for several months, that will decide it for me ...

With industrial unibody construction, front facing stereo speakers, superior camera, LCD3 (vs the S4's pentile) display, and 4.7-inch size, which is the sweet spot of screen space and pocketability make the HTC One the hands down winner. If it had wireless charging it'd be perfect.

I've looked at pics of the screen under a microscope. Pixel arrangement really doesn't look that bad. I don't think the pentile argument works anymore and it's only something you notice if you intentionally look for it.

At that resolution maybe not, but Samsung needs to drop their over-saturated colors. Are they trying to market to 3-5 yr olds? Get them while they're young? It's like acid got into the screen and everything is a slimy green version of what it's supposed to be.

this is what the world was waiting for. to all the samsung funs, the new s4 is really awesome coz imagine having 13 mega pixel n 2 rare pixel. thanks to samsung n hope that i can get one

Sgs4 will blow away htc not for its design or looks where htc wins but its proccesor screen and all the new features it brings

Sgs4 will blow away htc not for its design or looks where htc wins but its proccesor screen and all the new features it brings

Sgs4 will blow away htc not for its design or looks where htc wins but its proccesor screen and all the new features it brings

Sgs4 will blow away htc not for its design or looks where htc wins but its proccesor screen and all the new features it brings

Sgs4 will blow away htc not for its design or looks where htc wins but its proccesor screen and all the new features it brings

On the international models yes. But every model of the One has the Snapdragon 600 which has an Adreno 320. North American GS4 has that same chipset.

About the removable battery, I must say that it is really useful if you watch movies via mhl, because the phone will discharge even if the adapter is connected to a charger. So if you can replace the battery, you can proceed with the movie or your gaming. Also, remember that not everybody can have their phones plugged in at work. Extra battery is also very useful while traveling with your family. If you use the phone to take pictures and shoot videos of your trip it won't last the day.

I'm a Windows Phone user. I don't even use my gmail account for junk anymore.. but.. I come in peace.

I like the screen and the battery of the S4, but I prefer the design, front speakers and Live-tile-ish homescreen of the One.

The S4 is a very nice device, there is no doubt. I would probably get the One. For people I know that have pre-determined they want an Android or simply don't want to try a Windows Phone and feel they need to get an Android, I would recommend either, or even the S3 because it's will be less expensive now and still relevant in the Android world for sure.

I wonder if Google is concerned how Samsung is running away with Android and it's software customizations?

I signed in to concede props to the very nice devices you have to choose from.

Lumia 900 w/7.8 - Only Google product I use is Youtube. Peace Androiders.

Yeah thanks, although I'm very happy with it, but I'm seeing more and more apps and features being added to WP8 only. I'm looking forward to Nokia's next product, hopefully with the 41Mp Pureview camera. Curious to see what MS is bringing for the next update too.

From what I've read, though it's not WP8, 7.8 has a lot of features that are not present anymore in WP8 that people would actually like.

I've moved on from all Google products. I keep Chrome around and Youtube is pretty much unavoidable. I don't feel like I'm missing anything at all. I'm sure I'd appreciate a couple apps I don't have access to, but you couldn't get me to let go of my Skydrive and Outlook email. I've moved on and I've seen nothing interesting or compelling enough to step back now.

I like the hardware push Android caters to. It's good to see the technologies being pushed to their limits. It's good for all consumers. I'm excited to see these releases because I know most of these features will be coming to my platform soon enough. I logged in to commend the products and recognize the advancements. I am really liking the HTC One design.

Other than screen size, I like the hardware of the One better, but I like the software of the S4 better, and how I use my phone, software has a much larger impact on my day to day use of the phone, so the S4 would be the choice. Features like S-Voice Car and Smart Pause are things I will use daily, where as I will almost never use the One's speakers, "Zoes", or the HTC news aggregation service (I'm already a user of both Flipboard and Stumbleupon and am not interested in changing services).

1 review said that the SG4 is noticeably slower and laggy compared to the HTC One. Think it was Gizmodo but we'll see

HTC One wasn't laggy. Why is no one complaining about bloat like they do about HTC BlinkFeed and the slick User Enhancement Interface of HTC Sense 5 over in the HTC One forums.

This new GS4 seems to be loaded with bloat when compared with the HTC One.

Both are good but i would have to go for HTC One just because the hardware is different from the previous One series and S4 is identical to the S3 to me lol

S4 is too big. The One seems to be the perfect size. Plus I hate that big physical button right on the middle of the bottom bezel.

They are really very, very close in size: 5.46″ x 2.75″ x .31" vs 5.39″ x 2.68″ x .36″. The biggest difference - relatively speaking - is that the S4 is thinner.

Does anybody get the feeling the S4 is awesome and will have so much as far as new and special features you would not dare root it because the custom ROMs will need 6 months to get it all to work? Wrong crowd here. The general public is gonna eat up the S4. For us IDK. I have a Gnex because I wanted LTE and its gonna be time this fall. What will the next nexus be? S4 is tempting and I favor Samsung but right now I have no idea where the future is. I have to do the one thing I hate. Sit and wait with no plan.

I like what the HTC is doing with the One. Unfortunately I don't trust, nor do I expect software updates like Samsung. S4 is shipping with 4.2.2 HTC One 4.1.2. Not good on HTC's part. Not to mention the ease of rooting and ROMing Samsung's flagship devices. I have a upgrade July 1 and I'm up in the air about what toget. But because of better support and more freedom it will probably be the S4. I just both would go with a more stock Android look! I don't want white and green etc. At least the S4 comes in black. At least give us an option for a dark theme. And this is one reason why I root my devices. It is still likely I might go with the Nexus 4. I will also see what Google has up there sleeve at I/O, but I don't expect a phone just a new OS probably KLP.

The GS4 is nice, has a slightly more powerful processor, and some pretty cool features offered, BUT I think I'm going to have to go with the HTC One.

- The battery not being removable is a none issue for me since I never really removed my battery from my GS2 (well the few times that it locked up for some reason I did).
- The microSD is a none issue because I have never removed it. Ever.
- The HTC One has a micro USB some I'm assuming I can use an adapter for transferring files between the phone and thumb drives, external HDs, computers, etc. (I do this with my GS2 now).
- The HTC One has an FM tuner/receiver. What would I use this for? In an emergency when no signal is available, I can still use the phone as an FM radio to try to pick up news.
- HTC One is, hands down, one of the most beautifully crafted phones I've ever seen.

I'm loving my Optimus G right now so not really looking at a new phone but I'd definitely have to say that the HTC One wins in my eyes. I'm not a fan of Samsung at all (and neither is my brother since the crappy Samsung Instinct lolol). Having previously owned the EVO 4G though, I've learned as an Android user, it's best to go either Nexus or a proprietary UI that's so lightweight, it's virtually not even there (like with the Optimus G which is why I chose it). You still can't beat HTC's designs though.

The HTC One appears to be a solid device. But I'll go with the S4 because of its removable battery and expandable memory. Not to mention the fact I rock a SIII ツ

I have GNote2 and te wife has GS3, and both devices running really good... I`ll wait for the NOTE3, in the end of the year. It`ll comes with bette CPU and more features too.

Previously I would have preferred the HTC build and materials but I figure I usually put it in a case anyway so it doesn't make that much difference. Also with a replaceable back cover you can change the appearance of the phone with numerous 3rd party replacements with more metallic materials or carbon fiber if it gets scratched or dinged. With anodized aluminum you get a scratch or dent its permanent. So if you remove the appearance factor out of the equation the S4 has the advantage of changeable battery, bigger battery, wireless charging, eye tracking. HTC camera sounds good, especially low light performance but for my tastes I'd prefer the S4.

There's something clearly wrong with these voters!!! The only edge the HTC ONE has over the S4 are the stereo speakers, that's it.

S4 still has removable/expandable battery & memory card,...always a win!

I disagree. The design, the speakers and some would argue the display but that has yet to be proven. But my choice is the Galaxy SIV because it is feature packed and i like the shape better than the S3. It looks more like a flagship now.

After owning a Galaxy Nexus, speakers are a huge factor for me.

Listening to music, voice or anything on the speaker of the S4 is a MUST before I consider buying one.

And I do believe HTC One has a slightly better looking build. The S4 did take away some of the 'bubble-ness' of the S3, which is great.

Not at all regarding swappable battery and SD card... really!

Ergo Nexus 4 and iPhone HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE combined sell way, way more than Galaxy.

Obviously non issue especially in 2013.

Wrong, the bezel is very thin on the S4. It packs a bigger screen into a phone the same size, it doesn't take a genius to work out how.

I had an s2.ill sell my s3 to buy htc one.
Slick design. Next gen ui and doesn't have
The lagging touchwiz.
How it's possible to make that presentation
And present an an horrible ui.
Any comments?

If you put it in a case outside is meaningless. All you see is the screen and some of the bezel. It has good showroom appeal but that fades after everyday use and inconsequential when put in a case.

If there's something any Android Power User eventually learns through multiple disappointments:

"Nexus or Nothing"

My Pick is Nexus 4

Shame the N4 is so bad then. Terrible camera and its not even a guarantee of timely updates! Samsung had a leaked 4.2.2 ROM for the S3 before some Nexus 4 variants were updated!!

Battery pulls aren't something to be proud of. Looks very tacky. When I had a gnex I would have to pull the battery a lot. My friends at work would always laugh and say "what cheap phone is that"... to me it didn't matter but we live in a place where a cell phone makes you cool... You shouldn't have to do a battery pull. Also adding big extended batteries look weird. Takes away from the original design of the phone. To me It's easier to just to hold the power button down and reset. There has been times where my sd card on my gnex and thunderbolt would become corrupt :(

For me it will probably the Xperia Z or the Xperia ZL (depending on how much money I have in savings), so no love from me for either phone in the poll this week.

I sincerely think that the reason the HTC One is running away with this poll is because it represents a totally shift in the way things have been going lately. People are sick of medial upgrades and still having to pay a premium for it. Apple and Samsung have been getting away with it too long now. The HTC One feels amazing, sounds amazing and the screen makes a OneX+ look like a Wildfire. Samsung are marketing octo core, but when it comes down to it, and you run a game on both phones, we all know that both phones are going to be using 4 cores, and the extra speed of Snapdragon 600 will edge it. When the Samsung goes to sleep it'll use the other cores so the main cores can cool down again. It's marketing jibberish

I personally like the look and most certainly will like the feel of the ONE BUT non-removable battery keep me off this nice phone as I often use my phone well beyond 2 year contract and all batteries slowly but surely die at the end of the second year.
I really wish HTC change their policy about batteries. I do not mind bit thicker phones with better and replaceable batteries.

You know which phone has the edge? The one with the biggest marketing budget. HTC really does need to advertise more on their own and not rely on the carriers here in the US, which is their biggest problem I see. The One is a beautiful phone and so is the S4. Both are going to be the most powerful smartphones on the market and the UI overlays on the two devices are good in their respects. Again, it just comes down on who has their product on billboards, TV advertisement, etc., a lot more. We know that removeable batteries, expanding storage, etc., to the average consumer is not that big of a factor (i.e., looking at the iPhone as a great example) as long as the phone has great software and it does the things that consumers want their smartphones to do. Both the One and S4 are going to do those things, but who's marketing better and putting themselves our there more with a great marketing campaign? If history is any indicator, Samsung will come correct in terms of marketing. HTC, well, lets see once the phones start hitting the US carriers to see what's in store...

Looks wise HTC wins however no one is talking about battry life. I am bettting the S4 will perform better in that department than the HTC . Of course until we actually get to test out the phones thoroughly we will never know. My one immediate gripe with the S4 is the home physical button .

HTC's aluminium case looks nice. I don't know that the battery is replaceable so it isn't really a design sweep, but still a slight edge at least. The IR is also a killer app if it gets the development it deserves, and they've done all they can to make that happen.

Samsung's display is of course a clear winner. And their software in general is too.

If the S4 screen is anything like the S3's, which I currently own, you will not be able to read it outdoors if there is even an ounce of sunlight. I hear the SLCD screens of HTC don't have this problem. I'm also tired of having to cup my hand around the back of my phone just to get the sound to travel in the right direction -- towards my ears! HTC semes to have solved my 2 biggest complaints about my S3. Add in that sexy aluminum body and I would get the One if I was buying anytime soon.

I think I'd have to go with the S4 simply because I like to root my phone. I've unrooted both my Samsung and my brothers HTC and the Samsung took almost no time while I had to jump through all sorts of hoops just to unlock the HTC. As a power user, I prefer Samsung devices simply because they let me put whatever I want on my hardware (and let me easily switch between stock and custom ROMS).

when you release a phone with a bigger battery, a bigger and better screen, removable battery, micro sd card slot in a thinner, more light and with the same dimensions as the predecessor, for me that's really design engineering.

TouchWiz is the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up to date OS of them all [excluding stock Android of course]

it is a fully no compromise phone, with the GS4 you have absoluteness all the features you can have, and that's excellent overall design.

the GS4 will be my next phone for sure.

I have to agree. Look the HTC One is a beautiful aluminum phone, nobody is debating that. Both have beautiful screens, great horsepower and their own bells and whistles.

Whether you use those bells and whistles is up to you. I've owned both HTC and Samsung phones and I have to give an edge to the S4 because it has a removable battery and sd card slot.

It may not be the most beautiful phone out there but it has all the features I look for in a phone.

From gizmodo - Overall Impressions

There has been a ton of hype and build-up to this device, and ultimately, it left us feeling cold. The S IV feels uninspired. There are small spec bumps from the previous generation and there's a ton of software which will largely sit unused. There's just no wow-factor here.

I had the HTC One with me during my hands on time, and the difference is like night and day. For starters, the One is noticeably faster in every context. When flicking between screens, opening apps, and taking photos there was clear lag on the Galaxy S IV, whereas everything was almost instantaneous on the One. To be fair, this wasn't the final production version of the S IV, and who knows which processor was in the model I had. There's a chance it'll be faster at launch.

But even purely from a design perspective, the One absolutely crushes the S IV. When you pick up the One, you feel like you're holding something amazing, both in the build and the screen. When you pick up the S IV, you feel like you're holding an S III with a few extra bells and whistles

Gizmodo? Really, out all the quotes you could find you have to quote from Gizmodo!? Your street cred really went down man.

Sure the "unibody" looks sweet, but I need a replaceable battery and a uSD Samsung wins.

I have been using an SGS3, and the plastic back that is such a "hot topic" works really well, and looks and functions just as well today as it did when I bought the phone.

For me (and I suspect many others), function trumps form.

I'm with you on this Jeff. Samsung makes great phones and I don't really have a problem with the plastic. Wish I could take the best of both and make my own! :o)

I've been waiting for the right 5" phone. I was a little disappointed when HTC went with the 4.7" screen on the One. As a flasher, I don't like the fact that it doesn't have micro SD, or a removable battery. Love the Boom sound with speakers in the front and the solid construction though. Faced with a tough decision, S4 or the One?!

Unfortunately, I need the expandable storage. So S4 for me.

If the camera on the S4 is catastrophically bad, I might reconsider - ie hunt for a an LG Optimus G with uSD slot.

I think that the HTC One is better than the S4 but the marketing is Done, The Plastic S4 will sell more than any device in the market. The same strategy copied by Samsung from Apple, Ony with one difference Samsung is saving more money

Neither. I have a nexus 4 and feel it is too early to switch to one of these phones. But I will say that the design on the HTC One is a win, besides the weird button layout. Aside from that, I have to give it to Samsung.

Honestly, a Nexus designed like the HTC One (dont care about a removable battery or sd card slot) will make me give up my nexus 4 in a second. Or at least make me really envious lol. Hopefully HTC will make the next Nexus phone (and without that weird ultrapixel stuff. Doesn't seem to help all that much).

I'm also looking at what Moto has in store for us. They seem to have a new design philosophy since Google bought them. Seems like a good thing since moto has always made durable phones (not very good looking but durable).

If only the Xperia Z or ZL was launching on all the US carriers. Then we'd have ourselves a horse race.

I really see this as a "no brainer". Clearly the HTC has superior design/build, however, since 90% of us will cover our precious phone in some type of plastic or rubberized case, who really cares if the phone is aluminum or plastic? The BIG DEAL for me is the significantly larger AND removable battery! I''m tired of my phone dying so quickly and having to carry around an external battery pack.

I'm going with Samsung.....just wish it had wireless charging and was waterproof!

For the time being, neither. I would go with the HTC ONE if it wasn't for the fact that HTC has been slow with updates for their software. Plus the headache of problems that plagued my HTC EVO LTE with the Jellybean update.

I really like the hardware side on the HTC ONE, but anyone who has owned an HTC phone knows that rooting won't solve much as all non-Sense roms lack full camera functionality.

Plus I just absolutely hate TouchWhiz.

Man, I wouldn't turn down either of these phones. They are both looking killer good. Each has something good and there is always something better coming. With that being said, I wonder what VZW plans on with the HTC ONE. I have a DNA and I love it. I also have a GS3 and love that. Might just have to have both!

Dunno why everyone thinks samsung software is better, the software on the htc is just as good if not better

Stuck on Verizon :( If the One came to Vzw, I'd get it. Unless the Nexus 4 came there too. or the Xperia Z.

For those who is gonna get S4, go and have a look at the HTC One in person. I am 100% sure you will be amazed.

I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus. It run AOKP on latest Android version just fine. The battery life on the 2000mAH battery and performance is fine for me. I don't play game on it and if need more power I can use my Nexus 7 tablet.

I'll wait and see what the next Nexus phone will bring.

I almost got the Note 2 but it the big screen wasn't enough to get me past the lower ppi and the plasticky body. Now I'm more excited about the HTC one than I was with my first iPhone. I can't wait!

I got the silver HTC One and I am more than happy with it. Speakers are amazing. I love this phone. I had the Captivate (galaxy S for sprint) then I had the galaxy S2. I personally hate where samsung is going with their Galaxy line. The plastic is not for me, and all the gimmicks make me sick. HTC One > GS4.