Some folks have more Gs than others, no matter what the carriers try to tell us

LTE is something that many of us will take for granted. Verizon and AT&T keep telling us about new locations, and around the world companies like Vodafone and Rogers have an impressive list of locations they service with LTE high-speed data.

But in many areas, like the English countryside or the great plains of the United States, mobile broadband just hasn't happened. We know people live there, and enjoy their Androids as much as the people who live in New York or London or Amsterdam do — even if they don't have multi-megabit download speeds. It's time to get a measure of just what sort of service you, the AC faithful, are actually seeing from the folks you send money to every month.

There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and it's been embedded after the break to make things easy. Let us know if you have access to LTE where you live, work and play.


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This week's sidebar poll: Is an LTE network available where you live?


Not where I live. But I get it at work (Edwardsville, Illinois. Outside. It can't penetrate the building at all.

I live not too far from you in O'Fallon, Illinois. I do get LTE, however my signal with AT&T is weak in O'Fallon overall so it doesn't work all that well. I work in St. Louis where the LTE performance is good.

I get it on T-Mobile near and around Anaheim/Fullerton. 25 MBPS+ download

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Haven't been there since I got my S4 but it's probably there. I get LTE everywhere around LA and Orange county

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I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our 4G is isolated to maybe 4 cities and then the 4G area of coverage is only a few square miles in most cases. I live in a city that has a small area of 4G coverage but I am less than 3 miles from that tower and barely even have 3G coverage. I have Verizon (the only carrier with LTE, at least in my community). I think Verizon just wanted to be able to say our city was 4G. I'm not sure we are getting any more 4G anytime soon. We still have almost half the U.P. with no cell coverage at all. I guess it's the price you pay to live in such a beautiful natural environment.

P.S. I wouldn't trade it.

Finally, a fellow Yooper!

In Marquette, we've got great coverage. I live 5-10 miles out of town and I still get 3-4 bars of 4G consistently...

Where are you, Escanaba? The Soo?

I have sprint and get LTE in Santa Ana/orange/Tustin area... It's not solid constant LTE coverage... Almost like every other tower...

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In western Michigan, coverage is hit or miss. That few days even on LTE it won't DL squat,always updating prl manually.

Need another choice- At times

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Have 4G around my home and work, but NOT AT my home or work. I live right by Cal State Fullerton. Have Sprint. There's some 4G in YL, and some in Brea and Anaheim. But NOT where I'm at.

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My house is in a Verizon LTE dead zone, does not exist at my house, don't have to go too far to get LTE though.

Not that I'm aware of, don't get LTE outside either, I live in a pretty rural area. Not a big deal since I have wifi at home.

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I've never managed to live in an area with LTE. I bought my evo 4g at launch and couldn't even find Sprint's old fashioned 4g anywhere. Such is the plight of life in Indiana. Good news is I'm moving to LA soon and will finally have some big boy data speeds! Bad news is I have a Nexus 4...

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Good news is you can run on tmobile lte with it. .... if you are willing to root and flash an old radio that is.

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Yeah I did that with a modified kernel to get LTE, but it has some new stuff mixed in to get the better battery and clear calls.

Whoa, for real? I thought they disabled that buried function on the N4 and best we could do is HSPA+

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Yeah they did but you xda devs will always find a way :) it works I have done it on my N4.

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Just Google "All in One LTE Enabler" to get the zip from pbear96 on XDA. It's a hybrid of either the old .27 or .33 radio with the newest .84 radio so you get all the LTE loving on your Nexus 4 without any drawbacks (some users had Google Now issues with LTE only on just .27/.33). Works like a charm (as good or better than any "official" lte device I've had). HSPA+ even beat my Verizon LTE speeds in NYC/Philly/DC areas, Tmobile LTE is blazing fast. Took a small hit when they released the LTE iPhone, but not like VZW.

That's weird I get LTE on Sprint all over the place Indianapolis very good coverage. 30 min east of indy in greenfield sprint has thee best coverage and speed. Actually there's many areas south east of Indy that only get sprint coverage and sprint LTE but you can't even get phone reception on Verizon

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VeriOn is amazing where I live...I live in crawfordsville...about 20,000 people and 4 bars of LTE consistantly

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No Sprint LTE in or around Salt Lake City, UT. You see spots of it because they're getting it ready, but I don't ever get it at home, work or school :(. Everyone else has LTE here, it's so sad!

Same here. I live in Fort Myers FL and every carrier has LTE up and running for quite a while now and Sprint is still behind. I get signal here and there like you, it's definitely being worked on. It's just so frustrating seeing other carriers announce new LTE markets very often while Sprint seems like they are at a dead stop. My contract is up next June. I'm gone, even if they do have it up and running. Verizon has LTE everywhere, thats where I'm headed. Hang in there lol.

LTE is available from all of the big 4 in San Antonio, and practically every other major Texas city.

I live in SoCal. LTE is everywhere. a few dead areas for sprint, a few EDGE areas for t-mobile, but mostly perfect coverage.

sprint's is still the slowest though :P

I live in SoCal also and never found Edge on T Mobile. Always had 4G or LTE. Was in Phoenix area on vacation and had T-Mobile LTE service everywhere! 25mbps download!

I'm in the same area on Verizon. I get LTE almost everywhere but it is painfully slow anywhere near the Santa Monica Pier.

I average between 40 and 50 Mbps down on AT&T in Greensboro, North Carolina. Verizon's isn't as fast here and Sprint's is still nonexistent.

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Good ole great Plains here. Verizon has it in the small town I work in (10k population)(and people crap on sprint for lighting up small towns). Att just turned it on in joplin, mo about 45 minutes away from me but I haven't been over that way to try it yet.

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Very strong HSPA+ in my entire area on AT&T, but no LTE yet, and probably not any time soon. Going about 45 minutes in literally any direction from where I am at will get you LTE on AT&T, VZW and I believe some areas T-Mo. Though T-Mo is all Edge in my area, and spotty at that. The last I had VZW was about 2 years ago, and at the time it was only EVDO, though LTE may be around now. Forget Sprint...not even an option.

I live in Manhattan, KS. We have LTE on all the majors except T-Mobile but their HSPA+ is very solid here if you're in town. I'm on AT&T and have no problems. Had Sprint for a little over a year and its LTE was pretty inconsistent. Switched to AT&T and haven't looked back. Alot of my friends have Verizon and they have no problems with LTE.

LoL. I moved there 2006 and left dec 2012. They turned it on just as I was leaving. It almost reached Ft. RILEY.

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Central NY is a Verizon only LTE Zone. Can't beat up Red here as they put us at the top of their list over a year ago. AT&T has lit up LTE in markets less then half our size and we still have to go an hour in either direction to get a wiff of it.

AT&T LTE is ridiculous at the jersey shore (I live in brick) full bars mid 50s down almost 20 up.

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You live in Brick and getting LTE? At 50mbps? Really? I'd like to see that. Because between Brick and Lakewood that is just a sore spot. I'm on Verizon and get LTE everywhere but not ludicrous speeds of 50. I only seen that type of result in Monmouth Raceway.

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No sprint,at&t and t mobile lte in South East NJ you have to live near philly to get it but Verizon has it.

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Yes in Torrington, Connecticut I have a great Sprint LTE 4G signal, and it's not even official yet. I think the max speed I got with full bars is about 25 down and 8 up. Coupled with Sprint's unlimited data I'm happy with it.

This poll should be pretty predictable considering probably 85% of N-Americans Live in or near a large metropolitan area. (Just a wild guess) Averaging about 40mbps in Motor City land On VZW

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Verizon has LTE at my house, but my Nexus 4 with T-Mobile LTE (flashed) has no service at all at my house in Riverside County. Perfect LTE everywhere else in So Cal though.

I'm on T-Mobile and live in the Riverside, CA area and for the most part LTE is good. I also spend a lot of time in the Chino/Pomona area for school and work and I'm finally seeing my converted GPe HTC one picking up LTE. I'm glad but hspa+ speeds are good on my converted GPe one (the benefit of having the T-Mobile model that gives me all the radios) that most of the time I don't mind at all.

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Yes. Melbourne, Australia. Available through Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Although I won't get to take advantage of it till I upgrade my Galaxy Nexus to the upcoming Nexus phone. Not long now!

With Verizon I get it where I live and where I work in sw Missouri, but at my in-laws I'm lucky to get 3G and am usually stuck with 1X most of the time. Me and my wife are house hunting and one of the things I check is what kind of signal I get. What's bad is I want to be out in the country AND have 4G, but that is tough to come by sometimes.

Same here. Let me know if you find that place -- out in the middle of nowhere but with fast internet and cell service.

Will do! The house we found and liked seems to be a good compromise; 2.5 wooded acres with the house in the middle so you're isolated from the neighbors, yet close enough to the town for good 4G signal. Just need to get our house sold so we can buy it and not miss out like we have twice already on other houses.

Lake Goodwin in Washington state is where its at! Strong LTE service and more trees than you could ever count. It's not quite country but a huge plot of land in the woods is the next best thing!

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I get Sprint LTE in my house even though have not officially received it here. It's pretty good here at the house but extremely good (20-25mbs down) on my route to work. It doesn't reach my office as of yet though.

If your on sprint, then you don't. Just because its sprint.

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Not blind, but it I could send you my network status, it says, ehrpd: 13. That's 3G. Spring supposedly rolled it out to long beach... Extremely spotty. It's rather irritating!

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T-mobile LTE At my home. SE Michigan, 20 milrs north of detroit, 30Mbps down and 15 Mbpd up. Just as fast as my wired connection.

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My 'Yes' answer is purely theoretical. I imagine downtown Boston has great LTE coverage. However, I don't own an LTE smartphone yet but that will change soon with the Nexus 5 :-)

I have Verizon LTE (2 lines), family has Sprint LTE (2 lines). ATT LTe is available and T-Mobile is generally available as well in my area. Houston, TX Metro

Where I live in Halifax is soaked with all teh G's lol. Every carrier, Bell, TELUS, Rogers and all their subs. have pretty awesome LTE coverage. Granted, our population is small in comparison but in any case, network issues are minimal.

North Texas, 30 miles due north of Dallas, T-Mobile, great LTE. AT&T and Verizon too. Sprint has it, but its SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, most of my employees have Sprint and all they do is complain.

T-Mo LTE in Brooklyn, NY and my cousin's and aunt's ATT LTE works and Im sure Verizon's and Sprint's [well, maybe not sprint's] work here too.

Yes but I don't really care about LTE I believe Wind Mobile's 3G is good enough for me

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I get LTE at work 45 minutes away in Nassau County NY (Near NYC). No LTE (but HSPA+) from ATT in Central to Eastern Suffolk County Near Port Jefferson on Long Island NY

Sprint lte in Chicago is long alive and well... I live in the south suburbs... Only problem is I'm lucky if I get 4mbps down and 3 up.... Even worse im a truck driver and believe me I've been soooo many places where my phone is basically working on a 56k connection.. Major metro areas like Albany NY, Scranton PA, Oklahoma City OK, St. Louis MO, etc all either have next to no lte or I'm stuck with a very depressing 1x connection where can't even stream Pandora... And I only know it's 1x because cm allows 1x/3g to show in the signal bars where as on stock touch wiz it always shows 3g...and why oh why did I just renew my contract for another two years... Fml...

Where in AZ? because when I had them, I had strong LTE in Tucson, Yuma and Phoenix valley (didn't go anywhere else than that)

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I'm in Charlotte, and I have LTE everywhere, but it is really slow these days! It was awesome when I was in NJ and CT though.

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Scottsdale (Phoenix AZ) had 21 down 7 up for Sprint (which hasn't officially announced LTE yet) barely popping up around the valley past couple months

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Yep LTE in Tampa, Fl is pretty fast! Even in the none LTE enabled Nexus 4. I average 15-25mb on my Nexus with Cyanogenmod 10.2

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This may be a stupid question and I don't mean to sound condescending but why flash cyanogenmod on a stock Google device...unless your a developer or u like pie control

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I get Bell LTE at home but not at work. My work isn't even in the coming soon part of the coverage map.

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Wherever I have Verizon coverage in my state, I have 4G, and it works very well. When I was on Sprint, my capital city only had LTE on a commercial boulevard at the edge of town. It worked OK, but it hasn't reached the parts of that area where people actually live, or anywhere else, for that matter. And in my hometown, no 4G, 3G barely worked and was getting worse. Second biggest city in the state, but with some of the worst service per capita.
Remind me how Sprint managed to stay afloat before the Japanese tried polishing that turd.

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Tri-cities area of northeast Tennessee. We have Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint LTE.

Go Hokies!

Can you call sprints crappy 4g network let? If so then I guess it's somewhat available. My phone connects to the tower and then loses the signal.

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I'm very pleased with AT&T. Their coverage is awesome, I live 7 miles from town and they built a tower less than a mile away from my house. I get strong LTE service, even better than my brother who is on Verizon. He gets upset because while I get great service, he struggles to get a decent 3G connection.

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... If I step outside. Sprint LTE seems to be great, but the frequency is just too high to penetrate buildings. I have to have an Airave to get any kind of reliable calling to happen.

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Living literally IN my humble abode, no...there is no LTE coverage. I rarely have the luxury of HSPA+. Five minutes drive away from my house, though, I do get a QUICK experience of T-Mobile's LTE coverage. LTE coverage is strong where I work, though. (Live: Woodbridge, VA; Work: Springfield & Fairfax, VA)

Verizon (I dumped) AT&T (I picked up) saved $40/ month. Even with a 20% corporate discount. As soon as TMobile spreads out a bit, or I move, I will probably go with them. At least they are trying to get customers.

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No LTE at all where I am.

Which is just outside Bangkok... am I on the right forum? :)

But I do have the world's best food, prettiest and most sexy women, and arguably the best beaches.

Wouldn't trade any of that for an LTE signal chaps :)

4G LTE is available for all of the major carriers is Columbus Ohio except Sprint. And I know they have been testing in 2 areas since June.

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Yes but not for sprint which is the carrier that I have. Verizon and Att both have it. T-Mobile doesn't even have 3g. Prescott az

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T-Mo Lte in Portland, OR. It's nearly 10x faster than my Comcast wired internet. Seriously. Also had Lte in KCMO.

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Lte pretty much everywhere in Maryland. Sprint, guess I'm just lucky.

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The Verizon LTE network is available pretty much all across the US, at least along the major interstate and highways.

Where I live, LTE, has been available since the days of the HTC Thunderbolt.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

No. In India. And that will remain the case for the good part of next year too. Used EE in London but gave it up as it was too darn expensive.
Hoping the Nexus 5 (or whatever it'll be called) lands at O2 before the 31st of Oct so I can take a new contract with the early bird 4G offer.

Sprint 4G and 4G LTE here in La Habra/Wittier/Brea, CA

It's spotty in some places but strong at my house.

Plan on leaving sprint once my contract ends. If u live in Honolulu only AT&T Verizon and t mobile offer LTE service . I just think it's mind boggling that sprint would sell LTE. Phones for almost 2 years now and have no service for LTE coverage. People who bought last years phones are still waiting for that LTE service that may never come. What's the point in buying a sprint phone!!!! Unlimited data? Yeah right unlimited 3G data with spotty 4g WiMAX service!! Get with the program sprint!!!! Still trying to figure out how Puerto Rico got LTE service before the state of Hawaii . Sprint you will continue to lose customers if you don't address this ASAP!!!

Sprint's WiMax is much faster than Verizon LTE in many areas of Charlotte, sad isn't it?

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Where I live in Davis CA, we don;t get Sprint Voice or TMobile. Verizon works though. Don't know about LTE. I'm talking 3g.

Live in a small part of northern Ireland so not yet but my Hspa+ and 3g signals are faster than house WiFi so it's strong enough without 4g

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I live in the countryside so it's nowhere near where I am sadly, did experience it briefly when I drove to the nearest LTE enabled city.

The more relevant followup question for those who answer "Yes" LTE is available would be, "does it actually work"?
If you have Verizon as your carrier and you live/work in Silicon Valley, the answer would be "NO". Verizon's data service is beyond over subscribed during business hours, you know, those money making times when you're really wanting to utilize all those wonderful cloud services. Doesn't matter the device, nor phone O/S, you'll have several bars of signal strength, but ping times >250ms and at best, intermittent ISDN speeds. I've put in lots of support tickets with Verizon and they have responded to them all with "yes, that tower has too much data traffic and we are looking into standing up another tower. Please be patient as it will take at least one year to get that tower online and fully functional."

So if you're a Verizon LTE customer in Silicon Valley (or in San Francisco too) and you're tired of the piss poor horrific Verizon data service, put your phone into 3G mode. It's slower, but so MUCH more reliable.

I have to laugh when folks say Verizon has the best network. Certainly not in the metropolitan areas!

Don't really need one here in Finland, got an uncapped 3G at 20mbps download and 2mbps upload for 8€\pm...

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In Israel we don't have LTE at all. The frequencies have just recently been released by the military, and were not yet sold to the carriers.

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No LTE/4G here, but as I have a Nexus 4 I'm not bothered!

I am, however, on a 1 month (rolling) contract with 3 (Unlimited/All you can eat data) and as rocking 22meg the other day in Oxford!!

Downtown Tokyo here, for lte even in the underground trains (that's a new development this year). Thankfully everyone still keeps their phones on silent and avoid phone calls when riding.

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Here in the UK where 3G's available between 1800 & 2600 MHz only about 38% of the country by area has coverage. This is due to the UK being packed full of hills, mountains, vegetation & stone-built buildings that interfere with radio waves. 2G which operates here at 900 MHz covers just under 50% of the country by area. Once LTE rolls out on 800MHz it's footprint will be just over 50%. By contrast the BBC's longwave broadcasts at 200 KHz covers the whole of the country plus its coastal waters with just three transmitters.

This is an intrinsic feature of electromagnetic radiation. As you increase the frequency of a the radiation it is more vulnerable to interference. Here's an experiment you can try at home. Next time you make or receive a call on your mobile, pop a cardboard box over your head. The reason the radio waves make it through the box and the light doesn't is that light operates at a significantly higher frequency than the radio waves and interacts with the cardboard.

Another intrinsic feature of electromagnetic radiation is that the energy required to generate the wave is linearly proportional to its frequency, so this means that mobiles operating at 2100Mhz will consume 3x the power of a mobile operating at 700MHz to make its connection via radio. This is one of the reasons why 2G is more battery friendly than 3G.

Wow I live in West Virginia and have lte I had no idea that there are areas more isolated than where I live except for Alaska. Lol

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Finally the first netowrks have launched in the Republic of Ireland - Meteor/eMobile (both owned by eircom)

Cape Cod, MA and we're bathed in LTE. Verizon and Sprint have had it here and AT&T just got here with it a few months ago. Not sure about T-Mobile but I'm pretty sure it's here.

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All three major carriers with LTE here. Verizon and Sprint at the best. Att I have not tried but know it is here.

T Mobile, no. They have HSPA I think but you have to live NEXT to a major roadway...
or in a van down by the river. I keep hoping that maybe someday they will grow up and be a real carrier around here, but in the last 4 years or so they have ignored my neck of the woods. I live in a major city too so it is not like I am in the sticks

I live in Florida, but my wife's family is in Mississippi, outside of a small town named Kosciusko, MS. So a few times a year we make the trek up there and always make a stop in Pensacola to visit my sister-in-law. I use at&t b/c I could get the best signal in the backwoods there. My wife used to have verizon and it was dead-signal country like 8 years ago. I was impressed though on our last trip, Kosciusko has at&t LTE working and its fast enough to stream on.

Where I work? Yes
Where I live? NO!

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In the Netherlands only the bigger cities have 4G/LTE . In the coming months Vodafone/KPN/T-Mobile will rollout the rest off the country ......before the end of the year...they promised..

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I'm actually pretty spoiled living in Tallahassee, FL. Verizon and AT&T have awesome LTE networks. T-mobile's is a little spotty in places. Sprint's can only be found in a few spots; though, we won't get it fully until early next year.

Yeah, on my S III (AT&T) I averaged around 45 Mbps download and 15 upload. Now on my Nexus 4 I average 12 download, and 2.5 upload. (AT&T)

Posted from your Mom's closet.

Just received a mail from Orange : "Venez découvrir l'experience 4G!" ("Come and experience 4G"). I'll see when I get back to Paris this week-end :D.

I live about 10 miles outside nw London and can just about get a 4G signal with Vodafone. On the outskirts I get full signal and near wembley stadium i can get about 61MB down with about 20MB up.

And with corporate discounts i'm paying less for the top whack tariff than I did for 3G ;)

There are at least four carriers with LTE service already live. I honestly don't care about LTE though; It's just a way to get you to go over your data cap faster.

I live in rural Wisconsin, but just outside of Madison, in between Oregon and McFarland.

We have SPRINT and Verizon 4G coverage now. I'm not sure about AT&T or US Cellular as I don't know anyone on those services where I live who can verify. I've been using Sensorly to map the new Sprint 4G with my phone so it's showing the coverage as it's being rolled out. Madison is getting more and more Sprint 4G spots that are hot (LTE - and they do have a few old wimax towers running)

Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. Nexus 4 with LTE enabled through modem firmware.

Bell/Telus just enabled LTE in my area two months ago. it was so annoying because they did have it enabled all summer.... but ONLY ON THE LAKES! like WTF!? seriously you could get a boat go out to the middle of the lake and get LTE, but sitting downtown at a restaurant or somewhere you really needed/wanted to use LTE? not a damn chance.

I live in New Orleans and all four major carriers have LTE here. I'm on Verizon, though, and Verizon had it here first (with their initial 30-city launch).

I have 3 LTE networks to choose from in central NJ
Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile.
I use AT&T and T-mobile LTE daily (work and personal)

AT&T does have higher peak speed, but T-mobile has lower pings
At > 10mbps on both phones I'll take the lower ping as the web and apps are more responsive.

I have several had 4G LTE Phones on Sprint over the past few years. i have been told, year in/out, that Sprint will be getting LTE in Denver "soon". Still waiting.

Plus they have been improving their 3g network, only its gotten worse where I live. Dropping more calls than ever.

I am about done with sprint, but i am not going to pay the astronomical prices @ AT&T or Verizon, and i can't stand T-Mobile because of their terrible customer service.

Looks like i am stuck waiting for Sprint to get their act together.

Not literally where I live. But 5 miles down the road, yes. And I have it at work, but not deep inside the building. And I can walk to a café in another building, and no LTE there. So AT&T is spotty with LTE currently here (central nj)

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Sigh AT&T here mostly. No LTE, not even HSPA+ but 3G that's marked as HSPA+. Same 15 min away in another town but 30 min away: LTE. Le sigh...San Augustine, TX.

Same here, Sprint has some 4G service in town but not where I live. When my contract is up in the Spring, I'm switching if things do not change

Have LTE with AT&T and Verizon in my area. Verizon inside my house is hit and miss, mostly miss. I sometimes have it in a few rooms, but after walking to another part of the house I am on 3G.

LTE is available on Verizon in Jersey City but coverage is spotty. Where I live is fine but a couple of blocks away is practically inexistent

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being in San Diego, downtown its ok, but Rancho Bernardo where I live yeah nothing and all those damn SD hills block signals pfft have to put a tower on each hill if you want fantastic coverage

I'm on Verizon, and at home (Northern Indiana), we have LTE. AT&T and Sprint also have LTE in our area, but I have no idea how good.
My work is everywhere, trucking, all 48 states. I don't lose signal often, and I get LTE quite often. I stream podcasts and internet radio 10-12 hours a day.

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Im in Louisville and im on sprint. Sprint is just now picking up 4g about half of the tine. All 3 other major carriers in Louisville have lte. Sprint needs to pick it up!!