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As Sony prepares to launch the Xperia T in the UK this week, eyes are already on the T's quirky sibling, the Xperia V. Unveiled alongside the Xperia T at IFA last month, the V boasts water resistance and LTE connectivity, in addition to similar internals to the Sony flagship. The screen's been shrunk down to a 4.3-inch panel, although the resolution remains the same, at 1280x720.

Today a Swedish retailer has given us our first tentative Xperia V release date and price point. is now listing the Xperia V as available for pre-order, with a price tag of SEK 4299 (around $650) and a release date of Dec. 3. That's a long time to wait for Sony fans, who'll have plenty to tempt them in the fourth quarter. We'll be crossing our fingers for an earlier release, as it's not every day you see LTE, a 720p screen and water resistance in a single handset.

Tempted by a high-end waterproof device like this? Shout out in the comments.

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Mobius360 says:

I like what Sony is doing with their phones. Would love to see them do a Nexus phone for sure.

OmahaPlaya says:

Same here.

mikebabcock says:

I'd be quite happy if Sony (or any other manufacturer) simply gave a guarantee on timeframes for OS updates, or offered AOSP updates almost immediately (with their drivers) without the extra features. I bought a Nexus device because waiting for updates is painful otherwise.

impaler says:

Recommend changing the title to reflect "water resistant". There's a big diff between water resistant and waterproof.

mssca says:

Yes they have changed the title and yet forgot the changed the content. :)

Daf L says:

I thought the original specs said 1 metre water depth immersion for at least 30 mins and low pressure water jets from any angle, that's pretty waterproof, no?

prlundberg says:

Technically no, but close enough that complaining is pretty petty.

gregmcph says:

Sony makes all these beautiful phones that no-one buys....

chaitukash79 says:

Yup.. that is right. The smart ones just buy a Nexus :-)

prlundberg says:

Water resistance will definately be something I'll look for in my next phone. I have the sweat stains inside my screen that remind me of that every day.

Really, with how phones are used these days it should be standard. Or at least a lot more common.

DWR_31 says:

Hopefully this might come to a US CDMA carrier.

Sprint I'm looking at you.

acey_zero says:

A high end phone with microSD, removable battery, and water proof/resistant. Pretty tempting...