LG G2 event livestream

If for some reason you missed our LG G2 event liveblog yesterday, well, you missed a lot. You missed a 5.2-inch superphone that's gone and moved allt he buttons to the back, for starters. You missed a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. You missed 24-bit audio at 192 kHz. 

And that's just for starters.

Peep the full video after the break. The meat starts at 1 hour, 12 minutes and 30 seconds in. The event starts at about 1:20.


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Watch the LG G2 event all over again


Phill I'm personally waiting to get your views opinions on this device.. How do you like it.. The button on the back? How does it compare to the OG1 or the moto x.. I wanna hear you opinion... I'm sure the moto x q&a tired you out.. Lol.. But will we get your view on this soon... Between this phone and the note 3... I'm very very excited

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I'll take about it some on the podcast tomorrow. Something more in-depth will have to wait till I really get more time with it.

You missed a giant f'ing screen. Are these dog and pony shows just pissing contests to see who can announce their device on the biggest screen? Compensating for something, methinks.

I'm still waiting on a Nexus 5, but I'd like to get a hand's on with the G2 to see if I would like the button placement and usability of it.

I'm Praying that the Nexus 5 is based on this. Will sell my POS S3 immediately if this is the base for the Nexis 5. I really am sick of Samsung. Too long for updates and worst of all using cheap memory so my S3's internal storage gets isses and the phone keeps bootlooping. Need to do factory reset etc. Never Again Samsung!

I don't know man... I guess the nexus could be based off this phone but I don't think with these specs that it'll be remotely as cheap as the Nexus 4. I have a Nexus 7 2013 and the old Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 borked a handful of my apps. I guess I'm more patient because I have a tablet for stock and a phone for well... Not.

>"You missed 24-bit audio at 192 kHz."

That is a non-feature... marketing junk. CD Audio quality is 16bit 44.1Khz, and very few humans can tell any difference of a higher sampling rate.... and that would be under PERFECT conditions. Plus, almost no source material is higher than CD quality, so that makes it even more less useful.

Might as well slap a 2000dpi display on a 5" phone.. would be just about as meaningful.

You are correct. DVD Audio failed as a format for this very reason. CD Audio is good enough for 99% of consumers.

My question is does it up convert the audio or does it just read it... Yea I've had some recording session I've forgot to change and couldn't play the file on my phone... But thats super unique.. What's the chances of us getting a file that's applicable with it.... Now if it up converts it.. Thats nice.. I can tell the difference personally... But unless u work with a higher rate u wouldn't know

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Anybody I played my DVD-Audio for clearly heard the difference. Just because society has dropped their pants on audio standards doesn't mean there aren't people ready for this feature. Don't worry, it will still play the lossy audio for you.

I can even hear a major difference in streaming quality between All Access and Spotify lately. Google seems to be doing something to reduce data and it shows. Thinking of going back to Spotify.

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Totally agree about All Access, quality seems to be going down the tubes. I though the ability to choose what quality you wanted the stream would be good enough, but nooooooooo, they have to go and really bork the sound so it sounds muffled with no highs and really poor lows.

I REALLY wish the Korean companies would use presenters that are more comfortable presenting in English. All the video flair is a waste of time and the presentation is nearly impossible to understand and even HARDER to bare through it's so boring.

Honestly I really hope the Nexus 5 ( or whatever it will be called ) is nothing like the G2. Nothing against the G2, its got some awesome specs but it's just not my cup of tea, and like my trusty Galaxy S4 half if not most of the "features" of the G2 are gimmicks and I wouldn't use most of them anyway.

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After watching the presentation, I am fairly impressed with all the nice, user-friendly features LG built into the phone. Initially, I really didn't like the buttons on the back, but I'd like to get my hands on one as they seem very intuitive. I am curious to know if one could inadvertently turn the phone off and on in one's pocket since the power button is on the back.

Sadly, this country has been in WAR since before "smart phones" existed.

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