Motorola-Intel at CES

Android Central @ CES Ask us what we thought the most important story out of CES was for 2012, and we'll likely tell you it's Intel's entrance into the Android ecosystem -- and its partenership with Motorola for devices coming later this year. 

Hopefully you caught our liveblog from Intel CEO Paul Otellini's keynote address -- including a surprise appearance from, who talked Ultrabooks. And now you can watch the keynote in its entirety (and maybe even see the back of our heads). Check it out, after the break.


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Watch the Intel keynote from CES, featuring the first Atom-powered Android devices


If Motorola and Intel have signed a partnership for Android handsets and tablets, does that mean that Intel/x86 is Google's new chosen platform for Android? Hopefully this means more options, not the eventual elimination of existing options.

Meh. I expect at best you aren't going to see anything above 8 hours of battery life at best. I love Intel....for my laptop, my desktop. For my tablet and phone? Hell no.