If you were holding off on the Honeycomb port for Nook Color because some pretty major features like sound and SD card storage weren't working, then it might be time to start downloading.  The SD card image (from developer deeper-blue) has been updated after only a day to take care of both of those issues.

At this point, the most glaring omission is root access, but considering we've gone from Google releasing their Honeycomb SDK preview to having a ROM that's pretty much ready for daily use in less than a week is quite a testament to this mysterious developer from Chicago.

Head on over to our How-To thread in the forums for the download and all the details--then follow along at home on our live blog of Google's "introduction" to Honeycomb today.  [xda-developers]


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Honeycomb on Nook Color updated with major fixes


Wow, this is very impressive for just working with a preview...Perhaps Google underestimated the power of the Darkside...

The pace of these releases is amazing. I ordered a new 8gb class 10 card to put Nookie Froyo on, but now it may go to Gingerbread.

Did you say this developer is from Chicago? This is a testament to how much you can accomplish when you're snowed in.

There needs to be a clear set of instructions after you do the down loads. After down loading the file the instruction are not all that clear how to unzip the file and get them on the the storage card that goes into the nook. We need to know which unzip program to down load when you get to the site since there is all different progams to use.

Under download WinImage file to unzip the program to put on micro card that goes into the nook color e-reader. When you go to the winImage site there are different ones to download. I have tried different ones. but cannot find any that show under 'Disk' choose "Restore Virtual Image to Physical Drive. I know its me I just need help on this one.

I just did this; it was EXTREMELY simple and works AMAZINGLY well. I had to create an account just to let everyone know and say thanks to the programmer!

Invite this Dev to the podcast, please. I think many of us would like to hear what he has to say about his process, experience, and other things Android dev related.

What is really amazing is how some of these developers can port things over and get them working great in a matter of weeks while huge companies can't get an update going until someone somewhere files a lawsuit.

I was using it on the SD card since version 2. This morning I went flash-able to internal with the 1.1Ghz overclock. Took no time at all.. Everything works perfectly, mail, contacts, market and sd card storage mounting.

Everyone that (made/makes) this possible has been doing amazing work.
Just imagine once a totally complete/stable version will be~~