Synapse Phones

We're all used to the customization options that come with Android OS, but what if you could customize the hardware you buy? A small startup called Synapse is experimenting with the idea of individually customizing Android handsets for customers. 

Here are the starting specs one would work with:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 1GHz processor
  • 4-inch Super-AMOLED screen
  • microSD card slot, expandable to 32GB

After that, customizable options include:

  • Radio (3G or 4G, including LTE and WiMAX)
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (including: front and back-facing camera options, up to 12MP and whether or not to include flash)
  • Mini-HDMI
  • Physical or capacitive buttons 
  • Body color (black or white)
  • Working memory
  • Built-in memory
  • Mobile television built-in

This sounds like a great idea. It seems that if you kept the default options, the price would be €299 (about $410) -- not too bad for a phone with these specs. Note that the start-up has been experiencing server issues and does not load 100 percent of the time. I was able to gain access after about 15 minutes. Great idea though; it's always great to see the innovative ideas that come from the open-source community. [Synapse Phones via Engadget]


Reader comments

Want a customized Android handset? Look to Germany's Synapse-Phones


What about WIFI? Does that mean if you get just the base, is it functional?

In other words it is an Android version of the iPod Touch?

I've been dreaming of this... need to get much more granular with CPU and GPU though, built in ROM as well, who would service it or would you be able to get handset insurance through carrier?

But who's actual hardware is it? With German labor prices there is no way this thing is made in Germany, not for that price.

It looks vaguely HTC-ish to me.

That's awesome! My only concern about getting one would be how well they're going to support, update, and troubleshoot it. I will seriously look at this thing after it starts shipping and reviews come out on it.

now, i can see this catching on with other companies. this is the way to go! if it works out i will definitely order my next phone this route. i would like to see what brand of hardware they use and device warranties. i'm excited! so, i don't have to buy a vzn phone with bingaling on it, i can just make my own after two overtime shifts i'll be golden!!
does anyone think that larger manufacturers would go this route? like htc? samsung? could be cool and keep stock android NO MOTO BLOAT even better no CARRIER BLOAT definite advantages to this as long as they do a good job putting it together.

As long I could get this with us bands I would pick it up better than some of these crap phones coming out that have been compromised by the carrier I would switch to a gsm carrier for this

The lack of a camera is pretty awesome (I think the camera is an option, as is the megapixels, if not disregard), but many people in security-clearance imposed positions can't have camera phones and they are stuck with trash.

I don't think it's a real company. The picture is just a mock-up. I don't see any big company behind these guys who are just some ambitious students / graduates and you really need a big company to make this dream come true. I would very much support it if it were for real. I love the idea! But I think the bubble will burst in a few days and they'll say it was just a fake, maybe some kind of experiment. If so they did it right as so many are jumping on the bandwagon.

I lived in Germany for work in the past, I can see a company doing something like this. There are a lot of very innovative products in Germany in technology and automotive we have never seen on this side of the pond.

If this can take off, this is the future. Let us choose the specs, and to keep the carriers happy we can sign a 2-year contract with a carrier of our choice. I'd even pay for this at an unsubbed price.

Finally something I believe many people has been waiting for. But need to iron out issues like warranty and whats not.