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Who doesn't love a little bit of fun in their Android wallpaper? Recently our gallery has seen a bunch of great uploads coming in, and there have been some rather awesome variations of our good friend BugDroid. We have tons of great wallpapers to meet the needs of just about anyone out there, whether looking for some great custom designs, some candid shots, or some favorites from around the 'net, they are all here.

If you don't see what you want in the gallery, and happen to find it somewhere else, do us a favor will ya? Spread the love to the rest of the Android Central Community and upload it, it's simple and takes only a minute. Be sure to log in before uploading so we know who they came from, and we can give you the proper credit when we show them off!


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Wallpapers o' the week - Android R2-D2, deep space, black squares


All my wallpapers are Anime.

Actually, they are all by Raemz (AKA: Weee) who is my favorite up-and-coming anime artist. She's actually still in college, but already has contributed to a major VN (Katawa Shoujo) and has multiple commissions under her belt, including some for Culture Japan. You can check out her work if you are interested:

Blog: http://raemz.wordpress.com/

Deviant art: http://1-kilometer.deviantart.com/

Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=145972 (Japanese)

Please don't upload her work here though. We don't want to violate copyright on new artists. Must encourage them!

Question. I have the Galaxy Nexus but when I downloaded the Space wallpaper it's HUGE. In fact, when setting it as my wallpaper, the little cropping box only allows me to fit not even the entire planet in the frame.

Is this a bug with ICS or is this image just too big?