LG Optimus 2X free on contract

British retailer Expansys UK is offering the LG Optimus 2X for the low price of free when paired with a Vodafone UK contract. The phone itself is listed as being available starting Mar. 21 but it would seem that eager customers can pre-order it now. The pricing on contracts starts at £30.65 for a two year plan with 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and a paltry 500MB data allowance. For those of you who want the Tegra 2 powered phone unlocked, be prepared to pony up £499. [Expansys UK via UnwiredView]

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Odds it'll be free in the states? 0

ARossetter says:

Maybe I'm just blind, but doesn't that launcher in the screenshot look a LOT like TouchWiz?

Asterisk says:

What's Vodafone ETF?

Dark_Blu says:

Right. I'll just move to the UK, learn the accent and change my name to Alister Cromwell.