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On account of the EU's recent decision to impose price caps on mobile roaming, European operators have been forced to change price plans to abide by the new Europe-wide rules. Vodafone UK is the latest network to announce new roaming plans, with the launch of its optional Vodafone EuroTraveller service, along with lower European roaming rates for all its customers.

For £3 per day, Voda customers who opt into EuroTraveller can use their UK price plan and balance on the continent. For heavy data users who travel frequently from the UK to Europe, this is almost a no-brainer. But customers who don't opt in will also see lower rates for calls, texts and data in Europe. Calls to the UK will now cost 28.8p per minute, texts will cost 8.9p, while data will be charged at 69.6p per megabyte. The new rates kick in from July 1.

Vodafone isn't the only UK network that's slowly making it less painful to use mobile data in Europe. O2 UK announced its new Euro roaming rates last month, and we can expect more operators to join the party as the July deadline imposed by the EU approaches.

Unfortunately, roaming outside of Europe remains exorbitantly expensive on UK networks -- Vodafone charges £5 per megabyte in its "rest of world" zone, and other major operators offer equally eye-watering rates.

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Vodafone UK announces EuroTraveller roaming service


I use 02 in the UK when I go to Germany I again use the 02 network yet I still get screwed over in high costs even though it's the same company! Same goes for Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany you are using and paying for the same companies network. Why is there an extra charge??? It's just outright plain robbery if you ask me.

Leobloom... Its a same brand but different entity altogether.. however now with the new agreement they have made it "Cheaper" ONLY and you will still be considered as "roaming" but now that you only get ripped a little. ;)
Anyways, I am interested to know from someone traveling in EU zone to tell me if they have to choose the Network manually to avoid expensive roaming or is it just OK to roam on any cell carriers tower of a region?

in the case of Vodafone virtually all Vodafone networks are owned fully by Vodafone Group. In addition, I gather from reading the roaming pages on Vodafone Group's corporate website that ALL Vodafone networks are accessible through a single gateway.

Charging extra for using a sister network therefore seems pretty much purely a money spinner.

However, imagine if Vodafone networks let their customers use the others at no additional charge. Vodafone would surely gain lots of customers!

Vodafone Euro Traveller works out incredibly expensive if you are mainly a data user with varied roamed call use.

Data Traveller cost only 10 pounds a month for 25mb a day. In my case calls varied but in total monthly bill if I was roaming for a month was never as high as what it would cost with Euro Traveller - around 90 pounds!

As Vodafone removed the old services without giving the option to keep them, many customers and I are fighting to be released from our contracts as they are now pretty much useless when abroad and we chose Vodafone due to these services being available. Vodafone, however, are not allowing this and so complaints have been lodged with Ofcom, the Ombudsman and BBC Watchdog.

You can see the discontent here:

I urge all of you who are unhappy not to just sit back and take this kind of treatment. The more Vodafone see that people are upset and their reputation go down the drain, the more they are likely to worry and listen!