Maybe we spoke a little too soon. Fresh off of our report regarding the Vodafone and the HTC Magic AKA the G2, Vodafone just announced the touchscreen only device in their press conference at MWC 09. The first markets to receive the HTC Magic will be the UK (April launch), Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. Also of note, the HTC Magic is going to be a timed exclusive for Vodafone meaning us US users won't be getting first dibs. Sadface.

Anyways, here are the basic specs:

  • Qualcomm MSM7201a, 528MHz.
  • 512MB ROM, 192MB RAM
  • 3.2 inch 320x480 HVGA Screen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash)
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth

Size specs:

  • 4.45 x 2.17 x .54 (comparable to the G1, a wee bit smaller)
  • 4.18 ounces

And finally, the more interesting specs:

  • No physical keyboard
  • 1340 mAh battery
  • ExtUSB (argh!)
  • Compass Mode
  • Comes in White/Black

In all, this looks great! But why no US love? What do you guys think about the HTC Magic?



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Vodafone Announces HTC Magic AKA G2


To those of you who feel this phone is not aesthetically pleasing compared to other phones, remember that Google specializes in content, not packaging. Personally, I think it's a sexy phone compared to the G1. I have never thought an HTC phone was well designed until I saw this one. The rest of the lineup is a random selection of emotionless, rigid black boxes - at least this one has curves and a sharp color.

I'm still waiting for an Android Phone with a non sliding Qwerty Keyboard like the Blackberries.

It's the G1 with no keyboard and a better battery! Hopefully it will be the same size battery as the g1's and us G1 owners can buy one for ours!

It's a handsome device but after using chompSMS's virtual keyboard (which looks and feels exactly like the iPhone), I don't think I could go for it. But I am pleased that another device is available even if it's not for me. The more that flood the market, the more developers will write for it and we'll get some respect :-)

Still pretty unattractive to me. I just don't get how HTC can make phones like the Touch HD, Touch Pro/2, Touch Diamond/2 for Windows Mobile and yet for Android they keep making bland looking devices.

I'm with Snowman. I refuse to buy this or the G1 when HTC makes top of the line phones for WinMo and Android gets the leftover crap in the factory. Looks like Google gets no respect from HTC.

ok, so apparently you can't post harmless 4-letter words either (clue: se*y)...let's just say this phone turns me on. ;-)

If there were a way to put this phone on Verizon I would be out the door right now to buy it!!! :/

Well, Europe had to wait for the G1 a long time. So it's only fair, that this time, the US have to wait.

I'm used to the Mini-USB. It's for most of the HTC phones and there are a lot of accessories for it. There is even a original one from HTC which looks like the normal headset, expect you can detach the headphones (3,5mm jack), and put any headphone in. Plus you make a real headset out of any headphone. So instead of "Argh" I say "Good".

I like the g1,but the earphone connection sux. Why can't they just make it the 1/8 jack.That's my deal. I would figure they would change it on the new g2.