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Virgin Mobile USA has today introduced their latest Android smartphone, the entry level PCD Chaser for just $79.99 without signing a contract. Marketing for the Chaser is aimed firmly at customers currently using a feature phone but wanting to make the jump to a smartphone. Featuring a 3.2" touchscreen, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3MP camera and an 800MHz processor, the Chaser's specs won't set the world on fire. But, it's priced to move, and is currently showing up as temporarily out of stock on the Virgin Mobile website. 

It's available with Beyond Talk unlimited data and messaging plans, starting at $35 a month. The Chaser will be rolling out through nationwide retailers starting in September, but it is available online from today -- or when it's in stock it will be, anyway. 

Source: Virgin Mobile


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Virgin Mobile introduces $79.99 entry level PCD Chaser


PCD? The company that made the Quickfire for AT&T like six years ago? The phone that literally caught on fire on a lot of devices? This should be good. And why does it look so much like an LG phone?

I've never heard of PCD, but am in the market for a cheap phone. Looking at Virgin's website it looks like they have a QWERTY phone, the Venture, that's on sale for $59.99 right now. Anyone used that thing?

Bsharitt, I'd recommend seeing if you can find an Optimus V on eBay or Craigslist and grab that. Lots of amazing developer support, and not bad out of the box if you aren't into rooting / ROMing.

It could come back in stock at VM too, if you don't mind waiting to see what happens. It gets discounted fairly often.

Meh, I had the Optimus V a long time ago. The main reason I'm looking at the Venture is the keyboard. For phones that small I need a physical keyboard.

The Venture and the Chaser are both made by PCD(Personal Communications Devices). I've had a Chaser for about a month now with no problems. I've never used the venture though.