And those three little birds looked so innocent. ... Viewsonic this afternoon penned a few paragraphs to remind us all that it still makes Windows and Android tablets amid the demise of webOS hardware, saying "From our business-focused Windows solutions with Android integration to our multimedia-optimized consumer offerings, ViewSonic has delivered a diverse tablet portfolio that addresses a wide range of individual needs."

Oh, and it and basically twisted the knife in the back of anyone whose at all cared about webOS. Viewsonic trumpeted Windows over Android in its press release -- no real surprise, we suppose -- but we're a little surprised and just how low a blow it leveled against our reeling webOS brethren.

“HP’s move to launch a tablet with an unknown OS appears to have presented a challenge in marketing their tablet solution. The webOS, unfamiliar to both consumers and enterprises, complicated the tablet sales process and thus deemed a failed experiment.

Harsh, but true.

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Viewsonic takes a moment to kick webOS while it's down, reminds us it makes Android and Windows tablets


A gesture based OS is tough. If youre an average consumer walk up to a display unit and just try to have at it its difficult and odds are of you don't have someone to explain it to you you'll walk on by.

HP should have gotten into the mix like Android did with all other carriers, and by now WebOS would have been completely familiar to the masses.

HP did to Palm like Richard Gere did to that ship building company in the movie Pretty Woman.

"Excuse me sir... can I buy that perfectly good Mule? I'd like to keep it tied up, starve it, and then just let it die of natural causes."

Makes no sense!!

How old are you, Richard? I ask, because back in the early days of Windows 95, most of the computing public thought that Microsoft ruled and always would. It wasn't until January of '96 that a company named Google was founded.

I don't believe there's any such thing as "always" when it comes to competition in the computer market.

And as for Viewsonic, that was just wholly tacky and unnecessary. Thank you, Android Central, for letting me know. I had one Viewsonic monitor, which died, and haven't had another one since. Definitely don't plan to change that now.

Funny, Viewsonic doesn't seem to support all of their devices as well as they could. Aside from a crappy screen, the GTablet could be a great device!

Steve in CT

I wholeheartedly agree! Viewsonic has absolutely no room to talk. Their support is so miserable it points users to XDA.

New to android just picked up tha galaxy tab, hard transition from webos.....still getting used to this but so far i am not unhappy. This is just not what i am used to.

me too. I was able to swap my cracked speakers TouchPad to for this shiny new galaxy 10.1 while honoring my $100 price break. So a 32gb galaxy for $500. Thanks Leo! Now send me my $50 "making it right" check so I can buy a touchpad with it. Hehe.

Couple more things.... "the webOS" was not the problem. HP was, period. I'm very happy to have this nice new awesome hardware, but android is missing a lot of butter... I will get better at it and learn to optimize, but it will take some time. Hopefully after some tweaking this honeycomb thing will flow a bit better.

And as far as view sonic goes... pissing off a few dozen or hundred ain't gonna hurt their bottom line, but its not going to help. There is nothing to gain from making their stupid comment. It was stupid... hardware and HP execution was to blame, not the most fluid mobile operating system to ever be.

im glad to see that someone knows about HP. Ive had so much problems with that company over the years with there pc's and laptops that i well not buy them anymore. When they bought out palm it was a mistake. They should have left them be

I really liked webOS. It was a great system. I just don't understand why HP didn't put it on better hardware. My phone was a pice of crap but the OS was awesome. I still miss my "cards".

That's exactly what I thought when I first heard of the price slashing. They DID get android running on a pre once... previously most of these cross platform efforts were expended in trying t get webos working on an android device, but I hope there are some really, really smart people working on getting this done. Sure wish I had an extra $100 laying around to go pick up a touchpad. Theyre cool, if not very useful.

"And thus deemed a failed experiment"?

Experiment, my butt! That's a low blow, uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. And if it wasn't for devices like the HTC Evo 4G giving the Android environment the boost it needed, the same may have been said for many other device manufacturers.

The reason that HP failed was that Palm failed first. They banked way too much on untested hardware (the Pre), and sold it for too much. They did not penetrate the market nearly enough, and not quickly enough.

The proof is in the pudding. Palm first had the market cornered on the PalmPilots (predecessors to smartphones), and then the Palm Centro when Android was barely even scratching the consumer market and was merely a hobbyist phone. Once the Droid and Evo started pushing through, Palm was pretty much done for. HP picked up the devices, did absolutely *nothing* for them, and let WebOS die on the vine.

And before anyone starts flaming me, I am a happy, avid Android user (HTC Evo 4G). But I was a happy Palm Pre user first. Decent hardware, decent software, but not the right time.

yes so im i same phone But did have (and still do) three palm devices that still work. Whch brings me backj to HP they should have not bought out palm if they would not help the devices that they had and would be selling later on in life. sorry palm you got screwed< and HP you suck.

Anyone else consider tablets an ingenious solution to a problem that doesn't exist? I've got a laptop that does 10x what a tablet can do, and it has a keyboard, and it was about the price of a tablet. Actually, less, when you consider the storage and expansion capabilities.

So, Apple makes a large iTouch and everyone has to flock and make something like it because the mindless drones all have to have one because a guy in a turtleneck says it's cool?

You have just described Apple's entire business model. And I don't say that to be anti-apple(even though i am) but that is exactly what Apple does and what they bank on and they have been hugely successful with it.

First, there's no such thing as an iTouch. Its an iPod Touch.

Second, there are many circumstances where a tablet is much nicer than a laptop. It is much lighter and more portable. Also, in a public place, one might feel quite silly busting out a laptop just to play around. Not wth a tablet. Tablets are also much quicker to boot up and they usually have better battery life. Finally, they cost less, typically.

And yes, they ARE cool. Its fun to have a huge touchscreen to play on. There's more to it than just coolness, but its definitely a factor.

I am currently on the fence about the usefulness of tablets (regardless of OS) in their current form.

Talking about Android OS based tablets specifically, other than playing games, streaming video or having a larger display area for web browsing and email/book reading, what other uses does a tablet have today that may decrease the need of carring a heavier a laptop around.

I realize the lower weight/size, instant power on and lower power requirements of tablets as distinct advantages over a laptop; I could care less about coolness factor or game playing. I use my laptop mostly for business and is for this purpose that I am looking into how a tablet may be an alternative to a traditional laptop specially when the cost of this new technology is certainly higher.

Palm and HP's biggest mistake in all of this was not investing enough and not moving fast enough. The Palm Pre on Sprint had a very successful launch and things looked to be going good for it. But the device was plagued with problems --- It was unfinished! When the device launched, it had NO video recording capability and NO way to forward texts! Granted these features were added later, but still. Then the hardware was a complete failure. I don't even wanna get into how many pre's I went through because of issues with design and manufacturing. And then, the app support simply wasn't there. While everyone with Android phones were busy scanning bar codes and using Shazam, Palm pre users were busy showing off the latest restaurant finder app.

Of course, Hindsight is always 20/20. Jon Rubenstein probably did not expect Android to catch on the way it did. Verizon's Droid marketing campaign effectively killed the prospects that WebOS was expected to have once it came to Verizon. In retrospect, The Palm Pre should have launched 3 or 4 months sooner than it did on Verizon.

That being said, Once Android's adoption rate became clear, they should have lit the fires behind WebOS's development. I'm guessing by the time they came to this realization, Palm had run out of capital, and thats why HP scooped them up. Now, this brings me to the disgusting way HP handled this whole thing. HP said they were "doubling down" on WebOS but didn't release ONE SIGNIFICANT PRODUCT in 2010 after they acquired it. Android took off in 2010 and once the Evo and Droid X came, WebOS had been mostly forgotten about. HP should have doubled the development staff and pushed for a Palm Pre 2 or a slate version by august or September of 2010. They also should have had the API's in place to allow dev's to do more with apps besides play Atari 2600 level games. The fact of the matter is that HP was too slow to respond to Android's rise to power. Basically, HP did not invest what was needed in order to keep WebOS afloat. Even if they had achieved a 10% market share penetration, that would have been a success and enough to keep moving forward.

Compared to the iPhone, which releases a phone without MMS capability, video capture capability, etc etc.. and somehow sells like hotcakes.

I think the market just can't support that much variation in different mobile environments, you have RIM, Android, iOS, Windows, WebOS, Symbian.. sooner or later something has got to give. I think WebOS fell fate to lack of just getting out there, and questionable hardware.

It simply got gobbled up in the mass market of Android and iOS.. unnoticed except to those who used it and loved it. It's just a case of big fish, being eaten by a bigger fish.

That being said, if a smooth internet browsing experience on a 10" tablet is what you want for cheap, go pick up one of those $99 Touchpads if you can get your hands on it, you'll be surprised!

I'm gonna head out tomorrow and try to scoop one up. Though Best Buy and Futureshop's websites are showing "sold out". I played around with one a few weeks ago and it was really nice. It's too bad about Web OS, HP is not the right company for this. Also, as has been said already, it was bad timing, Android being backed by the most popular and well known phone makers has shot it ahead of the competition. That and the fact that it comes in so many designs and sizes.

See, this is where I have to disagree. WebOS's timing was perfect. It got out there before Windows Phone 7 did. They should have put more resources and time into its development before letting it out the gate. Android hadn't caught on with the masses yet, so it was still new. The problems were in App support, carrier exclusivity and hardware. Android was putting out phones on every carrier once every 2 months in 2010. WebOS got left in stagnation during 2010.

HP should have released WebOS in smartphones with improved hardware first before even considering making a tablet version.The Pre3,along with a 4.3" touchscreen slab running WebOS would have been the perfect pair of launch devices.

YES!!! WebOS with improved API support with EVO 4G hardware would have ruled! I may still be using it if it had came out during summer of last year...

Pot/kettle Viewsonic. Viewsonic need to take a good hard look at themselves, rather than taking shots at others. Their treatment of Gtab owners is appalling.
Time to show the world Viewsonic can do better, how about a 2.3 or 3.1 update for the Gtab. Then people might buy your next offering knowing they will get support for their device

If you're considering buying a laptop, timing isn't critical. A bit faster, a bit lighter, a bit slimmer - it will basically do the same job in six months time.

The situation with tablets is different. In 6-9 months time their core capabilities may be utterly transformed. iPad3 may have a multi-mode high resolution screen (with a low energy daylight mode) in addition to an expanded use profile. Android will unify their platform with IceCream and we will see much faster devices; but will they be productive tools? Windows8 may mean "productivity" tablets, radically changing the use profile of fondle-slabs.

But can someone get rid of greasy fingerprints???? I think Apple have an app for that, but Samsung will "improve" it and there will be a court battle.

Boom time - don't you just love it?

my little $200 Win7 Netbook costs ~1/3 of what a tablet costs and can do so much more. real Excel, Word, full Office, real keyboard, full Win7 Apps, etc. my EVO 4G does the rest.

Hey, can we make a hp Failpad TTS with a MS Kin and call it a Kinpad since they both will share a page on Guinness for being on the market for 49 days?

Wow Viewsonic... before taking stabs at other companies for failed products, why don't you look at your own? At least HP was behind their tablet and supported it... all us GTablet owners get is lies and finger pointing.

Hp u fckn suk u should've let apple outbid u and I hate apple products it
Would've been better had they bought it and just done away wit it then
Instead of the cruel ish y'all did so disappointed learn how to market I loved webos the only reason I left it was it fell in beer

Yeah, what does Viewsonic have out there regarding smartphones and tablets that anyone wants. Sometime it's best to keep your mouth shut...