Optimus 3D and Galaxy S II

What you see here is the equivalent of one Big Man on Campus meeting the other behind the bleachers after school, sizing each other up, then walking away. On the top, the Samsung Galaxy S II. On the bottom, the LG Optimus 3D. Dual-core powerhouses in their own rights. Two phones enter, two phones leave, as this isn't a full-on fight or anything. But we're pretty sure it's the first time we've seen them in the same arena. Check it out after the break.

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whosaidwhat says:

The Super AMOLED Plus screen takes the cake in this video.

El Jefe says:

It ought to...a nice screen is all Samsung can do well.

hoosiercub says:

Shame thats where it kinda stops with the bene's of owning a Samsung Android device though, sure hope they make themselves better in the future with devices like this. Maybe they can even make a phone with working aGPS.

capitaltpt says:

It's obvious that the dual channel memory in the Optimus is going to have major performance advantages, especially in gaming and multimedia. I'm actually sitting this year out (waiting for the Tegra quad core chips) and waiting to see how Samsung handles updates with their galaxy II line.

Dave4321 says:

The lights shining directly on the optimus screen don't help the fairness of the test at all.

PhilR8 says:

Yeah, no kidding. Hopefully whoever shot this video will be more mindful of this sort of thing in the future.

heraldo says:

Maybe its the poor quality of the screen that doesn't help at all

What game/benchmark are they running there?

Cthugha says:

Video fail?

Commercial in german. Wrong orientation. Lights reflecting in the Optiums screen.

Looked like the game Nova..?

SlimJ87D says:

I agree on everything except for the lighting. SAMOLED PLUS baby.

Video still does suck.

Yea the dual channel is going be a huge difference. The light reflecting on the Optimus sux.

ethannation says:

Honestly, I'm going to pass on both of these in the hopes that playing NESoid on the Sony Xperia Play is the gaming controller hardware nirvana I've been looking for!

pearljam5000 says:

when are they going to release the galaxy s ii already?
i want it!!!

The LG Optimus 2x was way faster...