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We're live at Huawei's Ascend D series announcement, where the manufacturer's just taken the lid off its first quad-core smartphone, the Ascend D quad. The device sees Huawei challenging top-tier Android manufacturers with a device offering super high-end specs in just about every area. Read on to find out what we thought of the phone, along with the first video of it in action.

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Central to the D quad's power is its quad-core CPU, a custom part created by Huawei and its partners -- this promises high performance power when needed, and energy efficiency when idle. Physically, the device is your typical black slab -- unassuming enough to be easily mistaken for the Galaxy Nexus, but good looking, and it feels good in the hand thanks to the soft touch back. The Ascend D quad is pretty thin, but not excessively so -- Huawei's already got that based covered with the Ascend P1 S. Interestingly, though, it's offering a version with an extended battery as standard alongside the regular D quad -- the D quad XL, promising multiple days of use on a single charge.

In terms of software, Huawei has kept things pretty close to vanilla Android. There are a few changes to be sure, but the manufacturer hasn't messed with Google's well-crafted user experience. In our brief time with the device, what we saw was a very fast smartphone that also works well as a gaming device. We got a brief look at Riptide, and the combination of the 330ppi 720p display and that quad-core CPU resulted in a beautiful, fast gaming experience.

We'll have more on the Ascend D quad in the days ahead, as part of our continuing coverage of MWC.

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vijeze says:

Video private?

Bla1ze says:

When in doubt.. refresh. ;)

vijeze says:

As you demand!

I like the fact that Google has finally standardized the softkey layout, must be a relief for the whole AC team - having to adjust to a different layout all the time when reviewing a new phone.

As far as the phone it self, looks nothing special on the outside, but quad-core, HD screen, and stock ICS definitely make this a competitor with the smartphone elites!

facedown41 says:

So I know I've heard of huawei before, but what the heck do they make that I should trust their name with a new smartphone?

DrDoppio says:

Huawei is huge in telecommunincations and makes massive investments in R&D. I've seen a couple of posts on AC about new Huawei phones, even though I haven't seen the phones in the wild.

Playboy E says:

yeah fastest for now ... Haha... Off brand

HAAS599 says:

I hate that big camera bulge on the back but maybe the D quad XL will take care of that.

Samsung, LG, and even Huawei have HD phones now. Motorola seems to have dropped out of the race.

chirantanf says:

at least they are announcing 2 phones 1 with normal battery and 1 with extended at the same time and giving consumer the choice, unlike motorola...

cckgz4 says:

While I like HTC's unibody design on the One series, Huawei is really making a step up. Possibly, in my opinion, might take LG's spot in the Android business