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The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity sees ASUS building on the Transformer Prime with a higher-resolution screen and a slightly redesigned chassis. Transformer Prime owners will already be familiar with much of what the device has to offer, but the bump up to a whopping 1920x1200 gives this device a clear lead in terms of image quality. We spent a little time getting to know the Transformer Pad Infinity over at the ASUS booth at MWC, and we've got a quick video tour waiting after the jump.

The Transformer Pad Infinity will be available in Wifi-only and LTE flavors, with the LTE version being powered by a Snapdragon S4 chip instead. Our video shows the Wifi-only Tegra 3 version.

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Video hands-on with the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity


Much like the tradeoff in the D-SLR world of very high MP vs. lower number of MPs, I think most people really want to see real world comparisons between the tradeoff of 1280x800 vs 1920x1200.

In particular, what is the comparison between battery life, is there noticeable lag in general UI activities and do you notice any detriment in heavy duty games.


After going through 3 Primes to get one that doesn't have some sort of defect I wish everyone who attempts to buy one of these luck. I will never buy another Asus product again.

First had 3 dead pixels right in the center of the screen, second had some weird light shining through the back, almost like an led was too bright and shining through. Third had a really big piece of dust/lint under the screen right in the center that you could see from about 3 feet away.

Physically all of them have been perfect. I have felt no sharp edges or anything like you mentioned.

I really enjoy the one I have now. It is very fast. The hassle of getting a good one was just very frustrating though and the lack of stock makes it even worse since the wait can be really long. By the time I need a new tablet I have a feeling there will be more companies offering high end tablets so I will have a better choice. I am actually finding I don't use it all that much so my next device may simple be a very thin and light laptop/ultrabook, I'm not sure.

Right now if you want the best tablet you have pretty much only one choice, otherwise everything else is last years tech or only announced as coming sometime in 2012. By teh time all the new MWC goodies are available I will have had my Prime for probably 6 months or more so the wait was too long for me.

I hear you. My Prime has so so wifi, but its ok in my small house. But when I turned on my Bluetooth to use a headset, my wifi became unstable and I could not even stream Netflix or Pandora. My real gripe is that tech support took 3 weeks to reply back to me, and then all they said was to install the latest firmware update and see if that helps. I already had and no it did not help.

So the real question I've not found anywhere yet. If you have a prime with dock right now, can you use the same dock for the new prime infinity?

If they improve the power button and it works with all my current TF201 accessories (origami cover, keyboard dock) than I'm in for the upgrade, even though I don't care for that plastic strip at the top. My blu-ray rips would look awesome on this thing :)

I've looked all over every week since they were released and I just found some Grey Primes at Fry's. The guy said they had 43 at the time I ordered. NewEgg has the Champagne color and both of these are 32gig versions.