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ASUS' Padfone is one of the most unusual devices we've seen at MWC so far -- a phone, which transforms into a tablet, which in turn transforms into a laptop, with pen input that can also be used as a handset. But while this may sound gimmicky, it's actually pretty well executed. The user experience is fast whether in phone, tablet or notebook mode, and the transition between the three is seamless, as you'll see in our hands-on footage after break.

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Video hands-on with the ASUS Padfone


As a Transformer Prime owner I am pretty impressed with Asus. They are at least willing to bring new thinking to the tech world. The padphone is a pretty awesome idea however there is no way that verizon would let you share your smartphone's data with a tablet without finding a way to charge you for it.

I will have this.
Oh yes.
I will.
Especially the moment I hear it's compatible with TMO-USA's bands, hell I'll import it.

The one problem I can see with this is future-proofing. What if one upgrades to a better phone in a year or so - what is there to say that a new phone would fit the old tablet?

In any case, it's a darn nice product. I've always liked Asus and this is very good thinking. It's between this and the HTC One S... can't quite decide.

Yeah, I could definitely see that being a problem for some, seeing how the Prime and original Transformer's docks are incompatible. I usually keep the phone until the end of the contract, so all things being equal, I'd probably just move onto the next big thing and sell the old phone, accessories and all :)

So the phone becomes a tablet which becomes a notebook which has a stylus that's also a phone?

Mind. Blown.

Where do I sign up?



When they guy pulled out the pen I simply said to myself,"Oh another tablet with a stylus."

Then when he said it had a microphone and earpiece I was like WTF! lol

Definately innovative. I dont know how practical it would be real world, but can you imagine being at work and telling someone," Oh hold on i have to take this call." Then holding a pen to your ear! Im pretty sure others would have a very perplexed look on their faces.

"`Oh hold on i have to take this call.` Then holding a pen to your ear! "
No kidding especially when you're on the phone and while trying to take a notes on your tablet :p.

ICS, tablet and keyboard dock accessory? I want! Now if they would just announce the price and carrier...

I did have one concern after seeing that video though. Did anyone else notice that it was a little top heavy after he inserted it into the keyboard dock? Not super surprising, since the reports have been that the tablet station is heavier than the original Transformer and add the docked phone's weight near the top of that...

I think it will be just fine when the keyboard is sitting on a more level surface like a table, desk or lap.
You'll notice in the video that it appears to be sitting on some sort of pedistal of sorts seeing that it appears to be hovering over the display counter rather then sitting on it. I'd assume any sort of substancial weight on any of the sides would throw it off balance the way they have it set up.

Looks like at least a rival to the Atrix and probably a one-up. I'll be happy to see more phones that can be docked into full size computer interfaces.

I don't think it's quite a rival yet. The atrix has the webtop interface that allows one to have multiple windows open. Until Android allows multiple windows open at the same time it will not every efficient at multitasking.

I wonder what kind of stylus this has. If it's a Wacom digitizer like on the Galaxy Note, I'm sold. If it's just a rubber nib like all the others, why not just get a bluetooth headset for phone use while docked?

Just upgrade the phone display to a 720p one and you have my money! This is so super-awesome! And make it available at the right time in at least a few different countries!

I love this idea but to I bet it costs 800 r so and that's fair considering a good phone is 300 a tablet 7" say 500 and dock say 150. But for me I would jump on if it could duel boot ics and windows 8 aka tegra wayne arm a15. If they make this instead of me getting my next phone and laptop I want I would get this awesome option. This can really work for a lot of people for work or kids in school. I really like the idea a ton.

Asus always brings in nice new ideas but they never completely convince me with the execution. I mean it´s just to thick and the Phone on its own is not that spectacular .
I personaly hope Samsung will add similar features to the S3 .

The biggest issue I currently have with my gadgets is the hassle of dealing with content on two different pieces.

Do I want to start this game on my phone (so I can play it while out and about) or do I only play it on my tablet at home, or wait a second, I have to go get my phone and re-write this email on it so I can send the email with a picture I took on my phone (or I have to get my phone and load the picture to dropbox then download it to my tablet to attach it, etc.)

This looks really compelling. This is something I would be tempted to leave VZW for.


It would be really cool if you have Ubuntu for Android start when you dock it with the keyboard.

Only concern I have with Tablet/phone view is how some applications will handle this transition. Some market applications use different apk's for phone vs tablets, but I dont know if this is only because of the CPU's

Wait, is it compatible with the current Transformer Prime keyboard dock or not? He said both it was and it wasn't, and then it was again. Can anyone clarify? My guess is no.

That stylus is crazy nuts - I wonder if there's anyway it would work with a current TF201 for something like Google Voice (or just using it as a stylus period)?