Verizon Monday

So Verizon has some "journey" that it's beginning on Monday. While we're all waiting on the HTC Incredible to be announced any day now, we're not quite sure it fits the "it's new, it's unique" line that Big Red's touting here. Instead, it's quite possible that it's referring to the fabled Microsoft "Project Pink" that's also rumored to be announced then, and that certainly would match up the "let's get social" line. (FWIW: Engadget's thinking the same thing.)

Hey, we definitely want to see the Incredible announced and released, like, yesterday. But we're not going to put all our eggs in that basket just yet. [via BerryScoop]

Update: @slundberg01 offers another theory: "The journey on Monday for Verizon is NFL mobile. It releases Monday. There will be new phones but that's not Monday. that's why if you look at that flyer it was a football thrown through the paper."


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Verizon's doing something on Monday ... Incredible? Or just Pink? (or football?)


It almost sounds like it has something to do with social media in some respect. Like something to do with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Maybe Verizon is starting their own social network.

Probably not I'm sure but just another random thought.

How about Skype-related? They've been going overboard on their "exclusive on Verizon 3G" arrangement.

Hopefully it's something totally random, like the HD2 or something crazy like that. If I've already heard of Pink, Football on Verizon, and the Incredible for weeks if not months, why the big flash? I only say that because I don't consider myself in the know, just someone who checks in every once and a while. Here's to something no one has heard of, unless that's impossible in todays market.

With all the jabber about being social, connecting, and "living" I am going to say this is most likely the announcement of 'Pink'.

Yo, @slundberg01 is wayyyy off. Look at other tech blog websites and you will see another email which was sent to vzw employees. It's not a football coming through the paper. It's a box. What is inside the box is the big question...

I don't remember that box one having a yellow hue to it with some soft rounding of the smoke, or whatever that is.

Doesn't look like a football to me, more like a comet or something (which I'm sure it's not that either).

Don't know why they choose Sunday as there release date but they did, 16 days and counting tell everyone on vz can get there hands on this.

This might be what were looking at come Monday

Verizon Wireless will provide football fans with unprecedented information and access to the NFL (National Football League) via a downloadable application on select devices over the nation's largest 3G network.

The first phase of the NFL Mobile App, launching April 12, 2010, will provide live video, news and information preceding and through the NFL Draft (April 22 - 24, 2010).

Content will include:

Live 24/7 streaming video of the NFL Network including live coverage of the NFL Draft from Radio City Music Hall
In-Depth prospect profiles
Extensive collection of on-demand video of NFL Network analysis
Pick-by-pick Draft tracker updated in real time
Blogs and Analysis
Team History and Results
Video clips of marquis prospects
Mock Draft
Dedicated team pages


The NFL Mobile App will be free to download at launch.

Customers who download the app between 4/12/10 and 12/31/10 will receive it for free for the 2010-2011 NFL season
Pricing for this App after 1/1/11 will be announced at a later time.
Stay Tuned!

As the NFL season approaches, more content will be available including:

Live 24/7 streaming video of the NFL Network, including 8 Thursday night games
Live streaming video of 17 NBC Sunday night games
Live streaming audio every NFL game
NFL RedZone video
Extensive collection of on-demand video of NFL Network analysis
NFL Fantasy Football Web Integration
NFL news and team/player statistics
NFL GameDay Live live play-by-play content
Ringtones and Wallpaper
Player bios

Slundburg01 think about this NFL mobile or w/e is going to be on Sprint too, this say Verizon EXCLUSIVE!!! So that cannot be true, I meant the right side of that paper looks like a rocket or something has green and white in it, don't you think that could be something INCREDIBLE(see what I did there HTC Incredible)?

...or we can all look at it as a
"superhero" (like the cartoon movie the Incredibles!)busting through the piece of paper leaving behind the cloud that we all see...just a thought and a ingenious way to reveal the Incredible...if that's what it is...

Here's an image of the first communication that was sent internally to VZW employees that was confirmed by several different sources:

The message referenced above is a follow-up to that initial message that I have posted here. Take a look and decide for yourself whether or not that is a football.

Also...the NFL Mobile application may be launching on Monday, but why in the world would you hype up your sales force for an application that honestly has no impact until September? I'm a big football fan, and I only keep up with the first few picks of the draft, those for my team, and those that I followed in college. The point is, although people follow the draft, it is a minute fraction of those that would be interested in utilizing the feature to watch games. This would be the equivalent of DirecTV promoting the NFL Sunday Ticket now, instead of when it really makes an impact with the vast majority of fans in the Fall.

I think the communication simply is indicating that a series of announcements will be made. "It's time to share" happens to be the same marketing mailing sent to engadget by Microsoft for an event Monday where they will most likely announce the project pink phones, 2 of which are rumored to hit VZW. Time will tell on the inevitable announcement of the Incredible. Even if it isn't made on Monday, every single sign points to its release by 4/29.

I apologize for the rant...and no offense to slundberg, but that was so far-fetched I had to comment.

i will tell you that it has nothing to do with Microsoft or anything even android related and it is not the iPhone but when you say iPhone your going in the right direction, kind-of, you will see what i mean on monday. i would say more but its only a couple days away so no reason to spoil it for everyone, i will keep you all on your toes. lets just say i know what im talking about and leave it at that.