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The Wall Street Journal -- citing the ever-popular "people familiar with the plans" -- is reporting that Verizon won't be introducing a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II at next week's event in New York City. That might or might not be an interesting shift from what everybody's suspected -- that just like the original Galaxy S roll-out last year, we'll see variants on all four major U.S. carriers.

Verizon spokewoman Brendra Raney apparently confirmed all this, writes Greg Bensinger, saying only "We have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge."

Now we've got no idea why the Droid Charge was specifically picked for this quote, but we do know this: Brenda's right. There's no shortage of top-shelf devices in Verizon's lineup. The HTC ThunderBolt. Samsung Droid Charge. LG Revolution. And, eventually, the Motorola Droid Bionic. Not to mention the Motorola Droid 3, and the rumored Samsung Stratosphere and Motorola Droid HD. Given that we don't really know what the Stratosphere is just yet, we'll hold out hope and have faith that while it might not be a direct descendent of the Galaxy S II, it'll have lofty -- stratospheric, even -- specs when it is released.

The point is this: Even if Verizon is a no-show on Monday -- and remember that this is a Samsung event, not a carrier-branded event -- it's not like there aren't any Verizon phones to be had, and we're sure there are more to come this year. Somebody just seems to be managing expectations ahead of next week.

One way or another, we'll be there to find out. Stay tuned.

Source: WSJ

Update: And we've confirmed this with our own anonymous sources. So while it's not quite official, it's certainly anonymous. Or officially anonymous. Or anonymously official.


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Verizon won't have a Galaxy S II variant, WSJ says, citing anonymous sources


I wonder if this is a precursor to them either waiting for the next Nexus or if they will pass on that as well?

This** with the likelihood of a Samsung nexus.. it'd be too confusing to see a Samsung touchwiz, non-droid branded device. We will probably see one next year to replace the charge.

Wow I'm guessing your a psychic? Because Verizon has only announced the Motorola Droid Bionic so far. Verizon is really "rocking" as you say...

I think you meant their "4G" is S#$t or possibly their service overall is S#$t? Just figured I'd help you correct your statement. ;)

I have no problems with Sprint's service and yea their 4G is not the best but they are working on it(LTE). Don't get me wrong Verizon's 4G is awesome and expending nicely but why aren't they backing it up with some powerful phones?

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you, Phil. The only top shelf device VZW will have would be the bionic. It's going to be the only one with: 1) LTE; 2) dual-core processor; 3) 1GB of RAM; 4) QHD screen, though the quality of this screen is arguable - would prefer SAMOLED+.

Anyway, until VZW has more phones that are like the bionic (maybe the Vigor or Nexus Prime), I think there lineup will be lacking...

I definitely agree with you Triangle. The only device on the line up that could possible compare with the SGS2 is the Bionic and HD besides them nothing else is on the the same level.

I absolutely agree. Verizon currently has no "Top Shelf" devices. Every phone they have lacks either LTE, RAM, or CPU. I'm holding onto my OG Droid until a phone comes along that covers your #'s 1-4. So far it's been two years and all VZW has really picked up are year-old phones from Sprint or T-Mo -sad, but true.

So true.

I'm so disappointed in Verizon right now because of this news. The Nexus Prime better drop at Verizon, and it better kick major a$$.

Really Phil, Verizon's current line-up is fairly lackluster compared to the other carrier's offerings.

Fact of the matter is Verizon doesn't like to pay up for popular phones. They come up with some variant and expect marketing to pull in customers. They waited so long for the iPhone, messed up the Fascinate, eventually created a EVO-like phone in the Thunderbolt and now their blowing it with the SGSII.

MAYBE the Bionic will be some remarkable exception but I'm not counting on it. Geezus Verizon, just come out with at least 1 awesome phone please.

Sprint has top shelf devices, EVO 3d and MotorolaPhoton 4g. Both phones has all the features he listed except instead of LTE they have Wimax

He didn't say the 3D made it "top shelf". Turn off the 3D and the phone still can be considered top tier.

But the dual core proc, the 1GB of RAM, the 540 x 960 display, the big-assed battery, and the HD 720p camera(s) do.

Well the sgs2 was going to be 3g so that is probably why they are scrapping it. Don't want to release anymore high end 3g devices and why release the sgs2 and then the prime a month or two later?

actually, i heard the sgs2 devices were all going to be whatever each carrier calls 4g. certainly not lte at this point, but still plenty fast.

Well obviously they aren't going to get this and a month later get the new nexus. I saw this coming back when rumors said about the nexus coming to verizon.

The Galaxy S II is the phone I've been holding out for. Verizon currently does not have a single Android phone that is both Dual Core and LTE. I don't like the looks of the Motorola line, they look very blocky and utilitarian, just not my taste. I do like the looks of the GS2 and I definitely like the slim and light form factor. .... well, poop ....

not everyone lives in an LTE area. plus a big selling point of the GS2 is how thin it is. you put an LTE radio in it and it gets much fatter.

I Agree. It does not make too much sense to have such a high end 3G device. Big red is doing what it does best, and that is to focus on the future. Numerous high end devices are on their way.

I completely with you! I have the OG Incredible. I've been waiting for the GS2 forever. This is a HUGE disappointment! I don't even see a comparable Verizon super phone on the horizon. Sucks!

Every time I see my friend's Evo 3D, I get sick because I'm so jealous! Unfortunately, Sprint coverage is pretty lousy in my area.

Phil put a nice spin on this for Verizon, but this is a PR disaster. I have been waiting on the GS2 for 4 months. I don't want the Charge. I'm not sure I want the Bionic.

The Nexus is vaporware that if it ever makes it to VZW it will be in January. Verizon just told their customers who want the GS2 to eff off.

Verizon will never get a Nexus. They had the chance to get a Nexus 1 but since they can't put any of their bloatware in there, they passed on the deal. The same will be true for any other future Nexus phones. If Verizon cannot make money off it and bloat it up, they will pass.

Absolutely agree with triangle. I've been watching Verizon for the last several months and their line up is sub par at best. I'm starting to get really annoyed at their lack of interest in adopting top of the line phones. The Bionic is all they will have for dual-core LTE, and the Pentile screen pretty much killed that one for me.

I've been waiting for along time for the GS2. LTE network or not, it just may be time to move to another carrier (Sprint).

Wow, if you are going to give up an LTE network just for a stupid phone then you yourself are not very smart. A dual-core phone really means nothing if your coverage and network sucks. Yeah you can maybe play higher end games, but I'm more concerned with fast downloads and not having to worry about buffering.

Good for you. Why do you even need a cell phone with all the bells and whistles then? I don't make it a habit of playing games or watching videos on my phone at home when I have TVs, a 360, and computers, and my house is the only place I use WiFi.

A dual-core phone means a lot more than LTE if you don't have LTE coverage. People seem to keep forgetting that rural America does not have LTE yet, and probably won't see it for some time while Verizon upgrades more populous areas first. Sure, they may be covering half the US population now, but if you look at the actual land coverage, its a drop in the bucket compared to the size of the US.

I agree with you. Varizon has the best network. High end phones come and goes but the network power of the network remains the same. If everyone was to do their research they would understand that the high end devices are just around the corner. Plus pouf for pound I still think that varizon's current line up is pretty good.

If Sprint had coverage in Montana, I would never touch a Verizon phone ever again. Verizon loves screwing over their customers on variety.

I disagree with you, ever carrier has coverage problem in some areas, and it depend on the handset too. I had VZW TBOLT and I live in the LTE coverage area, and I work in the same area, inside the clinic where I work not even one par on the TBOLt and I had dropped calls, I tooked the phone back to VZW and I want back to Sprint, am using the Motorola Photon 4G and it has full par all the time. But VZW they send me the bill for the one week trail I had for $435.00. I think you are right now VZW, they're the best.
Good Luck to you with VZW. I can post the bill online if someone like to see.

Living in Flathead MT I agree with you. The service sucks here also ever since AT&T bought out Alltel. I only wish there was a good alternative around here.

well shit! I doubt Verizon will have Nexus since they don't allow just vanilla Android on their phones. so desperate to get away from this damn Eris....ugh. can't wait until May 2012 for my upgrade! Don't know if I can hold out, may need to get bionic.

I don't know if verizon will have the next Nexus or not, but its not accurate to say they don't allow vanilla android on their phones. OG Droid anyone?
And so far there have only been 2 Nexus phones, so its not like there is a 10 year history of them not having the Nexus available on their network. They have only passed on 2 phones.

The Xperia Play is also a VZW vanilla phone. And they even have commercials for it so they are not back dooring the phone either.

I'm Thinking that I might get the bionic as well. However I might hold out for the HTC vigor. The specs on the vigor are off the charts.

I think since they weren't going to get the LTE version then they didn't want to bother. Wouldn't make since to put out the "best phone in the world" and not have going the fastest speeds.

Verizon may have a nice line up of phones excluding this device, but this is the only one potentially forth-coming to Verizon that includes NFC. If it doesn't come to Verizon, there's no other phone (unless I've missed something) possibly coming to Verizon that will include NFC capability, aside from the Prime (presuming it has NFC as it's a Google phone). NFC is the biggest thing for me in my next phone.

This sounds like AT&T and Apple all over again? Do you think Verizon would hold back on certain devices due to Apple(iPhone5) support? Maybe help generate sales, due to, only viable option? Maybe wait a bit, to release other phones, and let the iphone sales level off? What do you think of AT&T's Android selection, since they lost their iPhone exclusivity?

Just a few questions!

Its probably a similar case to the Nexus One. They decided to pass for either the Nexus Prime or this other Samsung device because of better specs.

This confirms the PRIME!

Also, I think the Droid Bionic will be a better phone. qHD gives a lot better battery life.

you can have a GS2 and a nexus. 2 different UI so they wouldnt get mixed up. plus look at t-mo, they had 2 galaxy s phones and a nexus.

Actually, it confirms nothing. Sorry to burst your bubble. But until you see the Prime in V's stores, don't believe it. Otherwise, wouldn't the other 3 carriers just skip over the S2 for the prime, if that confirms it?

Thats exactly what I think, why does everyone think that Verizon is for sure getting the Prime? I mean, did I miss the PR from Verizon saying that they are going to sell it??

As much as I love to bash Verizon, I'm sure there is something good coming down the pike. I'm sure it has something to do with the iphone 5, that's why I'm not happy that sprint is getting it. Oh, and this doesn't confirm anything.

It's rather weird that Verizon isn't going to follow up on the fascinate. Especially with a hot item like the GSII. While I agree it makes sense to put this off so they can sell the Nexus Prime instead, I'm still finding it hard to believe they're actually going to sell a Nexus device.

I just hope they aren't looking at their line up for the rest of the year and are thinking, "yeah, we don't really need to add more to this." I wonder if their LTE roll out is partly to blame for their lack of "top shelf" equipment this year. More focus is on the network (as always) than the devices they are selling.

Seriously, guys?! You can't figure out why the SAMSUNG Droid Charge was singled for a quote about Verizon not carrying a new SAMSUNG phone? Gosh, what kind of connection could they possibly have had in mind??

Either way you slice it, this news is a bit of a punch to the stomach for those of us that have been waiting for this thing to drop on Verizon since it was announced at the beginning of the year. I know I jump around from phone to phone a lot; I tried the thunderbolt and couldn't deal with the issues so I switched to a charge again couldn't deal with the shenanigans so I settled in on a DInc2 and figured I'd hold tight till VZ got the GS2. I was feeling pretty good about next week until I read this post. All the wind just got knocked out me... now what? Wait for another rumored device just to find out in the 11th hour we aren't getting it. I'm not a VZ fan at the moment.

This S U C K S. I cannot tell you how much this blows for me. I think Phil missed the mark with this post, though I have no explanation why. The SGS2 is poised to be the best phone on Android perhaps, bar none. And the fact that VZW is opting out is OK? I don't see how.

There are so many people waiting on this (me included) that are very disappointed. If you never wanted it, then this won't matter, but I bet there are so many who do/did ...

yeah.. from listening to all the podcasts, it seems like Phil's a huge HTC fan...
(yeah... he loves all android manufacturers) but it sounds like he prefers HTC the most.. or Moto. he spends the most time talking about HTC phones and never talks about GS2....
GS2 is pretty much proven to be the best android phone so far...

It's dumb for VZW to pass on the SGSII. The phone already had so much buzz and hype behind it from its success in the rest of the world. It had a guaranteed consumer base for launch day. By launching a separate Samsung phone (assuming it's not the Prime), VZW will have to generate its own hype from scratch, costing more money for advertising and marketing.

The only thing that makes sense must be that an LTE version would not be ready soon enough. VZW isn't concerned with selling phones, they want to sell data. LTE or nothing. Any phone that can't suck up your allotted data within a day and start incurring data cap overage charges isn't of interest to them.

Unless this was part of the deal for getting the next iPhone at launch (temporary exclusivity). I'm not ready to upgrade, but if I were I would have wanted a VZW SGSII.

relax people, the nexus prime is coming. I already decided that would be the one I'd get over the GSII (if not the bionic). They probly don't want to sell 2 nearly identical phones next to each other, like a vibrant/ nexus s kind of situation.

So thus means Verizon is almost surely getting the exclusive on the Nexus-Prime :( That would suck, I am sure the T-Mobile and Sprint users are not happy, T-Mobile was the original Nexus carrier, so they have people looking for the {rime, and now Sprint is the second big Nexus carrier. But they will stiff them, and just launch on Verizon only ? That would blow.

It's pure speculation. One person said it and then a whole bunch of ppl on verizon keep repeating it to get other ppl to believe it. TMo of course will have the next Nexus device and if verizon does, good for them, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I kind of hope the Red of Big does not get the SII. This will give us bargaining power when we go to get the Bionic.

verizons service is 10x better than sprint, i know as i just left sprint in june. yes i pay more but it's worth it. yes sprint has a good lineup and yes im pissed about this move from verizon. but my tbolt will hold me over until the prime comes and yes verizon will most likely be the one to get it.

it's fun for some of you to bash verizon but when the iphone drops on sprint kiss you unlimited data goodbye as well. then we will see what you have to say about sprint.

And you know this how???? And I can't wait for verizon to say no more unlimited data for you grandfathered people as well. It'll happen eventually. Then they'll raise your rates.

hmmm...i see a struck a nerve. lets did it and so did verizon, sprint will as well. and no, im good for two years, if they up my rates they violate my contract and i can get out for free. the new data rates are only for new customers or if you renew your contract.

You can renew your contract and keep unlimited, just upgraded one of my lines for the tbolt from the og Droid.

I PRAY that verizon gets the prime.... I was just getting ready to switch over to verizon for the sg2, but I was kind of debating because of the prime hype. So I figured I would wait until they both released on verizon or see which one didnt come to verizon and make my decision. Since this doesnt really confirm the prime...Im kind of stuck.... Dont screw over a potentially new customer verizon..please...

Iv'e been on Verizon for years and I have to say this has been the worst and most stupid move verizon has ever done. How do you turn down a phone that popular to the rest of the world. Maybe there is something they have planned up there sleeves but as for now the current LTE phones out now are not impressive. Sorry Big Red but the charge sucks. Get it together. If At&t wasn't buying Tmobile I'd seriously switch.

Madness or Business?

The worldwide best selling phone isn't being sold on America's largest network?

Its a license to print money and Verizon aren't going to sell it?


Verizon has only just got the iPhone compared to the other carriers and the sales have done very well but wouldn't it look bad if its first year sales were hampered by the worldwide best selling Android uber phone?

How much would you pay to make sure your keynote stats sounded impressive especially when you have more money than The Unite States Of America?

rumors are abounding that this iphone edge that verizon (and att) have is soon going away with the ip4s/5/whatever eventually getting released on all carriers.

unless there is something better coming down the pipe (and i'm not on verizon so i don't pay much attention to anything they offer) this is a big mistake, especially considering how successful the first line of sgs phones were.

and just an aside consider: if deathstar does take over t-mobile (and i hope that doesn't happen btw), that makes sprint much more likely for takeover. att releases strapped down crippled phones. verizon releases bloated not-so-top-of-the-line phones. deathstar's takeover of t-mobile could affect everyone and what devices get released. just imagine in another 2 years when the sgs3 comes out, which would you rather have: the att captivate 3 you can't load 3rd party apps on and is hampered to make the iphone X look better or the verizon fascinate 3 with less internal capacity, binged out the rear end and dual core where all other top devices are quad core? verizon fans should be against this takeover too./rant

Proud Droid Charge Owner Here.. I knew it.. "The Fastest" Phone in the World on "The Fastest" Network in the World running 4G and Displaying all this 2011 Magic on the Best "Super Amoled+" Screen in the World? Really??? No Way.. All for what? $299.99? Really??? I mean, Why the Hell would anyone buy ANYTHING ELSE in the damn store! Accept Real Heavy Samsung Haters.. I figured this out in June.. Used my Upgrade and now have my Droid Charge Rooted Running the GummyCharged 1.9RC2 Rom with the Imnuts Custom Kernel which converts your file system from the slow RFS system to the EXT4 ( Think 2011 ) file system with Go Launcher EX as the UI.. Folks.. Trust me..No Lag.. and very, very fast in Real World Use.. Not Synthetic Benchmarks.. And NO PHONE Bionic or Otherwise has a Screen to Match the 4.3 inch Super Amoled+ Screen on the Droid Charge.. And, Is that not what you see? The Screen? Not the Dual Cores.. Finally, Please tell me.. JUST ONE Game / App that is out there that is Designed to take advantage of "DUAL CORES".. When you play 3D games or Vid Chat or Web Browse You want the Screen.. The Best Screen.. That's what makes the Smartphone Experience the Best.. The Charge has that.. and all the goodies 4G, HDMI Out etc.. And if you were lucky, You got Granfathered in like me to Unlimited Internet / Netflicks heaven.. Follw Me on Twitter @ Raider_Will.. And please let me know what smartphone you are now going to go with or if you are going to keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for the "Next Big Thing"...