Remember that bug in the DL09 maintenance update which broke emergency calling for some of you? Just a week separated from Samsung officially acknowledging the issue, Verizon is now sending text messages out to Fascinate owners addressing the issue. 

Free VZW Msg(s) - Use of your emergency call button on your Fascinate phone with software SCH-i500.DL09 may not work while the phone is locked. A software fix will be pushed to your device soon. Until available, disable pattern lock to ensure emergency calls can be placed. To check your software version press Applications>Settings>About phone and view Build number. Only version SCHi-500.DL09 is impacted by this issue. Versions SCH-i500.DI01 and SCH-i500.DH12 are functioning properly. To disable pattern lock press Applications>Settings>Location & Security and remove check from Require Pattern.

So it appears Verizon has another maintenance update ready to go to fix the issue. We applaud Verizon and Samsung for addressing it so quickly, so keep your eyes open. Or, you could always just check out that shiny new Froyo leak. [Android Central Forums]


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Verizon sending text messages in regards to DL09 emergency calling bug


Why would anyone buy a samsung phone? No updates features don't work and their ui is terrible. Sooo glad I picked the evo over the epic. Seems like all samsung has going for them is their super amoled screen. Definitely not a good enough reason to buy one. Samsung sucks!

Because in the rest of the world, Galaxy S phones are Froyo awesomeness.

I'm sorry for you Americans.

Proglowdetail is exactly right. Only good thing on a Samsung is the screen. That only lasted so long. I finally had to give up on it due to lack of performance and horrible updates that fix nothing.

Same here. I loved the screen on my Fascinate and thats about it. I sold it on ebay 2 weeks ago and bought DInc, haven't been this happy since I got my Droid 1

Yeah Reggie...I got the Droid X and feel the same. Haven't been this happy with a phone since I got the original Droid. LOL.

Snarky comments aside, the Fascinate is still a great phone with Eclair. For a phone that has only been out only FOUR AND 1/2 MONTHS, we have had an update and Froyo is on the horizon. Software bugs and delays happen and always will. Lighten up everyone...

I am not sure why you guys are bitching, I have a Vibrant and waited 3 months longer then you to get froyo in an official form. And really it is not that hard to flash it.

I had rooted mine and flashed it. Still nothing compared to my Droid X. The lag and the GPS problems on the fascinate are inexcusable. Period.

Not sure why everyone is slamming the Fascinate. Even before the leak it was a nice phone. Now I'm glad I stuck with it. Please release Froyo Verizon! Oh yeah, I can make an emergency call with the pattern lock.