Verizon retailer ThunderBolt tweet

We recently brought you the news via a leaked e-mail that the HTC ThunderBolt may finally see release on Verizon on Thursday, and more clues are supporting that. First up is a Verizon retailer that joined Twitter on March 11 and this morning, for just its second tweet, dropped what you see above. We're willing to be they read Android Central, so maybe they're just repeating the news we broke.

But add to that a voicemail AC reader Julio just sent us, and new threads in the Android Central forums, and Thursday's starting to look a little more solid. [@YourLocalVZW, Android Central Forums]


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Verizon retailer, voicemail seem to think the ThunderBolt's coming Thursday


I would'nt say Tmo has much of a chance of beating Verizon at anything, but I do also hope that the 4G data stays at 29.99

My friend is waiting for the Tbolt and was told by a Verizon employee there is a charge for LTE but you don't pay it until its in your area. Sounds wrong to me but who knows.

This is becoming the biggest reason I'm still considering this phone. My OG Droid finally broke and they're sending me a Droid 2, so now I feel like I can wait to see how the TBolt stacks up to the other 4G phones. Or I can take over my wife's Dinc since she prefers a keyboard, even that would hold me over for a while.

My day the past few weeks:
Step 1: Wake up
Step 2: Check for release info on Thunderbolt
Step 3: Get disappointed at confusion around launch
Step 4: Go to work
Step 6: Repeat 2 and 3
Step 7: Go Home
Step 8: Repeat 2 and 3
Step 9: Go to sleep then Step 1

It is sad but I can say that I have been doing the same thing (only since January 6, 2011) lol.. might also need a gf but then she would only get sick of me looking up thunderbolt info and talking about it to her repeatedly! Gimmmme Gimmmme Gimmme

@patfactorx and booboolala2000

I went into the verizon store today and the rep told me, regarding data, that as long as you don't change your plan, your data charges will never change. Thats even if you upgrade your phone, which has nothing to do with your plan.

I say all that to say this, get on the best plan you can now and you will be locked in (grandfathered) when LTE hits your area and tier pricing starts.

I hope they do pre orders online and deliver it on thursday then. Because i might not be able to get to a store thursday morning when they open.

I keep a "love" apartment above my local VZW store, and I just drilled a hole through the floor to lower my spy camera through. I can confirm that (my store) has 7 Thunderbolt's on the self right now. I also lowered a sticky note to one of the boxes that reads: "reserved for Mike_is_Mike" - So now I can sleep in on Thursday and pick up my phone after lunch.

Just called my local Verizon Store and the associate said that Thursday is the day but she wasn't sure if they would get any phones in by that day.

I get the funny feeling that they will just announce it on Thursday (17th) and be released the following week 22nd or 24th etc.

From the lack of volume on this topic, I'd have to say either no one believes the news -- or they took VZW's advice and moved on…… to other phones and carriers.

Thunderbolt is dead news.