Galaxy Nexus NFC

Pop quiz: List, in alphabetical order, all of the Google Nexus phones that officially have access to Google Wallet.

If you aswered the Sprint Nexus S 4G -- and only the Sprint Nexus S 4G -- you're exactly right. And it looks like it might stay that way for the time being. 9 to 5 Google, citing an unnamed source, reports that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus won't have access to Google Wallet, despite that sweet NFC chip tucked into the phone's battery.

And the kicker: Verizon is said to be the one keeping Google Wallet off its Galaxy Nexus. (Never mind that it's a Nexus phone, and remember that we're expecting a couple of Verizon-specific appliations preloaded. We called it Verizon's Nexus for a reason.) And the reason for no Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus, according to the anonymous source, is that it's a direct competitor to ISIS, another NFC standard backed by Verizon, along with manufacturers LG, HTC, Motorola, RIM, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Oh, and guess who else backs ISIS: AT&T and T-Mobile -- two U.S. carriers that have network-specific versions of the Samsung Nexus S in the United States, which, despite also having NFC capabilities, have no official build of Google Wallet. (Like with the Galaxy Nexus, you can hack Google Wallet on just fine, thank you very much.) Maybe that's just our tinfoil hat talking, but you can't deny that Google Wallet's only officially available on a single phone. 

Source: 9 to 5 Google; More: ISIS
Also: Verizon Galaxy Nexus forum


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Verizon reportedly blocking access to Google Wallet on its Galaxy Nexus


IF this is really true, this will be really ridiculous!!

Fortunately you can get wallet on there anyway, but that is just garbage!

Yepthis brought upbefore about google wallet. Alot folks thinks it will fail and that's why there backing isis

LOL...Verizon is sooooooo good for the Nexus experience. Delayed the damn thing for over a month so it could pimp the crappy Droid and iPhone. Now this :-P

FYI: The Nexus as a Google experience phone, didn't do so well. The Galaxy Nexus is a stock Android phone, not a "Pure Google" or "Google Experience" phone. This is the only type of Nexus that will sell. This will be the most popular, best selling Nexus, to date.

Most drastic change to the android OS + the anticipation are the reasons for this phone to sell well. Having Verizon limit what you can do with a phone that is supposed to showcase what Android can do is not going to help this at all.

if the G-Nex sells well - it will be IN SPITE OF Verizon's evil crippling sabotage malfeasance.

IMO Verizon is EVIL and we should all vote with our wallets and drop these assholes asap en masse and send them a very strong and direct message.

Well sadly there aren't many better options. Gotta know at&t isn't any better than verizon, tmobile is about to either die or get bought up and sprints network is crappy as all get out.

I consider slow to be crappy. A close friend of mine has sprint and we'll go places and constantly hear the ding warning him that he was data roaming.

Slow and unreliable = crappy, especially compared to Vzdub's network.

So according to you its not a "pure Google" phone but in the advertisements for the Galaxy Nexus it says "Pure Google"... Stop defending Nazi Wirel.... I mean Verizon Wireless

So according to you its not a "pure Google" phone but in the advertisements for the Galaxy Nexus it says "Pure Google"... Stop defending Nazi Wirel.... I mean Verizon Wireless

actually, verizon cannot block it. the net neutrality act says that content and apps online cannot be blocked by them. also, all you have to do is download the apk and manually load it

So what i want to know if they are not going to let goggle be goggle then when will this isis be available cause i really don't care if the other works the same. Even tho i will miss the free 10 dollars it would be nice to just have something to do my payments on my phone with.

This is a Nexus device in name only at this point. Too bad it's another year before we see if Google can restore what the Nexus is all about. Hopefully Verizon never again sees a Nexus released on its network.

Google really needs to get a set of balls. This is bull shit. Im not a big apple fan ,but you have hand it to them. They release their phones on their terms. Google has to step up. This really isn't a nexus phone.

You whining little bitches. Really? You do realize that Sprint and att blocked the free tethering app on their Nexus??? I believe tmobile did the same. These are carrier phones now. Google's Nexus didn't sell.

Tethering was blocked on the Network side.  Software on the GSM Nexus S is exactly as Google wrote it.

Having said that, Google Wallet is not part of the Android Open Source Project.  Not having it on the Galaxy Nexus doesn't surprise me in the least.  Not having the built-in Wifi hotsopt on the Galaxy Nexus will though.  I expect it will be there, but disabled network side like Sprint did. 

I just had a flashback to VZW locking down Bluetooth on phones and trying to prevent people from copying their own pictures from their phone to their computer. Several years later and nothing has changed.

My opinion, Google made concessions to get this on VZW. When this turns out to be their number one selling Android device to date you can bet the next Verizon Nexus will be a cleaner experience. Yes Verizon is evil but that LTE is pretty awesome. Buying mine full retail. Only gave six more months on my five lines and I can and may leave. But am buying this phone and staying for another six at least.

Now NFC transactions were not a huge deal to me in buying this phone, but how many things must be controlled by the carrier before a "Nexus" phone is no longer considered a "Nexus"?

Verizon is doing everything they can to ruin a great fucking phone. Imagine preventing Google Wallet on a Nexus Phone?????? Complete ass holes. That is all I can say because I am so bull shit over this, yes you can hack it on but why should you have to???? Verizon is playing their fucking games, I blame this on Google for allowing this bull shit to go on. Google needs to grow some balls and say simply don't fuck with our phones or you won't get them. Fuck Verizon. Yes I have Verizon as my carrier and I say fuck Verizon.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. The reason why this phone was delayed on Verizon is not because of technical reasons. Verizon and Google haven't been able to agree on what to include with this phone. Google wants a pure Google experience, unsoiled by any of Verizon's crap. Verizon wants to plaster their logo all over the phone and put as much crapware as is humanly possible. Google (or Samsung) has already given in for the logo and a few bloatware but Verizon probably wants more. By the time this phone comes up it may very well include V-Cast!

/end of rant.

Hope I'm wrong because this was going to be my next phone.

Hey Phil,

With this news coming out, and the ability for us to upload this onto the nexus either way...have you heard anymore about Google Wallet and the battery issues it had on the Sprint NS4G? Hope you or someone knows about this!

The Nexus S had the free tethering app blocked by all thrre carriers it was released on in the US. These are carrier phones now. I'm fine with that. It's stock, it's ICS, it's guaranteed to get updates first. That's all I need.

With all the crap VZW is pulling, i am still betting updates are not going to come as they should. Just watch. There will be updates, for sure, but it wont be the first to get them and it will be much longer than anticipated.

My understanding is that the extra crap are loaded in a way that is more similar to how PCs come with bloatware than how previous android phones had bloat ware. That is, that the apps are loaded and installed, but are not a part of the OS. In theory, the OS will receive updates on time because they do not have to bundle them with the bloatware apps.

This makes me so mad. Verizon has completely ruined the purpose of this phone. It should be an untainted google phone. It shouldn't have been on Verizon in the first place. Why release on a CDMA network? Its locked down onto one network already defeating the purpose of a nexus. Now Verizon chooses to do this bull with it. They don't even deserve the Galaxy Nexus.

This makes me so mad. Verizon has completely ruined the purpose of this phone. It should be an untainted google phone. It shouldn't have been on Verizon in the first place. Why release on a CDMA network? Its locked down onto one network already defeating the purpose of a nexus. Now Verizon chooses to do this bull with it. They don't even deserve the Galaxy Nexus.

The Nexus One was made by HTC, but did not have an HTC logo on it. It was the Google Nexus One. Now we have Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. These are carrier phones now, people. Googe's Nexus flopped.

Seriously hope google has learned a lesson from all this and doesn't go with vzw as a launch partner again. With the bloatware that they are allowing vzw to put on it, now this, it REALLY should not be a nexus device.

Was actually considering leaving sprint (their coverage isnt the greatest where i leave either, it wasnt just for this phone) but really with see just what vzw is doing here, i dont think i have ANY interest in becoming their customer.

Okay, so I have a new idea - at least to me it is new, someone else may have thought of this before... So, Verizon is putting some of it's bloatware on the Nexus, they're blocking Google Wallet, and who knows what other things they are going to restrict? Notice how all of these issues are SOFTWARE based.

Now I know a lot of people are saying "This is a NEXUS phone for F*ck sake! I shouldn't have to hack off bloatware or make a Google experience work." Well what if this has been Google's plan all along and VZW just hasn't seen it.

My theory is that Google wants VZW to try and block all these things, and when people realize the kind of power they hold in their hands, Google hopes that the consumer will try to tap into that power and learn what Android is really all about; being OPEN.

I think Google wants people to learn to hack and mod their phones, play around with Android's inner workings, and learn what Android can really do, not what carriers and manufacturers allow it to do.

The secret Google revolution is at hand! :)

Google wallet is only available on the Sprint Nexus S. It is an agreement between Sprint and Google. Stop blaming Verizon for everything. You bitches make me sick.

You're the only person lashing out, I'm just asking you to stop posting comments that have no value. You have no idea what my life is like. I'm sorry that after a hard day's work I can't come home and look at a post without there being the presence of at least one commentator that adds no value to the post.

Close the window and stop looking at this site for a while. Cause if you take the time to peevishly respond to this comment, I fear you are the person in need of a life. Also, when you post, use less swearing and more articulation or better word choice, it gets your message across quicker.

yet you still comment..... looks like you need some of your own advise you fucking moron! comments are made to allow people to tell everyone how they feel about this subject. THAT WAS BY DESIGN. so.. just move on with your pathetic "i will take whatever they will give me and be hunky-dory with it" life and go buy an iphone.

There are 3 Nexus S models in the US. Yet, only the Sprint version has Google Wallet. Is that Verizon's fault, you goons? Blame Google for signing that agreement with Sprint. This is Google's fault. Shame on Phil for the title lf this article.


wow.. and you comment about others ranting.. your about the biggest pile of steaming dog shit that i have seen. Seriously, just go fucking shoot yourself in the head and end it cause you are a REALLY miserable person.

Telling someone to go shoot themselves and calling them a steaming pile really makes you sound like a miserable person.

Actually it is the fault of VZW, AT&T, and T-Mobile. They are the ones to actively decided to only support ISIS. Which isn't surprising since those three carriers created and own ISIS. It's not like Google had any opportunity with those 3 carriers. Google didn't sign an exclusivity deal with Sprint. Sprint just happens to be the only major US carrier to work with Google Wallet.

It's actions like these that has me sorely tempted to go back to an iPhone once my upgrade window comes around in 2 weeks. Wtf is the point of buying a Nexus device, which is supposed to provide me the same pure consistent experience that an iPhone does, if it's going to be mired with carrier bloat and subject to asinine provisos? Say what you will about Apple's "walled garden", but at least you know from the moment the phone is announced that you're getting a pure experience, not some amalgamation of skins and carrier specific options that you're stuck with should you decide not to root.

OMG.. for real man?? DESERVE an apple. the fact of the matter is, on android and this phone, it would take 5 min to grab the apk and load it up. try it on an iphone.

And try getting rid of the Verizon shit the phone will be sattled with WITHOUT rooting your device. Once again, that defeats the purpose of a Nexus device, a device that is supposed to provide a pure Google experience.

actually Ice Cream Sandwich allows you to uninstall system apps so they are removed from your app drawer and no longer run or consume data. This has been announced, and even confirmed to work on Verizon's bloatware, so it's a non-issue other than those who want to make a big deal about the principle of a Nexus device.

Not true. ICS lets you DISABLE the bloatware, which causes the OS to hide icons and turn off their services but the bloatware is still there taking up storage space.

Even so, I won't be surprised when VZW gets the hang of ICS and what it can do, and they demand Google to remove the Disable option for their bloatware.

So when att comes out there's no wallet will u bash it? Didn't u read there is a better service then google wallet its isis. Its excepted at more places thdn wallet. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Enjoy your overpriced phone that will be outdated weeks after release... and you have a 2-year jail sentence with the highest priced carrier. Sounds like heaven.

Before reading this, I could not have cared less about Google Wallet. Now, the very first thing I will do to my rooted VNex will be to install the Google Wallet apk! Seriously, why are people even upset about this? Aren't you ALL planning to root your phones, delete (not just "hide") all the Verizon bloat, and install Custom Roms anyway? So who gives a spit whether Google Wallet comes preinstalled, or even whether Verizon makes it invisible in the market? If you can't figure out how to put it on your phone in spite of Verizon's druthers then maybe you would be better off with a Razr.

People buy a nexus for the pure Googleness. And you can't root a nexus. You simply unlock and install custom recovery!

Look^ another idiot. I'll repeat. Google signed an agreement with Sprint. There are 3 Nexus S models in the US. The Sprint version is the only one with Google Wallet.

Finally, somebody who gets it. This is why there is no GVoice integration with the other carriers. Only Sprint users have this option. For a company that is going down the crapper, they have the only true exclusivity with Google.

Everyone should get google wallet on there and reject the verizon and others "wallet" software. Just like v/cast, if we could get all idiots to stop using it, they wouldn't be able to force it on our phones....

is this really Verizons fault? Why wouldn't Google Wallet just be an app in the Market? I dont understand the fuss... If Google thought it was a big deal they wouldnt of made the phone a Verizon exclusive.

Its not like Verizon could block specific market apps.

yes, they can. go into a sprint store or use a stock (non-rooted) nexus s 4g and do a market search for wireless tether. Doesnt come up cause Sprint chose to block the app. The carrier CAN actually block market apps.

The same way VZW and other carriers can block tethering. ISIS is created, owned, and operated by VZW/AT&T/T-Mobile. They don't want Google Wallet (and the upcoming Visa NFC payments) on their network because they plan to make money off it.

Even if I could get this phone I would root it so I can get Wallet. Lousy Verizon always trying to mess with stuff.

Attention all Verizon Galaxy Nexus buyers. Verizon will probably be blocking Google Wallet. This is an illegal action. When you order or buy the phone, right away ask for the complaints number with corporate. Sure you can look it up online, but Verizon needs to be sent a message that we know they are doing this. The retail stores and Corporate must be made aware. Blocking of Google Wallet is in violation of the Net-neutrality Acts, which prevent providers from blocking content and applications that are legal. Google Wallet is not an illegal app and if Verizon is having issue with their partners for other mobile payment options, that is their own fault. Doing this is not helping the American people, limits competition, and is not how Capitalism works. If Verizon had faith in their own ability to compete, in this area, they would have no problem putting their mobile payment system against Google.

Are you saying the Att and Tmobile versions of the Nexus S aren't pure Google? Google blocked them from getting Wallet, just the same as they are blocking this one.

I don't really care if the GN doesn't have Goggle Wallet, I just hope they sell it before the end of the year. Otherwise, there will be better phones to come in January.

If you have an Android phone your married to Google. If you have the iPhone your married to Apple. Look up the definition of open system and neither one qualifies.

Good luck downloading apps from the market without a Google account. Sideloading maybe. But the # of apps that are available to sideload are a drop in the bucket compaired to what is on Google Market. The simple fact is to really be able to use, in any meaningful way, an android phone you need to have an account.

Sure it qualifies. Android is an open source OS. There are several implementations of Android that don't even use Google's marketplace. Example Amazon's Fire. Doesn't touch ANYTHING Google based even though its Android. Or the Nook, or several other examples.

Haters gotta hate I guess.

Thats correct. So I challenge everyone to factory reset their Android phones and use it for a week without registering your Google account on the device. Yes its easy to do but you will quickly see you will lose some key functionality and the user experierence as we know it is lacking. The software is open source but the Android experience is created and controlled by Google. That is not open sourced. But yes it is your choice, and a better one overall.

Basically, most sheeple, I mean people, who are so pumped up about this phone, will still buy it and Verizon wins in the end. Even by being able to add Google Wallet and being able to uninstall the 2 supposedly Apps that they are installing, people will still buy. Unless there is more outrage and people actually have a campout at Verizon's or any company's headquarters, this won't be major news to report. I really want this phone also, but am wondering if I will continue to be a sheeple or will I begin to assert my rights and start being more actively involved in what is happening here in the U.S. and around the world.

Hang on just a minute. So if Verizon is blocking it, then why can't I get it on my international, unlocked version of the phone? Seems to me that (at least in part) Google is keeping it to a smaller user base for now with just the Nexus S while they iron things out and get more places where you can use the payment system.

Are they going to do the same thing with Apple whenever they release an NFC enabled phone? If they do, then I see a problem.

*shrugs* Anyone who is surprised by this is either clueless or hasn't been paying attention. THIS IS STANDARD VERIZON POLICY 101 FOLKS! Geesh. Its why I will NEVER use verizon.

At this point I blame Google for this mess, it started with the Nexus S where we now have three versions in the US not having the same capabilities (Google Wallet) or even the same OS version!!! Now the trend continues with the Galaxy Nexus... talking about fragmentation on Android, OS fragmenation begins with Google's own Nexus line for crying out loud.

As for Google Wallet, if this is the implementation strategy for this service, I see this becoming the newest Buzz on Google's history of bad ideas. Sad...

Verizon has completely ruined the Nexus experience with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Verizon is illegally blocking Google Wallet which is an integral part of the Android ecosystem.

Google was left with no choice but to remove Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Nexus from it's Support Pages.

ISIS/Verizon is trying to monopolize the Nexus to use only its payment system.

The whole point of Nexus is that it allows everyone to play.

People should have a choice of Google Wallet or ISIS. Let consumers decide what they like.

Again, Verizon has completely ruined the Nexus and I'm probably going to return my Nexus and get a REAL Nexus from AT&T.