We've got some good news, some bad news and some really awful news. If you didn't know, the DROID Eris is also releasing today. Verizon just posted a tutorial video on the DROID Eris, which is basically Verizon's version of the HTC Hero. If you want to get familiar with the DROID Eris, we suggest you watch the video above. And remember, as awesome as the DROID Eris is, it only costs $99!

For the bad news, it looks like Verizon is going to be charging users who tether their DROID $30 a month. That really makes no sense to us considering we're already paying for 'unlimited' data that we should be able to use however we see fit. We're pretty sure most of you guys will pass on the added $30/month for tethering since that effectively doubles the cost of your monthly smartphone plan. [gizmodo]

And for the awful news, it looks like Verizon is hiking up the Early Termination Fee to $350. Yeah, $350. The ETF goes down $10 every month of your contract but seriously, $350!? Heck, we thought the original $175 was already bad at $350 we're not even going to think about breaking contract. [wmexperts]


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Verizon Releases DROID Eris Video, Will Charge $30 for Tethering, Doubles Early Termination Fee


This story needs further clarification. I've been a Verizon customer for a long time and since adding tethering a year ago I have always paid $30 for tethering. My data plan is as follows: $29.99 for Unlimited Broadband Access and $30 for tethering. It's $59.99 for the whole data package, which is what it cost for tethering from other non-smartphone models. The only time I have seen tethering costing $15 is when you pay $45 for Blackberry BES service. I can't verify the latter, I use the non-BIS internet.

You didn't really think Verizon's openness was going to come without a price didn't you? They're still up to their old tricks. Ridiculous!!!

Feel sorry for all the people signing those contracts...cause you know Verizon sure isn't disclosing this. Heck, the Verizon monkeys in the store probably don't even know about it.

I understand from BoyGeniusReport.com that the raise in ETF is to combat people taking advantage of the BOGO promotions and then reselling one of the handsets online.

Stinks about the tethering though. I think it should be included or be a smaller charge like $5-10.

They talk about this as if its something new ? This is a direct copy of the Sprint Hero ? Except far more expensive as is verizons trade mark .Just hate Verizon wireless and there ridiculous fees for everything

how does 30 dollars for tethering "double" the price of your monthly plan? or are they referring to a data only plan? because no way you can get a voice plan for an android for 30 bucks, especially from verizon.

Breaking a contract & getting Verizon to break a contract are two different things...
"I'm moving to Alaska"
"I'm moving to Amish country"
"I'm dead"
All known to get Verizon to break contracts...

Besides, if they wanted to combat the BOGO offer thing they could require a return of hardware, if the line is canceled....
Or, like T-mobile, separate financing the phones from the monthly rate so the phone is under it's own contract...

Regardless, VZW is trying to hose the general public.
AT&T is trying to enforce the entire ETF with 2 months remaining on my contract.. I subscribed to automated text messaging services to drive the cost of my "unlimited" text messaging plan through the roof--- my way of sticking it to the man.

Best of luck to everyone facing off with VZW!!

-the man with 10,000 text messages in 4 days-

The ETF of $350 does not take effect until 11/15/09. I picked up a Droid this morning and not only did the sales rep confirm that to me, my contract reciept reflects the old termination fee of $175. If you don't want the more expensive option, and you can afford to do it, pick up one of the two phones in the next few days.

Yeah, it goes into effect on 11/15/09. So people have until then to purchase to get the $175 fee in their contract.

This really should have been mentioned in the article.

Could one purchase now, wait for the change in ETf, then cancel w/out paying the early termination fee because of a change in contract terms?

Also want to point out that the $350 ETF is only for smartphones and the like(like both Droids. :p). If you have a "normal" phone, the ETF will stay the same.