Verizon Galaxy S III

We broke this July 9 thing, oh, yesterday in our forums and again on the blog, but tonight Verizon's making it a little more official. July 9 is the day for preorders of the Galaxy S III to be shipped. Figure they'll show up on the 10th, no?

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Verizon Galaxy S III double officially confirmed for July 9 shipping


They probably timed it so that they make a major change in their plans right before July 9 and in return screwing over their customers. Just my thought.

That would void what everyone agreed to in the contract that they agreed to when they preordered. I was paying full price anyway so get to keep my unlimited data no matter what.

When I preordered this afternoon it said by 7/9 so hopefully they will send them out before then and think that is the absolute latest they would send ship them.

i just pre-ordered mine! but that's over a month away for delivery. that is years in cell phone time. could be 20 newer cooler models by then. excited and sad at the same time. The waiting IS the hardest part.

This is bad because if Apple gets its way and lets say the Judge makes Apple file new paper work to ban the GS3 it could be banned by then....

I wish everyone would stop crying... last year we didnt even get this phone now we get it in everyone's crying still.... verizon is not going to just sneak in change the data plan overnight... if you're grandfather now when you order it you will be grandfathered when you get it.... let's just be happy to phone is on its way to Verizon and big props to Samsung for not letting the carriers change the phone up on each company the S II...

I wonder if the change in date was not due to a miss print but due to apple's claim of patent infringement. I mean it would be easier to apologize for a miss print rather a delayed ship date due to patent and border clearance crap..

that being said it may come much earlier then july 9th..

Date was changed because the Droid Incredible LTE comes out on the 21st. You know they want to pimp their own Droid brand.

Actually no apology would be necessary. If another business was operating in a way that directly interfered with my ability to satisfy my customers, I would be loud and clear in explaining the root of the problem.

I read someone a VZW spokesman said they announcing a July 9th release date because they'd rather ship early than late. I'd say that's a pretty good idea considering the recent trouble with HTC being held at customs and the lack of availability of the blue S III.

Its lame that the 'biggest and best' is last to send this phone out. There is no passion at verizon, ergo the lame Co. that it is

I placed my order over the phone with our business rep at about 8amEST yesterday and they told me that although it says July 9th I should expect it a week or 2 before that.

I will be VERY interested in seeing the five carriers different versions of the Galaxy SIII running stock load head-to-head speed tests and comparisons of the interface. Same hardware, same Android OS version, different carrier-specific software on top should be interesting to see. ;)

I want this phone the one thing holding me back is that my galaxy nexus has bad reception at my job and I don't want to have such a nice phone again with no bars

I decided to check it out last night (I'm not really sure I can deal with the size - currently sporting a Dinc 2 (which I think is almost perfect)). When I ordered the upgrade it showed me my current plan (unlimited e-mail/web - $29.99) as an upgrade option, which I took, so it looks like I'm locked in for the term (2 years) of this handset. I would have preferred the Dinc 4GLTE and in fact if I can order that handset before this arrives I may change my order. I'm not worried about arrival/activation date since my preorder has the old plan (unlimited data) already in the order - not sure if the Dinc 4G will come before the unlimited runs out. If I get the S3 I will just have to us my 14 days to see if I can live with the size.

my upgrade is on the 10th of this month. So can i preorder the Galaxy s3 or do i need to wait when it comes out.i have the unlimited data right now so if i upgrade to a LTE phone will i have unlimited 4G?