Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery

For all you heavy Verizon Galaxy Nexus users out there, your days of rapidly depleting battery life thanks to that power-hungry 4G LTE radio are finally over thanks to the new Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery -- and, yeah -- this thing's a beast.  Check past the break for a brief look at the battery and its features.

Compared to the original stock 1850mAh battery of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, this cell more than doubles the amount of life you'd get out of your OEM battery. The cell alone weighs in at 2.3 ounces, and in terms of size you're looking at about an extra 5.75mm of thickness to your Galaxy Nexus. That may seem a bit bulky for some, but if you're a serious user, consider how much time you spend on your device surfing the web, playing games, managing calls, and so forth.

Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery

As you would expect with a battery of this magnitude, it also comes with an extended battery door which you would use to replace your existing OEM cover.  What's nice about this replacement door is the soft-touch coating that Seidio is known for with many of their popular cases for the Galaxy Nexus.  And yes, there's still a cutout for your camera as well.

Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery

The first thing worth noting about this behemoth cell is that it doesn't have the NFC antenna embedded in it, so technically you'll be swapping the NFC capability for a huge increase in battery life.  Personally, I think it's a pretty worthy trade considering you could always keep your stock battery and door on hand if you need to utilize the NFC feature of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. If you've got to have NFC, though, you'll certainly be missing it here.

Second, there's a particular charging process that Seidio strongly suggests when you first receive the Innocell 3800mAh battery.  Upon installing it in your Galaxy Nexus and plugging it in for its initial charge, you'll want to leave your device charging for an additional 2 to 3 hours after your indicator light turns green.  Do this only for the first 5 or 6 charging cycles and you'll really maximize the full potential that this extended battery has to offer.

 Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery

Overall, as much juice as this extended battery adds to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, it still doesn't feel overly bulky while handling the device. At first it seems like a handful since we're all used to the slim look and feel of the Galaxy Nexus, but it didn't take long to become comfortable with the new battery door.  And lets face it, all that extra talk time and standby time definitely helps the transition.

So that about wraps it up guys, if you're interested in trying one out for yourself, head on over to  The Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery sells for $64.95.


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First Look: Verizon Galaxy Nexus Seidio Innocell 3800mAh Super Extended Battery


Not sure that I like the look and not having NFC is a pretty big tradeoff IMO. It will be interesting to see usage stats though.

I have to agree. The whole reason I'm planning on getting a Galaxy Nexus instead of a Galaxy 2S is the 2S' lack of NFC. (I'm a Sprint customer).

Once again another ridiculous battery and cover that will never fit an accessory or any type of case. And now no nfc?!?! Retarded!!!! A second battery and external charger has been my solution for quite some time with my evo. I never even charge it anymore. Just pull and swap.

Chill out man. Despite your rhetoric, I do agree. I got a two battery pack as well as an external charger for my vibrant. 20 bucks. There is absolutely no charging downtime. One battery lasts long enough for a full day, but in case I have a heavy day, I can just rotate out. Plus it gives me an excuse to give my phone a fresh reboot.

I have the HTC Thunderbolt with the extended battery. Gives it a better battery and a better grip. If I gave a damn about how my phone looked and not how it performed I would use an iPhone.

Screw that ... extra batteries were $20 a pop from VZW a couple weeks ago .. so I'm glad I bought 2 because this would make using the Nexus really unpalatable.

Exactly, one stock battery and a standard extended battery works just fine. There's just no reason to buy something which will make an elegant phone look like a piece of crap.

Dang that is so ugly. IMO I would not ugly up my phone that way. I ordered an extra standard battery with charger and Y split USB cable from vzw on release day, when I bought my GN. I then grabbed 2 more standard batteries when they were on sale for $20 each a couple weeks ago. Averaging 12hrs of normal use driving in and out of 4G coverage every day. That works out to 48hrs if I am awake and using my phone normally. for $80 I am NEVER with out juice AND I can charge a battery and AND use the phone if I am in a pinch. Beware this poor aesthetic excuse for power. It is just a molded plastic back that could have been shaped any way they wanted. Why not put SOME curve on it and color match it better?

You pretty much did exactly what I did. I bought a charger with a Y split USB cable. I didn't realize at the time that it came with a spare battery. I have the stock battery that came with the phone and then I bought an extended battery. Gives me as much power as I'd ever need.

I'm really sorry to hear this. Explore the problem here on this site and forums. See what you can do to improve your battery life. Also drill down and compare your phone use and location to others to see how abnormal your situation is. May normal for this phone what you do and where you live. You may be used to a BB and this is your first Android and 4G device. Or you may have a rogue app eating up you battery in the background.

Near Field Communication.. Allows everything from branded mobile payment methods to swapping media between two NFC devices (phones, tablets, TV's, etc.)...

Purchased essentially the same battery & cover for $15.00 on Amazon (delivered). Cover is grey, pretty much matching the unlocked Samsung GSM. Has worked fine for the first week I have had it.

Nice to have WiFi & Bluetooth on for 2.5-3 days straight (24 hours) without having to charge. Only thing, trying to figure out what case to get with extra bulk.

yes sirrrr! Download a app called "galaxy nexus led" it activates it and can change the colors, no root needed.... but root and many doors open!

I agree with everyone about the looks. But did the reviewer check to see whether the battery was actually 3800mah? I love Seidio cases and holsters, etc., but they are notorious for overemphasizing their batteries output capabilities.

Wow. That is horrid.

"Personally, I think it's a pretty worthy trade considering you could always keep your stock battery and door on hand if you need to utilize the NFC feature of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus."

Come on. Are you really going to pop out the battery, install an NFC battery, use NFC, take out that battery, and the put in the extended non NFC battery. I understand your trying to make a buck from this review but please don't take your audience for fools.

I'm torn on this. When I travel for work I will spend most of the day and evening on the go which means no plugging in. Deciding between swapping out batteries (more to keep track of) or throwing in this monster to last all day ...could be tempting. When I had an iPhone I used the case with the additional battery/charger, so adding that much bulk isn't an issue with me. I just don't know if the price is worth not having to track an extra battery while on the go. Tempting though.

Bingo. I travel for work too and the extended battery on my old nexus s 4g was lovely.... I could care less how it looks. It still functions just the same and fits in my pocket.

It doesn't look bad at all. I can't wait for mine to get here on Monday. I did order the case with it too though, expensive combo!!

not that i have a galaxy nexus, but i would only use this if i needed to log continue gps data on a long run, marathon training, or while exploring a city, like dc or new york, where i wouldn't need to "worry" about changing batteries mid-day.

The thing about Seidio batteries ridiculous capacity claims is that they are...ridiculous capacity claims. They never meet their spec'd capacity and I fully don't expect this one to meet 3800 mAh as spec'd either. That said, it's still gonna give an improvement for sure, but don't expect "over double the battery life" as claimed. You can decide if the added size is worth the increase. I chose (and going to try and stick to my guns) 2 OEM extended batteries from the half off sale. The batteries are closer to the 2150 mAh spec, so two of them are higher capacity at 4300 mAh than the Seidio at 3800 mAh (which it won't even meet), and for cheaper at the same time. It's worth considering for those that can take advantage of the half price battery special and don't mind carrying around a second battery.

What a absurd looking battery for the Galaxy Nexus!!!! Apparently the good ol folks at Seidio missed the class that the folks at Motorola went too when they came out with the same Amp battery for the Droid RAZR MAXX that is half the size and the phone is just as thin!

Battery life is absolutely ridiculous on my Nexus and I leave the 4G turned off all day! Listen up Samsung. Get us a battery that actually lasts. AND FIX THIS ABSURDLY HORRIBLE THING YOU CALL A SPEAKER!

My wife's Samsung Droid Charge is at least TWICE as loud as my Nexus!

I know there are alot of opinions on the extended battery bit and in this case losing the nfc won't be a problem cause people like me will buy the Seideo extended battery with nfc when it comes out in the future. I don't want to worry about battery power

If this phone battery can last through one day, then it will be a good phone. Currently it can't even last through 4 hours of normal use with original battery.

I resort in using an Seidio and a QCell extended battery to lengthen the power life of this phone. (Both which i got from Amazon). So far the Qcell extended battery last me through a day which is an acceptable usage.

Seidio battery is too expensive for similar performance and I end up keeping the QCell and returning Seidio's battery