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So Android 4.0.4's starting to roll out to the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But maybe you don't want to wait? (We sure don't.) Android forums adviser and Galaxy Nexus guru dmmarck has you covered. He's went through and made the process as simple as possible, and is in there fielding questions and updating phones right now. 

What are you waiting for? Jump in and join the fun!

Dmmarck's Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update guide






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Verizon Galaxy Nexus: how to manually update to Android 4.0.4


A little too late Verizon...a little too late! I am already running the stock 4.0.4 boot loader and radios. I am running at 1.65ghz thanks to Imoseyon's lean kernel, and have 4.0.4 via Liquid Smooth ROM, which has tons more customizability and is A LOT faster and cleaner than ANY OEM ROM issued by Verizon! I was totally and utterly disappointed until I decided not to wait anymore and forced myself to learn how to root, unlock the boot loader, and flash bootloaders, radios, kernels, and ROM's. For those of you on the fence about rooting and learning to flash ROM's etc, it is VERY VERY easy to learn to do. It only took me ONE NIGHT of reading forum posts to learn how to do it correctly. I have now flashed two bootloaders, two radios, four kernels and MULTIPLE ROM's. If I CAN DO IT, then YOU can do it. Give it a really is very simple, and it is harder to muff up your phone than you think. Do NANDROID backups of a "safe" version. If something goes bad, just get into fast boot and then recovery and just restore your NANDROID backup! Too simple!

LTE Galaxy Nexus | Lean Kernel 3.4.0 running @ 1.65ghz | Liquid Smooth ROM 1.3.5 running 4.0.4

Yeah I too got tired of waiting for Verizon. Just rooted and Rom'd my phone yesterday. Still leaning about ROMs using CM9, glad Verizon pushed me to rooting.

I've been hoping to read that the Tizen project has released a replacement-OS for the Galaxy Nexus but nothing ... yet.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of nagging the local Verizon shop for the 4.04 upgrade and then if unhappy I may follow your lead.

Is there a paint-by-numbers somewhere for those of us who always seem to miss one tiny step and botch the task?


I've updated the thread with the credit given. As stated in the post below, DL gives credit to XDA, so I'll give credit to both.

Technically dmmarck would be the one to give credit elsewhere if necessary. Jerry was only bringing attention to his forum post. A "heads up," if you will, to us VZW GNex owners for which I'm very appreciative.

So, yes. Stay classy, AC.

Credit has been given in the post--my apologies about not including it earlier!

However, I believe the file first originated with XDA, which is precisely what the D-L article states. Again, my apologies, I did not mean to discredit anyone--simply wanted a guide for our users and members.

(I personally saw the link on RootzWiki, then XDA, then Droid-Life ;)).

Well that was easy. Downloaded flashed with cloclworkmod recovery and rooted with GnexRootToolkit v1.3. Now to wait and see if it signal loss issue.

Fyi every one who thinks wow vzw late with 4.0.4 guess what that was 2months ago leak. This is a updated os with new Cdma radio and patched lte radio. So keep running that outdated rom. Maybe your rom chef will update there rom.

Just to clarify, are you saying the update, pointed out by this article, is two months old??

Does this update improve the signal? I am rooted, running 4.0.3 with an Apex rom and i rarely ever have full service.

I am now on 4.0.4 via Liquid Smooth ROM. I *was* on the initially leaked 4.0.4 radios (FA02). I am now on the official 4.0.4 radios (FC04/FC05 - the radios this article addresses) and I've noticed a dramatic improvement. I don't drop calls anymore! My mic does NOT stop working in the middle of a call anymore. The reception is MUCH better! (I am not talking about the signal bars you can see at the top of the phones' screen -- I monitor the signal in dB's and it is noticeably better.
YES, reception issues are GONE!

Well, unlocked, rooted and flashed to the 4.0.4 build and STILL get the audio drop during phone calls! Going back to OEM build and waiting for Verizon to push OTA.

Either way no signal drops all day. Now this is what Nexus is all about, been waiting since I bought my phone after buying way out of contact on sprint to make the jump over to Verizon's 4G. There is actually green in signal history under battery usage.

My GNEX has an unlocked bootloader (though it's still unrooted), and I'm just about sick of waiting. In SF and have been checking non-stop for my OTA update to no avail. I've never flashed images to my GNEX before--is the unlocked but unrooted method pretty painless?

Actually, yeah. I used the slacker way to unlock and root my GNex using Wugs one click instructions. I followed the instructions to the letter and if you do also, it's pretty painless, just be patient with it some steps make it seem like it's messed up but it just takes some time. I applied the 4.0.4 hoping it would fix my dropped call issue but it didn't. The first few calls I made and received got dropped.