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Verizon has announced that starting today, its much-maligned Samsung Galaxy Nexus will finally get Android 4.2.2, some time after nearly every other version of Google's 2012 flagship smartphone.

The Galaxy Nexus by Samsung will be updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The software will be pushed to Verizon Wireless customers in phases starting March 19.

The software includes new camera features such as photosphere to take 360 degree panoramic pictures that can easily be shared with friends. The camera app also has new tools to add filters and borders, further customizing pictures.

Additionally, an all new Gesture Keyboard is available, allowing users to slide their finger from letter to letter to type a word. Other enhancements include allowing users to place widgets on the lock screen for easier access to popular apps such as Calendar, Gmail and Clock.

Be sure to note that line stating the update will push out in phases. So if you don't get it first thing, keep an eye out. That said, we expect to see the manual download location any time now, so you probably won't have to wait too long. Hit up the forum link below to find out what's what.

Source: Verizon; More: Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums


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Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.2.2 starting today


It's a damn shame what VZW did to this phone. I definitely wont be buying a nexus device with them again.

Same here. I'm going to switch to a GSM prepaid provider and get a Nexus device straight from Google. Verizon destroyed any confidence I had in them.

Why not? I haven't been stock on my GNex since the 2nd day I had it. And it only took THAT long because I was traveling.

Despite being the BIG RED headed stepchild of the Nexus line I still love the phone. I just don't know what I'm going to do this Summer when I'm due to get a new phone. I'm not sure I want a GS4. I don't like buttons.

It might be time to dump Verizon for Sprint.

As a former Sprint user, Sprint's coverage was great. Do they have coverage everywhere? No. But neither does Verizon. Every carrier has coverage gaps.
Why did I leave sprint? Because I didn't want to wait around for updates anymore, now I'm on Straighttalk with a Nexus 4. If I could have used a gsm Nexus 4 on Sprint, I would have stayed.

Verizon doesn't have service everywhere either. Everyone's experience is different. I have Sprint LTE at my house, but can't even pull in Verizon 3G - despite me being in the middle of a Verizon 3G/LTE area.

Don't believe all of Verizon's advertising.

I would just wait and see. I bet around I/O there are some pretty big phone related announcements. Motorola's 1 year roadmap is getting close to being done isn't it?

According to my account page I can upgrade to a NEW phone this summer also, but I am not. I really like this phone and I doubt that Verizon will update it to the next version. Perhaps they will and I'll be happy but if they don't I will keep the phone I have.

I had my last phone for over 3 years(Verizon was constantly calling me pleading to upgrade along with a new contract...They can continue to plead), so this time I will continue to wait around.

The current Verizon business model is that they want to encourage you to get a new phone and contract---otherwise why would they tell me I can get a new phone almost 6 months before my contract is up.

My preference is for a Nexus phone off contract and that may not necessarily be on Verizon, but it must be on a carrier that has good LTE and nothing less.

I have a Nexus tablet so will continue to reap the benefits of early updates on that device....the phone....will be wait and see.

No offense, but that's kind of stupid. Sprint is like Verizon in these things, only slightly better. You have to go unlocked if you want to get updates.

Sprint's coverage is very similar to Verizon's when you consider the fact that they have mutual roaming agreements. Unless you live in BFE, Sprint has great coverage and their network has improved exponentially within the last few months. I have a Sprint service from work and a Verizon personal phone and there are few places I don't get service with either one, both are solid. Value is a different story, I actually stream music all day from my work phone which I couldn't do with my personal phone's data cap.

BTW, Sprint is MUCH better than Verizon with updates, of course, still not unlocked.

im trying now if it pops up on my phone thank god 4.2.2 finally ...after this im gonna chill for a other yr untill i get a new phone

I'm never buying another carrier-branded phone. I love Verizon's coverage...hate the way I have to wait for updates. And yes, I know I can root it, but I damn near bricked my old Xoom when I did that...better safe than sorry :-)

agreed. i have the Sprint G-Nex now but when my contract is up next year my plan is to buy the next Nexus from the Play Store and combine it with Straight Talk's AT&T SIM. no more contracts, no more waiting for updates. total freedom.

agreed. i have the Sprint G-Nex now but when my contract is up next year my plan is to buy the next Nexus from the Play Store and combine it with Straight Talk's AT&T SIM. no more contracts, no more waiting for updates. total freedom.

The Only thing about that is Straight Talk is no longer offering AT&T Sim cards. You may be able to get one on eBay but they might not activate it.

Go for it. I would recommend 3 plans:
T-Mobile, 100 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited data with 5GB 4G - $30
Solavei (T-Mo MVNO), unlimited mins, texts, and data with 4 GB 4G - $50
T-Mobile, unlimited everything with no throttling - $70
All these are month-by-month prepaid plans.

why not Straight Talk T-Mob $45/month Unlimited Everything if the AT&T SIM is not available?

and i can walk into a Walmart and bang heads if i have to?

I'm on the $30 -100 min, 5GB- plan: ordered the sim card and activated online. Keep your mobile phone plan away from Walmart. Those guys don't know or care about anything. Consider yourself warned lol.

i need Unlimited Voice Minutes and Texts. as far as Data goes, 2GB is enough for me. 3G is fine i don't need LTE at this time.

i would never let anyone at Walmart touch my phone but i thought they (in person) might come in handy if any service or SIM issues arise.

If you have any service or sim issues, a Walmart employee would, more than likely, place the blame on you and then try to sell you a new sim.

Please do me a favor: don't sign up for the Walmart Family Mobile plan that they offer in-house. The plan itself works great; however, the real headache begins when you try to cancel the service. Call centers in India are not my forte lol. I gave up on paying my final bill.

I'm not as upset as everyone else... Howmany devices are running 4.2 right now? This phone is well over a year old and is running more current os's thank most bought yesterday.. so i'm pretty happy to be getting the update. I'm fine with Verizon wanting to test it and make it bug free.. so what i have to wait a little longer.. better than not getting the update because my phone is garbage or getting the update and messing up my phone. Verizon is where its at as far as speed and service.

There are those who are never happy and need someone or something to blame it on. In some peoples mind Verizon is to blame for everything, some complaints are justified in my opinion, most are not.

"Testing it" my ass. Don't let them fool you, son. They drag everything out on purpose. They had plenty of time to "test" it way before it was released. That phone should've gotten the update as soon as it was available.

Yeah, the CDMA radio drivers are not open source, so Verizon has to add them to the software themselves. Granted, they could open them to manufacturers but they prefer everything go through them. It also gives them a chance to modify the software (i.e. disable tethering, add bloatware, etc.) It's a crock of shit, which is why I'll never deal with them again.

I totally agree with you, it would be another matter if the Gnex was a buggy useless mess on the current version but mine has worked just fine since I bought it (and stopped downloading ever app that I could get my hands on). Ya the battery is a little small but I usually make it through the day on one charge. Mine is actually starting to slow down a little but I haven't cleaned it up in about 8 months.

Half the point of a Nexus is staying current on the OS. YOU may be satisfied, but the simple truth is that Verizon is, once again, sticking it to their customers where the sun don't shine. VZW customer is synonymous with 'sucker'.

So, because someone chooses Verizon, they're a sucker? That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Not everybody cares about phone updates. I was with Verizon for 6 years because of their great customer service and even better network. I didn't once give a shit about a phone update. I only switched to save money and to try out GSM for once.

They are not testing it ensure the best experience for their customers, they are putting updates through a lengthy, drawn out evaluation process to maintain control over the software releases. With any other phone this would be fine but the whole point of the Nexus is that it always has the latest Android experience direct from Google. Verizon uses fancy words to make it seem like they didn't cripple this characteristic. The in store rep tried to convince me and then gave up and told me if I cared about timely updates I should just root my phone. Gimik you summed it up perfectly in the very first post!

There were lots of bugs issues on 4.2.1, especially around BT. I am sure these could not pass vz certification.

If you actually think VZW, who intentionally crippled GPS on devices for years, actually gives a damn about BT issues, you're kidding yourself. Call VZW with a problem with BT and they'll tell you to contact the OEM.

pizzadude just sideload the Google Wallet APK (latest one is 1.6 R96 v 13). You can find it with a quick Google Search like I did last night (I flashed CM 10.1 nightlies after getting bored with MMuzzy ROM based on 4.2.1....missed my customizations). You do not even need to be rooted or unlocked to install it. Just allow installation of apps from unknown sources, put the apk on you phone, and open the file in a file browser. It will ask if you want to use the file with the Android package installer. Really easy.

Yeah, we had to wait a while, but we're still getting it before almost all other non-Nexus devices. I'm just glad VZW didn't push out the 4.1.2 and 4.2.1 updates before this one.

Anyone else here doubt Verizon will bother to even release an update for the GNex once Key Lime Pie is unveiled? I love Verizon's network, but hate their device tampering and slow updates. I really want the next Nexus to be on Verizon (N4 has been out for awhile now so just move on), but not test updates so long and keep the rollout consistant with Google or let Google control it.

Richard Yarrell hasn't given us a 'pimp slapped' comment about Verizon/GNex & T Mobile/Samsung yet. The cosmos is not aligned properly or something...

Oh & I typed this on my 'pimp slapped' Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Was thinking the same thing! But I think AC "pimp slapped" him right outta here, I think permanently.

just bought the vzw gnex off of ebay last month now I'm getting the latest Android with a swipey keyboard, the only one I've liked is swype. all the others only about %60 accurate for me, swype about %90. and i will never upgrade with Verizon as long as it's $100 a month +taxes and fees (about $120) for 2gb plan.

At some point they won't activate another phone on your account until you drop your unlimited data. They won't let you hang on to it forever!

As long as you do not upgrade through Verizon, then you will not lose it. Other than that, Verizon can go fuck themselves. $100+ for one line is beyond unjustifiable.

I've only just had 4.2.1 to my gnex yesterday

I do have a yakjuxw build though....

Anyone else still waiting?

It's a little too late for that. 4.1 doesn't support Flash either.
Edit: Flash doesn't support 4.1 either.

I still have the stock browser on my GNex with 4.1.1. I'm still able to see video previews and watch videos that use flash.

Hey All,

4.2.2 takes away the stock android browser and replaces it with chrome. The browser that handles flash the best is the stock android browser. Meaning that videos and video previews are not going to work on your GNex after this update. If you like to watch random video content on your GNex, then you don't want this update. I spend hours on my Nexus 7 (4.2.2) trying to get flash videos working, and only had partial success. 4.2.2 is crap, DO NOT WANT.



I don't want to be the guy that's beating a dead horse, but I am stillddumbfounded and incredulous at how long it took this update to be approved and released. I can't remember any major phone, with this much tread in the Android community take such a beating in the wood shed. I have a Galaxy S III, and I'm still amazed at the speed Verizon and Samsung releases their updates. And this is coming from have the great OG Droid Incredible. I guess the phones that sell, in Verizon's mind, gets all the attention. Sad. To those that haven't upgraded to another phone or ROM, congratulations. Enjoy the goodness.

Really? 4.2.1 was supposedly buggy. The Verizon Gnex is on 4.1.1, 4.2.2 is only a month old and we are getting updated to the most current version of android. Yeah the wait for an update from 4.1.1 has been a long one but only a month behind the 4.2.2 and we are current really is nothing to bitch about.

The point is when you get a Nexus phone you are supposed to have the freedom to choose, and not have Big Brother decide what's best for you.

I very much doubt that Google will ever let Verizon have another Nexus. Verizon wants way to much control of the device.

I received JDQ39 this afternoon. Ever since, I can not update/download apps from Google Play Store. Since I am not encountering this issue on my Nexus 7 tablet running JDQ39, I am assuming it has something to do with Big Red and not Google. Anyone else having this issue since updating?

Woke up this morning to the OTA and it updated fine...and I have an unlocked/rooted phone. I thought that OTA's would never happen, but it did amazingly.

Just got my update this morning after only a week. Gee, thanks Verizon. It'll be fun to play with for 5 weeks until I bail to T-Mo.

FYI, Dolphin browser runs flash pretty well on my gnex before and after the 4.2.2 update. Like many I have mixed feelings about how VZW has handled their support for this "reference" device. If you have this phone and a Nexus tablet you know what I mean. Having said that the phone has been pretty reliable.

Also, FYI, there is an extended capacity battery available which I bought a year ago and it made a big difference in my level of satisfaction with this device.