A look at the extended battery on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Behold, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery. On the left, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. On the right, also the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Only, one of these phones has Verizon's 2100 mAh extended battery in it, and the other has the standard 1850 mAh battery that comes with the phone. A few quick thoughts on it:

  • The extended battery comes with a new battery door, which looks nearly identical to the stock door. Same logos and all.
  • You gain just a tad of thickness with the extended battery. It's not quite one of those stock-size extended batteries, but neither does it have a huge humpback.
  • In fact, we rather like the feel of the phone with the extended battery in place. Gives it more of a rounded feel, kind of like the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch, but a tad bigger.
  • You can not use the Verizon extended battery in the GSM Galaxy Nexus.
  • The phone fits in that Navigation Dock just fine with the extended battery.
  • Cases may vary by manufacturer.

Check past the break for some hands-on pics and video. And we'll reveal which phone in the picture above has the extended battery.

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Video of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Verizon Galaxy NexuxsVerizon Galaxy Nexuxs

Verizon Galaxy NexuxsVerizon Galaxy Nexuxs

Verizon Galaxy NexuxsVerizon Galaxy Nexuxs


Reader comments

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery -- curvy in all the right places


I'd like to know this too.
I like the new back cover. Not really sure how much more use I'll get out of the battery, but we'll see.

I am sure you did, but have you tried to install the stock battery door with extended battery installed?

You can use the stock battery door but you can visibly see the battery cover bulge outwards...and it doesn't snap in 100% flush like it should. I would suggest avoiding this and going with the extended battery cover.

How about the stock battery with the extended cover? Does it allow the battery to wiggle inside?

The accessories start pouring in, To buy a copy of the stock battery is almost the same as the extended (2100) battery. I would buy the 2100 and it comes with the extra back. Must have the bigger battery with LTE. I want to see just what the three charging prongs are going to be used with, The Nexus One has the desk top dock that charges and ports the music to stereo speakers. I'm sure this new Beast will come up with something a little more challenging, I sure as hell hope they do.

Baby got back.

Definitely a money grab here. They could have easily released with this one. It's small enough that it will not make a very noticeable difference yet it will help and doesn't alter the look hardly at all.

This is even more pathetic than the dock, and an insult to customers. Only those most desperate for additional battery life would shell out full price for a battery and cover for a mere 14% increase in capacity.

Something about this phone give me a bad feeling, and makes me want to wait to get it. And that comes from someone using a old a$$ Vibrant.

I wasnt planning on buying one but it was half price at $25. I couldnt say no even if i dont use it until i cycle out the oe

Went with the "Charger + Spare Battery" combo rather than the extended battery. Seems like vastly better value and practicality to me.

Potentially 100% uptime (other than the 2 minutes where you're actually removing the battery) versus a mere 13.5% capacity increase? No competition, IMO. Plus the "bump" is just going to make accessory compatibility -- particularly with cases -- more awkward.

I bought one today 25% off so it came out to somewhere around $37. Doesnt add that much size and will give me a little extra boost. I rather have this than a bigger battery with a huge hump back

37.5% more surface area than an iPhone. With the sizes of these phones getting larger and larger, I predict an uptick in sales of cargo pants, murses, and fanny packs just to carry 'em.

"37.5% more surface area than an iPhone."

But that's the point. A bigger screen is much more comfortable to many users.

"In fact, we rather like the feel of the phone with the extended battery in place. Gives it more of a rounded feel, kind of like the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch, but a tad bigger."

On the feel, I said the same thing about my Samsung Stratosphere. But for a guy like me that has bigger hands, the thickening up of the phone by using an extended battery made it feel so much more natural.

I definitely recommend extended batteries to people who feel phones are a tad too small, not just because of the extra juice but because of how it makes a phone feel so much better. (I've handed enough phones over the years to know this to generally be true for most phones.)

I'm surprised I'm the first one to bring up this question: Does the extended battery have a NFC chip built in, because the battery is the only way you can use NFC on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Called in my Nexus order, but the Verizon rep I was talking to said they weren't selling the extended batteries yet!? I can understand maybe a store not having them, but calling them directly? Did anyone purchase one in a store or by calling? Either way, she offered me a discount when I actually do purchase one.

I love my nexus so far. Wow. Came from Dinc w/cm7.

it is a shame that in the race to be the thinnest or thinner phone just to have the thinness spec on a comparison chart (like at androidcentral or its ilk) they would never sell the 2100 with the phone new ... but they should! The standards of svelte-ness set by the ifone are ruining our devices. Who needs .1 inch and a 1/16 of an ounce. Sell the derned thing with the 2100!!!

It's half price right now if you buy from Verizon's website. I just got mine for $26 with 2 day shipping.

Just ordered mine today as well, I love my new Nexus, smooth, and even with heavy use, I got 6 hrs, so this might get me buy for a full 8 at work, and give me nice security for 4 hr runs. Always near a charger at work or home.

I actually prefer the extended battery and cover. I like the curvature of the back of the device now. Someone unfamiliar with the device would never suspect that the extended battery and cover were add-on accessories. I also like the added weight of the extended battery. Then again, I'm coming from 2 HTC phones (Nexus One and myTouch 4G), both of which were heavier than this Galaxy nexus beast.