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Connectivity, battery life noted as issues for some in MD3 update

Verizon has confirmed in a statement to Android Central that the Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy S3 has been halted, and a fix is in the works following a number of complaints over connectivity and battery life. The VRBMD3 update, heralded as a "major" release that brought a bit of functionality seen in more recent releases -- multi-window and multi-screen, to name two -- sparked a number of threads in our Galaxy S3 forums of folks experiencing issues, and word of a fix started trickling out last week.

Here's the official word from Verizon:

A software update was recently pushed to the Samsung Galaxy S III, and while a majority of customers downloaded and installed the update successfully, a small number were negatively impacted. As a result the software update push has been postponed as a precaution for customers. We will notify them when a new software update is available for download. 

So, everybody hang tight for an update, which hopefully will come sooner rather than later.


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Verizon confirms a fix in the works for Galaxy S3's Android 4.1.2 update


Cool. I got the update and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones whose phone didn't get borked. But if Verizon takes the longest time to release updates to it's phones and it STILL borks phones, what then?

OMG, they are going to fix it!!! It has been a horrible last week with my S3. Battery, Data drops to 1x, Wifi dropping, calls drops, & txt not going through. Hopefully this will happen fast!!!! My phone seemed perfect before I took the update. My wife didn't and hers works just fine.

I don't think I saw a date attached to the VZW statement and I know you won't expect that fix in a day or two.

Been dealing with this for a week. spoke with verizon and they sent me new sim cards for both my lines. Issue seems better now. spoke with Verizon IT last night while activating the sim cards and the lady on the line said there will be a fix released in july.

I have noticed that when i'm on wifi, the 3G or other cell connection icons will light up and show it sending/receiving data along with wifi, but my data manager shows it only using wifi and nothing going over the cell connection. Battery life has been the same tho, pretty good overall.

Have you uninstalled the Caller Name ID app that came with the last update? If not, open the app, choose Account Tools, and you will see the uninstall option. Once that's done, reboot your phone to clear anything still in memory.

Hopefully, that will solve your problem.

Why has it taken so long for Verizon to come out with this when we have been complaining for the past two weeks? Also, I doubt very much that only a "few" were affected! At least a fix is in the works............who knows when we'll see it!

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VZW tried to blame Samsung but VZW tests all the updates at least that is what we are told is the reason VZW is always last to release software and oh don't forget about the spam or bloatware VZW has to add just to help you out using up more of your 16 or 32 gb.

Bought a Verizon S3 off CraigsList for $150 last week because they thought their phone was ruined. I assumed software problems could be fixed and took a chance...little did I know it was an OFFICIAL software problem....

4g drops out all the time now and 3g in central Florida is horrible. Please fix soon. Thinking about just going to cm to get away from Verizon and their "updates"

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The biggest thing my buddy wants fixed is for them to put Blocking Mode back on the damn phone. Every carrier has it but Verizon for whatever reason chose to remove it from the phone. The update killed the workaround he was using previously which means they probably totally removed it like I've read they did with the Note 2.

Verizon always takes the longest before releasing updated Android software.

I can understand it if they want to test it thoroughly before pushing it out via OTA.

However, it appears to me that Verizon does very little testing. (at least no more
than what other carriers do) The customers end up being guinea pigs for these

I would like to hear Verizon's explanation for the Caller Name ID app they didn't know they snuck in there that signed myself and I'm sure plenty of others up without our permission. As far as signal or connectivity issues go I will count myself as one of the lucky ones who has not experienced this problem. Battery drain is a different story, I have not had remotely decent battery life since ICS and yes I did a factory reset LOL.

My guess is that some exec cut a deal with an app developer at the last minute to include it and then threw it at the software engineers right before the update was going to push out. Someone on that team quickly added it to the update and sent it out without telling anyone else.

I'd almost be willing to bet money that it is that app that is causing the issues we're seeing now. If anyone still has it installed, note the version number of what you have, then wait for the new update. Odds are that the app will either disappear or have a different version number after the update.

The update killed my 4g (and much of my 3G)connectibity, but even after swapping the device (without the update) couldn't connect.

It seems that the update has screwed up the SIM. It either reprogrammed it or somehow otherwise disconnected it.

Only after a SIM replacement was I able to reconnect on the new device

Lol! Smh.. We will be waiting awhile for that fix. Verizon's reputation for releasing updates are THE WORSE!

Root it, run CM10.1, problems solved, one and all. I ran Cyanogen on my old HTC INC, made that phone awesome too. The S3 running it is even better. No need to wait on Big Red to do anything for you.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do as long as I get my computer fixed before I get the HTC one. Even if I do I think I will be putting cm on that

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Samsung Android Phone + Verizon = nightmare come true. I found that out the hard way withthe Fascinate and swore to never again get into that trap. FWIW, I think the problem is Verizon since Samsung phones seem to be doing just fine on other networks.

It is Verizon. It was them with the Fascinate and it is them now.

My suggestion would be to root and put on a ROM that has the TW features. I would say CM but it would "hinder" some of the TW features. OK it would remove all the features.

Go with a ROM whose base that was before the update, or read through the threads and see if the developer fixed the issue.

I know that is not a viable options for some, and yes it should not be necessary, but there it is