Sprint Epic 4G Touch

Nothing makes the time fly like some light reading, so for those counting the minutes til this Friday’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch launch, feast your eyes on the leaked user guide, which popped up in our forums this morning. If you’re coming from a non-Android device, it’s definitely worth your time, and even if you’re just upgrading, the manual contains some nice eye candy and some handy tips. Deep breaths, everyone, less than 72 hours to go …

Source: Sprint; Thanks oversteer325!

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crazed_z06 says:

Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. The name of the phone is long enough.

lorcha says:

The name is long and the phone is big. I looked up the dimensions this morning: 5.11" x 2.74" x .38". The current Epic with hardware keyboard is 4.18" x 2.5" x 0.39".

So not only is it 1" taller than what I have right now, it's .25" wider and it isn't even any thinner.

Sorry, but I'm definitely going to have to see this in-store before buying. It's practically a tablet, FFS! I don't think it's going to fit in my pocket.

tommydaniel says:

The thickness of the Epic is .56, not .39. That's a typo on Samsungs site. And considering people were able to fit the 7inch tab in their pocket this one shouldn't be any trouble.

lorcha says:

Hmm. You're right. And looking at my Epic, it visually looks more like 0.5" thick.

The Tab fitting in a pocket, there's fitting, and then there's fitting comfortably! I can't imagine trying to sit down with a 7" tab in my pocket.

tommydaniel says:

haha I didn't say it would be comfortable to have a 7inch tablet in your pocket, I just said some reviewers were able to. I think the Epic Touch would fit pretty comfortably mainly cuz of how thin it is.

slamEVIL says:

what i usually do is make something like this to get a feel of the device's size. sorry, couldn't find any images on the epic's side view though. cut it out and fold on the dotted lines. ;)

pDoG says:

Does anyone know what the outright price is of this? I have buy back on my evo 3D but i dont think I'm going to use it on this. Im gonna wait for the next nexus on sprint and use it for that. In my opinion I'm thinking it's going to have the latest sprint 4g technology along with a faster processor and hopefully ICS.

JayWill says:

$499.99 according to the Sprint document that AC posted here on the blog a couple of weeks ago.

huskers15 says:

How much is the buy back on the evo 3d?

Johnson21x says:

I can't wait for this puppy. The days go by so slow!!

DavidJ726 says:

Let's rename it to the GS2-4G. It'd be a lot easier to remember! :-)

svargas05 says:

Or just the Epic Touch 4G....

The Samsung Galaxy S2 part is understood, I assume...

Mweuch says:

My upgrade was up back in August but am not sure Ill get this one or wait for something like Nexus. Currently using EVO4G.

brenbags says:

Alright, I've had enough of this! Please people. Stop saying you are gonna wait for the next best phone when you have no idea when it will be released. Just get the best phone that is out now, or something that will be eminently released. (like less than a month max) And guess what, if you wait 5-6 months for the Nexus Prime to be released, there is gonna be an even better phone a few months away from that that will make you say "Gee should I wait for this phone". The point is, waiting for the next best thing in the phone world is not practical or logical. U will just end up with an outdated phone in ur pocket, and a pipe dream for some magical unicorn google phone with an unknown release date.

engineer2001 says:

I approve of this message.

It is human nature (especially when facing multi-year contracts) to wait and try to get the best. However, with the revolving door that is modern technology, the best never comes. I say get what you can get and sell it off and buy the hot, new thing when it releases if you have to have that new thing. Think of it as like marriage how most people seem to do it today (completely the opposite of how they should do it).

People holding an OG Droid and watching forever for some new and game-changing thing that is "future proof" to drop find themselves holding that OG Droid forever.

It's a phone, not your forever one-and-only love.

lorcha says:

Umm, there is a next best phone coming out in the first half of October. I'm just saying.

If the Epic Touch doesn't fit comfortably in my pocket, I'd take a serious look at the iPhone 5. If they've fixed the reception and text entry issues, it might actually be a decent phone. And I wouldn't need a frickin' crane to carry it around.

Seriously, what's with the 4.5" screen? It's a phone, not a tab!

brenbags says:

Might serve a dual purpose and save me some bucks. 4.5" is the perfect size for me right now. I just want my mobile porn at a decent video size you know?

brenbags says:

Can you wireless tether on a jail broken iphone?

lorcha says:

I don't think anybody can tell you if wireless tether will work on a jail broken iPhone 5. I don't follow iPhone news at all, so I don't even know if you can tether a jail broken iPhone 4.

I suppose that is an additional consideration, though. I use wireless tether on my Epic from time to time. Shhh. Don't tell Sprint.

brenbags says:

Obviously somebody can tell me if it works or not. Its not ambiguous. It either does or doesn't. Just curious, I already preordered the sg2 so im good.

Thunder82 says:

Yes, you can wifi tether an iPhone. You'll need to jailbreak it and download an app called MyWi.

scribe4food says:

Well I'm going to wait till November, and figure out how I can buy a Samsung Galaxy Note. That is the phone that I've been waiting for, I haven't had an innate knee jerk reaction to get a phone since my EVO 4G. I know it's going to cost a lot to get that phone, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Regardless if you're content with settling for the Samsung Galaxy SII that's your choice. But some of us don't mind waiting for the next best thing.

pDoG says:

The buy back on the 3d is like 375

TAZedd says:

Buyback for the 3D is 155$ and it can change daily...

bojackr1 says:

Thank you brenbags, everyone's talking about Nexus Prime or Nexus Droid and it hasnt been announced or a blurry pic been leaked. There's no Nexus Prime or Nexus Droid. Tomorrows not promised so try and enjoy today

pDoG says:

Nope buy is half of what you paid for the phone. FULL Retail price. So excuse my math but it's 350 not 375. It doesn't change daily it'll be half back of what I paid for until the 6th month mark and then it decreases. I work at best buy...

Ytalian says:

just checked on Sprints site and the buy back is 135.00 hardly worth it. I got 150.00 for my EVO

SpaceDroid says:

Sprint offered me like 155. I'm like wtf is that! So Ima gonna just keep it fer a cool lil 3d camera

engineer2001 says:

Is that phone really that big, or does that guy have stubby hands?

If it's as big as it looks, that explains why the battery is nearly dead - massive display. LOL

brenbags says:


a12rnulfo says:

The title state "ahead of Friday's release" - where are they releasing this phone on friday because Sprint has a Sunday release?!?!?!?!?!

brenbags says:

online dealers are for friday releases. I got mine on wirefly for 100 dollars.

tndank says:

Just played with this phone for a few minutes. It's big, beautiful, thin, and very lightweight. Looks like a winner right now.

brenbags says:

How did you play with an unreleased phone already?

tndank says:

Demo units have been arriving this week at stores.

brenbags says:

Which store?

I was giving demos to employees in the Temple,Texas call center yesterday morning.

brenbags says:

That sounds like a call center, not a store

S_C_B says:

Andrew, you may wanna let Sprint/Samsung know that they have the Android Market return policy listed as 24 hours in the manual. It's 15 minutes.

epic_mike29 says:

oh man, i just looked up the buy back on the epic 4g and it is only 85 bucks! WTF! oh well i guess i will just save my epic and cash out the epic touch.