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Reports are flying in today that U.S. Cellular is finally rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It looks like the update may have started last night, so if you're rocking an S3 on US Cellular, you should have been able to grab the OTA update by now.

For the uninitiated, Android 4.4.2 is the version and with it comes new features like the updated phone dialer, updated camera and "OK Google" voice command. Some users in the forums have been seeing issues with Wi-Fi however, so if you do go forth, considered yourself warned.

The update is OTA but if it's not appearing, connecting to a PC for the update should do the trick. If you got the update, be sure to hit up the comments and let us know how it's running for you!

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U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 gets KitKat update


There was a document leaked in November about it I'm just curious of performance as this will most likely be the last update the phone might see

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

The performance is fine. It has been on Sprint for awhile and you cannot notice a difference. I think this will still see that next minor bump that is due anytime now. (4.4.3)

We're getting so many conflicting answers and reports as to whether the S3 will get the 4.4 update or not it's ridiculous. Either they are able to update with the S'3's ram or they aren't.
I personally think Samsung are to blame on the lack of clarification on this.
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They have made it extremely clear that ONLY the international version of the phone (GT-I9300) won't get it due to it having only a gig of RAM. But despite that I'm still rocking the phone with a custom ROM on it. No worries for me since its running smoother than it ever has.
Posted from my de-TouchWized Samsung Galaxy S3 running SlimKat 4.4.2

how much clearer do you need it?

The international version with 1 GB and the Cortex-A9 chipset is not getting it (not to mention the Mali GPU
The US versions with 2GB, Snapdragon processor and the Adreno GPU are getting it.

They laid it out pretty clearly

I don't get it. When you say 1gb, what do you mean by "1"

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

The LTE version of the galaxy s3 has 2gb of ram. The international version has only 1gb of ram. The international variant won't be getting the 4.4.2 KitKat update due to the lack of ram. I hope this answers ur question

I updated my Us cellular galaxy s3 to 4.4.2 OTA on 5-28-14 and my wifi will no longer turn on. It will turn a light green never the full green and then it stops trying to turn on. I cleared my partition cash and made sure wifi was always on under advanced wifi settings. Any help with the wifi issue would be great thanks.
Ps battery also drains much faster after this update be warned.

the battery will settle. have you restarted? have you removed the battery and let it site for a few minutes and restarted? Have you done a factory reset?

On the Sprint version that my wife is using, the battery life has improved a bit

Thanks for the reply. I did take the battery out and replaced it after a bit, I haven't done a reset yet I was hoping to avoid doing that. I'm glad to hear the battery will be getting better, just wish I could get this wifi working. I guess I will just have to try a factory reset. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Thanks.

Maybe before going factory reset you should try to turn airplane mode on and off a few times or call support. I hate to have you reset for any reason but sometimes that is the best way

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I have tried toggling airplane mode and any thing that my be related. Data, Bluetooth, wifi, nfc, direct. I can't think of anything else except a corrupted radio startup file. I think you're right sometimes a reset will take care of it. I will do that tomorrow morning and good or bad I will post if it helped or not. Thanks for your help. John. D.

Well after trying many recommendations to no avail, I did a factory reset and it solved my issues with the wifi. Thanks for the help.

Yes, this craptastic update has been confirmed to break the wifi on a lot of S3's. All USCC can say is do a factory reset and that is also hit/miss as a fix. They should have done a much better job of testing this update before releasing it. Now we have to wait until they issue a firmware to fix. Hello Better!!!!!

The more I deal with this company the more they screw me over. You're right they should of had this all set for release, its been in the works for a long time. My other s3 wouldn't charge they said I miss used the charging port, come to find out many people have the same problem. It's their bad component they used. I'm done with this company.

Ah it's just manufacturers who want you to spend more money on their newest devices. Sony is the same yet people like HTC and Motorola they promise and deliver updates

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STFU when has Motorola and HTC updated their 2012 phones. Some of you, Samsung haters are full of $H!T.
HTC never delivered on their promises until recently.

Totally not a Samsung fan, but updating a 2012 device.... Nicely done Sammy.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

Even then they have missed more of their own deadlines than they have made

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I know! Moto is a big ol' liar! The Droid Razr came out in 2012, they promised they'd update it and now its on Kit Kat. I hate when they lie like that...oh, wait, umm...

I updated and now the wireless does not function anymore and I have seen I am not the only one, I hope it is resolved soon

It sucks that the International S3 isn't getting the KitKat update. It's knocked my confidence in getting another Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Leaving customers out in the cold. Way to go Samsung.

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You do realize that the phone won't run properly with KitKat? You should say, Thank You instead of continually griping about Samsung being at fault. They could update and ruin your phone, or you can STHU and buy a newer phone.

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Could we see a Cricket update sometime? Decided to buy that galaxy gear watch, so now I'm keeping my phone until Cricket decides to axe their cdma.

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Reading these comments makes me so happy I have been running cm11 on my lte since Xmas....
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I updated. My wifi wouldn't turn on. Cleared the cache partition first. Cleared it a few more times. Still no wifi. Did factory reset. Still no wifi. Cleared cache partition again. Aha! Now at 2% of the previous speed. Better than nothing but not by much. Rebooted the WiFi router and I'm back to normal.
Battery life seems greatly improved but it was abysmal previously.
Factory reset is not such a big deal if everything is also backed up to various clouds.
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I'm getting ready to buy a virgin mobile s3 and hoping they hurry with the update sprint already got it. Current s3 users will I like it? I'm coming from a iPhone 4s but have owned other androids in the past ( though they were very low end and frustrating to use) I mostly
Just browse the web surf Instagram, take pictures, and check email on my phone Wish I could get the s5 but can't afford to shell out that much as a parent!!

just got the 4.4.2 up date today on my Galaxy S III no issues yet defiantly inproved my battery life and i am with boost mobile

Just updated my S3 and now my phone won't even turn back on. It just gets stuck in the booting phase and perpetually tries to restart.

I am on Verizon. ... this is the 1st time that I have heard about any update. ... I don't know if my phone is updated I have the Galaxy Slll ... I have had my phone for about a 1 1/2 years. I have trouble with my phone telling me that I don't have internet sometimes when I should because I should have it all the time. I don't have to have WiFi to have internet , I have data added to my phone plan. So should I get the update to stop this problem ???? I am not computer ( phone ) savey at all . So could someone let me know.