US Cellular Galaxy S III

We've yet to hear any announcements from U.S. carriers regarding the Samsung Galaxy S III, but it looks like we can add regional carrier US Cellular to the list of probables. The Samsung Galaxy S III has itself a couple of listings in USCC's internal system. Looks like we'll see 16 gigabytes of storage, and the phone will come in white and Pebble Blue, which hopefully won't be too delayed.

And as always, none of this is official until it's official, so stay tuned for that. 


Reader comments

US Cellular appears prepped for the Galaxy S III


Interesting to see how quickly this comes out on USCC. Quite often, it is months after other carriers have them on sale. After all, the SGS2 just came out a couple of months ago on USCC.

When is US Cellular going to get a new phone from HTC? They already stopped selling their version of the EVO Design. My girlfriend is on US Cellular and wants to replace her Mesmerize.

They would release the one phone I think is ugly as sin. I wish they had picked up the HTC One X and I'm probably switching to AT&T to get one.