Are you an HTC Incredible owner who downloaded the latest OTA update only to find out you no longer could root your device? If so, your patience has finally paid off as the folks over at Unrevoked have updated their root application. The change log, while small has huge benefits for HTC Incredible owners out there. Changes listed for v3.2.2:

  • Fix for latest Incredible OTA.
  • New Mac OS X build infrastructure; let us know if it broke for you.
  • Switched to in-house reimplementation of rageagainstthecage for better reliability.

Still reading this? What are you waiting for? Go get your root on and enjoy. Thanks Steve! [Unrevoked]


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Unrevoked: HTC Incredible OTA root fix now available


Great. Now when are they going to have one out for the EVO OTA? Stuck with Z4 temp roots for now.

If the unrevoked root takes me down to 2.1 and and I decide I no longer want root, I can simply take the OTA update and it will put me at the latest and greatest -root correct? Can't decide if I want to root or not :(

I am confused. I couple weeks ago I followed some instructions posted somewhere here and applied the 11/10 OTA, and then re-rooted, and it all worked. Did it work for some but not all? Or is this referring to something different?

@ ebarr727, If a DI owner did not have root before the OTA or if they bought their DI after the Nov.OTA was released the OTA broke the way Unrevoked v3.2.1 worked to gain root. The fantastic people over at Unrevoked have since been working on a fix and now have released the new version3.2.2, so now everyone can get their root on again. What you did worked for you because you were previously rooted and I am guessing, just guessing you also have s-off. If a person has s-off they will always be able to gain root again if it is lost. You can learn more about all of this by Googlin' or at the Unrevoked Wiki page.

I uninstalled android market on my htc incredible accidently. Does anyone know how to get it back onto my phone???? HELP