Gameloft has released a free version of its popular UNO app for Android, which is now available in the Android Market. For those of you who can't remember your childhood, UNO is the extremely addictive card game that matches numbers and colors until the winner is left with a single winning card. UNO for Android supports multiplayer matchups via online pairing or locally through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and is compatable with all versions of Android, including Honeycomb. Keep in mind that the free pricetag comes with embedded ads, so the $2.99 ad-free version is still available. Hit the break to download.

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S_C_B says:

Not showing on my phone just yet. I had to use the link on my PC then send to phone.

Driven says:

What are you clicking on to get there?? nvrmd, found it, lol, WEB LINK, haha

willymakit says:

Code not working.

lloydbeatz says:

The QR posted is not working. but if you actually click the weblink it takes you to the right place.

MiSoFine says:

Yep that worked. Couldn't find it in the market.

TheDonJ77 says:

WOW!!! That really F'n SUCKS considering I just paid $2.99 for the only version they had in the market for my Epic touch this morning!!!! WTF. That 15 minute google refund policy sucks. (Yes, I'm slightly bitter)

tronthedon says:

Same here. I downloaded to see what kind of ads it brings but this version is crashing for me anyway.

KaneHusky says:

Once installed, it requires you to download an additional 45MB of data. Once that finally finished, the app crashes every time I try to open it.

stillborn86 says:

I agree that the extra 44 MB download sucks, mine is working perfectly. It sounds like you just have a faulty download. Have you tried doing a full uninstall and a reinstall?

zhecht says:

45MB for a freakin card game? What the heck is wrong with this Android? The Windows Mobile version is only 1.25MB!

stillborn86 says:

The QR code didn't work for me either. I also tried to find it in the market and it didn't exist there as well. The WebLink took me to the right place, though. Just follow that and you can't go wrong.

JustEric says:

Correction: the winner is left with ZERO cards. You call "UNO!" when you have one card left, but you haven't won until you put that card down :)

No available on my phone!!! HTC Hero :'(

joker42179 says:

someone still has a hero?? O_o

tronthedon says:

I I had a Hero. I think it's just about time to replace your ol' trusty too :-)

Sincerinhoo says:

Looks f'ing terrible on my Galaxy Tab. Resolution is way too low!

tronthedon says:

You're not the moron who rated it poorly instead of emailing the dev and giving him time to fix it, are you?

Sincerinhoo says:

Nope don't worry, email has already been sent :)

tronthedon says:

Ah good :-) I emailed them too and they already responded. I need to include more information though.

Sincerinhoo says:

Then I will probably get the same reply. I did gave them my device + firmware but that's probably not good enough...

brunoerre says:

UNO, y u no wrk in my phone?

hargoth#AC says:

I have had this app for a while on my Transformer. Looks bad and I have never learned how to get to multiplayer except on the same device.

How to activate a multiplayer game over the internet?

frmorrison says:

This game has been out for a while, I am surprised adding ads causes it to force close.

mrbizzy72 says:

I downloaded it from Snappzmarket for free months ago

LadyDi says:

Around Halloween, Gameloft put this game up for .99. I went in in the wee hours of the morning after and was still able to get it. It asked me to upgrade not longer after I installed it, as in days, as I was not ready to play it yet. I have the HD version with no ads and it looks good on the MyTouch4G.

PS - Thanks D from G+!

Xak says:

doesn't download to lenovo A1 tablet... :\

vxaxv17 says:

web link doesnt even work anymore

commonplace says:

I can't find it in the market, the QR code doesn't work, and the URL doesn't work, either. Guess it's been pulled from the market...?


haley123003 says:

Uno is the best

haley123003 says:

Android has the best game apps ever