Sprint LG Marquee

We've been squinting our eyes at this one for a little while now. Seen in a video montage from the Radio Shack Business Summit in Dallas a couple weeks ago is what's labeled the LG Marquee. ... And that's about it. It's seen here with the stock Android UI. ... And that's about it.

Only, we keep being drawn to the buttons you see on the left-hand bezel. They're actually vaguely familiar, possibly indicating the volume rocker and "G" of the LG Optimus Black. (Read our full review.) The general shape and bezel size looks about right, too.

That's inspired guesswork on our part, however, and not yet fact. (We've left e-mails with Sprint, seeking clarification.) But it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Remember that we could possibly see a CDMA Optimus Black this month on US Cellular, and there once was a wee tip of an "Optimus B," so a Sprint version may be in the cards, too. We'll just have to see.

Update: Sprint's gotten back to us, saying, "We can’t comment on any speculation regarding devices coming to Sprint."

Check out the video after the break, as well as a close-up of the Optimus Black's buttons, and see what you think.

Source: Radio Shack Blog; Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!

Forward video to 14 seconds in ...

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Sprint LG Marquee
The LG Optimus Black


Reader comments

The unannounced Sprint LG Marquee looks a lot like the LG Optimus Black


IMO it looks like the next Optimus S. when he has his hand by it it looks to be the size of my Epic but the screen might be 3.5 to 3.8?
might be 4inchs but it went by quick...

the article said "its seen here with stock UI". that isnt stock UI thats the Sprint iD theme with the phone icon on the left and the iD on the right.

If it is in fact the Optimus Black/B, I am glad they opted for stock Android over LG's SkinWiz . That is clearly stock Android. Before anyone says its ADW, it's not. Been a long time user of that launcher and I know from site. I am surprised in all the articles I have read about this no one mentioned that. Its not a bad phone, its not super high-end but, not bad either. If it stays stock Android it will be alot faster with out the SkinWiz lag.