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Clove UK has been teasing a 64 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 since August, but they're inching ever-closer to a release. Pre-orders are now available for £600.00 (VAT included), but don't get too excited. Clove says that stock is expected to be available in about two months, and even then, they'll only be deciding on ordering a shipment based on how many pre-orders they get. 

We've heard that the 64 GB SGS3 will be headed to italy as well, though other regional availability is still up in the air. Have you been holding back on getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 for the sake of a bit more storage, or are you happy with 32 GB and whatever your microSD card offers? Any readers in the UK preordering one of these? Anyone else wish these models were available in their area?

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UK pre-orders of 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S3 now available


I think if they don't offer these model's at launch, what's the point? The majority of people who wanted this phone with bigger storage already have settled on what was available.

I don't see it as such a problem that it is so late, just like I don't have a problem with escalating the Nexus 7's storage. My issue is with the price, since I think it would be fairer if they retired the 16 GB model and dropped the 32 GB model to its price so this just replaces the existing models, rather than being a brand new one.

But you can get a Nexus 4, even with 16 gig, for under £300 and its a better spec in most respects. Who'd pay £600 for this now?

I realize it's a totally different device but I'm still pissed that I can buy a 64GB GS3 phone but only a 32GB N10 tablet. Seems kinda ass backward, thanks Google.

"...or are you happy with 32 GB..."

Errr, where is this 32GB model you speak about? In the UK it was slated for a 1 month exclusive with Vodafone and then never materialised with anyone else after that.

I was going to buy the SGS3 on launch with 32GB, but then waited for the month to get it (not on Voda) then waited and waited and waited. I've now decided to get a Nexus 4 instead. I know it only has 16GB but if I had thought that there was only ever going to be a 16GB SGS3 available I might have bought that at the time...

Just got a bit apathetic waiting for it and, for the price, the Nexus 4 now seems like a no-brainer.